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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 4th 2014

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

April 4th:  Venus trine North Node 28 degrees from Aquarius to Libra
April 6th:  Venus enters Pisces and conjuncts Nessus at 0 degrees (transit till May 3rd)
April 7th:  Uranus square Eros (12 degrees Aries to Capricorn) / Sun opposition Juno (Libra to Aries)
April 8th:  Mercury ingress Aries (till the 24th) / Sun opposition Mars (18 degrees Libra to Aries)  Pallas direct in Leo at 24 degrees
April 10th:  Sun conjunct Juno at 21 degrees of Aries
April 11th:  Venus conjunct Neptune at 6 degrees Pisces

ARIES:  A rich week for delving more deeply into your inner relationship and how that fuels/feeds your outer relationships.  Venus, the goddess of love, money and values, is active urging you to make the association of inner and outer or, as above, so below.  A powerful time to employ Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques.  Increased mental clarity and the urge to share your thoughts and plans with others is encouraged.  Mars continues his retrograde through your 7th house of cooperative partnerships.  The 4th week in May is important for relationship decisions/negotiations.

TAURUS:  What are your dreams?  Venus emphasizes your personal desires and accentuates contacts, groups and friendships that can help you get there.  Mercury's entrance into your 12th house of soul and spiritual development brings lightening fast insights into your own true nature - pay attention to your dreams and gut instincts.  Music, art, water and creative activities enhances your life and wellbeing.

GEMINI:  Friendships, group activity, and future plans are highlighted with Mercury entering your 11th house over the next two weeks.  Communications and agreements move quickly.  A sweetness envelopes your outer life as you are drawn into the highest and best possible outcomes in your world service, community interaction and avocation.  A highly creative and compassionate time - others take notice.

CANCER:  Public and Civic life gathers more momentum as your mind and communications are calibrated towards the public and avocational aims.  Publishing, media, travel, education and spiritual awareness bring rewards and expands value into your personal life.  As Mars opposes and the Sun conjuncts the asteroid Juno awareness and calibration occurs highlighting the desire to bring more balance into your personal and public life.

LEO:  The asteroid Pallas moves direct in your sign fueling your desire and ability to make professional and health changes in your life.  Mars is awakening an increasing need for integration between your belief systems and communication skills.  Do you say what you mean or say what is habit?  An odd distinction, I know, but an honorable area of focus.  The Venus transit brings more support and compassion from others.  Ask for help as it will be there for you in many forms.

VIRGO:  Before Venus, the energy ruling love and resources, enters your 7th house of relationship she bridges self-esteem with service in a soul focused way that continues to be in the evolving stages.  This is not the time to go it alone as Venus enters your cooperative partnership house (through May 3rd).  Professionals, workmates and personal teammates are more than willing to help out, provide support/answers and show you how very valuable you are in this life.  Listen.

LIBRA:  Powerful expansion arrives as insights regarding soul growth, creativity and heart filled exchanges take place.  The Venus Nessus conjunction helps to awaken generational relationship patterns in order to further clear outworn/conditioned use of energy (that which does not serve you or others).  You also consolidate another level of clarity regarding your service to others and maintaining fluidity in your schedule.  Getting rid of the dross in your relating style allows you to peer below the surface of ego, fears and conditioning.

SCORPIO:  There is much activity behind the scenes in solitude, confidential and manifestation arenas.  As Venus commits to opening your heart (further and wider) Mercury and Uranus are working on your mind (lower and higher).  Your work and services are undergoing a time of transformation from limiting beliefs and conditioned thoughts regarding what you are capable of contributing.  This process also addresses living a life that excites you and allows for more freedom.

SAGITTARIUS:  So much continues to develop in your world of individuality and feeling safe to express yourself.  Understanding that as you unravel old expectations placed upon you by others vs. your growing awareness of what impassions, motivates and juices you, there is a balancing between who you share with and who you do not.  This is about aligning with other vibrational beings that support your creativity and self-expression.  A thrilling time to experiment, connect and take chances.

CAPRICORN:  Abundant developments in your personal awareness pushes forward this week as the Sun and Mars continue to awaken your desires, personal needs and truths.  Balance is the operative intention while public demands shoot arrows filled with epiphanies into your soul development and security needs.  Your communication style is an area of focus as Venus attracts positive exchange and consensus into your everyday living.  

AQUARIUS:  Continue to check in with your mind.  Are thoughts supporting your systems of belief?  You cannot think, "Yes, I believe in abundance," while continually thinking about "lack."  This is an invitation to sync the analytical mind with your higher inspirational mind.  Venus is your guiding planet as she transits your 2nd house of self-worth, your creative talents and inspirational resources.  More flow is on the way.

PISCES:  Personal value, attraction, charisma...shall I go on?  Venus enters your sign and connects first with Nessus (transiting through August 4th) engaging a unique opportunity to get to the bottom of any generational vibrational abusive patterns in your life.  Awareness is the first step.  Concurrently, you experience your own divinity, creativity, beauty and loving nature.  Duality is interesting isn't it?  You also handle, manage and balance resources.