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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 25th 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse ~Photo Credit NASA

April 25th:  Venus trine Saturn / Sun conjunct Mercury / Mercury trine Orcus
April 26th:  Mercury sextile Neptune / Juno enters Taurus until June 17th
April 27th:  Juno sextile Nessus
April 29th:  New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 8 degrees Taurus sextile Neptune / Mercury trine Pluto
April 30th:  Mercury sextile Jupiter

ARIES:  Resource development is in high focus and the ability to negotiate and reach agreements is strongly suggested.  Fresh expansion in the areas of resources - self esteem, talents, and your material goods develops over the next several weeks.  Balance and fairness is a need as is working in the spirit of helping others, donating your time or research done behind the scenes.  This energy is a supportive indicator for those of you seeking to apply your talents based on personal value while trusting that doing what you love is your ultimate security.

TAURUS:  Personal change in the areas of appearance, wardrobe, and your sense of identity is palpable as the weeks unfold.  A useful period of learning to balance and give boundary to, your relationships with others. You have been and continue to undergo a metamorphosis of your purpose and value.  Like minded others appear to be part of the journey and the more compassionate and conscious, the better.  You appreciate the support and viability of cooperative partnerships, goals and team efforts.  Artistry, the Internet and working with the  collective strengthen and diversify your tool kit.

GEMINI:  Fast development occurs behinds the scenes in research, volunteer, health/hospital stays, and for those aware humans, at the manifestation levels.  Information comes to light in which you were previously unaware in a positive and galvanizing manner.  There is also an increase of discussion, travel, or negotiations connected with your work, reputation or community involvement - very good.  Support and agreement flows beautifully this week as does recognition of your communication, writing and teaching talents. 

CANCER:  A dream, goal and desire should be coming into view (and fruition) over the next few weeks.  Things are moving fast and working with others in a cooperative manner comes easily.  This is tied to media, travel, teaching, sales or celebration.  Much discussion, logistics, and planning is involved but flows easily and naturally ~ you are supported.  You are especially inclined to "see" below the words and contracts now sensing the deeper meaning and emotions involved.

LEO:  Swift developments arrive in connection to your career, marital status, and public life.  Your reputation is positively highlighted which in turn, is bringing you support in the form of finance, emotions and in areas of bonding/intimacy.  For some, this may indicate an uptick in partner's resources or a bump in corporate/bank funds that now become available to you.  Balance and fairness appears to be a theme over the next several weeks and if there is any glaringly imbalances you will be acutely aware.

 VIRGO:  All systems are go in the areas of promotions, websites, travel, training, foreign relations, teaching, legalities and celebrations.  This may also feel like your higher self is in control moving you along your path as you co-create this earth plane "ride."  Cooperative partnerships are earning their label as communications, understanding and agreements flow along easily.  Hiring a professional for their expertise is timely as are business relationships and client work.

LIBRA:  New starts are suggested in finance to potentially include:  bank loans, corporate money, insurance, leases, real estate, sorting out resources with another and support.  This will be a time where increased money dealings and investments are highlighted.  Stability is shown between your daily work responsibilities (health, pet's needs, work environment) and your resources and earnings.  Increased paper work, logistics and tasks are part of the increase of energy and financial activity.  A ripe time for psychological healing, well being and insight is upon you.

SCORPIO:  Fast developments occur in your associations, business connections, clients, cooperative partnerships and experts that you hire for their specific brand of knowledge.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse brings a potent opportunity to really connect and communicate those thoughts and desires that have been harbored secretively for far too long.  Trust your ability to propose and persuade.  Instincts as well as intuitiveness continue to bring burgeoning insights and understanding.  

SAGITTARIUS:  A brisk pace engulfs your daily life of work, chores, services and schedule.  The more grounded you are the better and please resolve to take your time and move deliberately even when you are feeling time challenged.  Time, the concept, can actually be shaped and molded to meet your needs and pace.  Dynamics and operational flow are changing, as is your growing understanding of what you are "good at."  For some, a new position may arrive providing the opportunity to apply your well honed talents in a different landscape and locale.  For others, health and healing can be the area for strengthening your daily routine.  Yet others, have a new furry friend arriving into their households.

CAPRICORN:  Events accelerate in relation to heart centered developments such as children's welfare, romance, sexuality, creative passions and leisure play.  Enhanced communications, the forging of agreements, education, travel, sibling and community relations expand and flow.  Your mind and consciousness is connecting with your heart and spiritual beliefs.  Hold your thoughts and intentions as you build more passion and levity into your life.  Hyper diligence is one strategy albeit an exhausting one.  Trust that simplicity and "flow" are sustainable and reliable indicators of being on "track" with your life.

AQUARIUS:  Active situations evolve regarding your home, living situation, personal security and family life. An imminent move or entrance/exit of a housemate is possible. Siblings, agreements, discussions and negotiations factor into your changing circumstances in a positive manner.  Stability with resources, earnings and career support you.

PISCES:  Teaching, travel, sharing of wisdom and communications move quickly as your ability for eloquence and clarity is directly enhanced by your personal inspiration and creativity.  Fairness, give and take, as well as an elevated understanding of relationship dynamics broadens your appeal and negotiation abilities.  Expect a feeling of personal validation for your talents and skills.