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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 11th 2014

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

April 11th:  Venus conjunct Neptune
April 14th:  Pluto Retrograde at 13 degrees until 9/22 / Mercury square Jupiter/Mercury conjunct Uranus
April 15th:  Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Libra conjunct Ceres, North Node & Vesta / Mercury square Pluto
April 16th:  Mercury opposition Mars
April 17th:  Venus trine Jupiter

"We need to hold the tensions/synergies that describe this tense situation and to delineate if we do it from a place beyond fear.  Engaging in deep meditation where we ask what does the Universe intend from this?  What does it ask from me?" ~ Greg Bogart

Words are powerful this week as we prepare for change in our lives.  Anger and quick responses may feel like a prevalent in your life and the lives of those around you.  Venus transits through Pisces extending the opportunity to stay present in your feelings while holding compassion for self and others as we collectively go through a powerful period of enforced and for some, awaited growth. ~  

ARIES:  It's always best not to make final decisions in the days surrounding a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Let the dust settle in any tensions and changes within relationships.  Words are difficult to take back this week - please be mindful of what you say.  Developments occur in work, avocation and life direction.  Remember to connect with your feelings, allow for private time, rest, and to create a little more space in your schedule.  Remember you are a divine being having an earth plane experience.

TAURUS:  Venus advocates that you hold your hopes, desires and truths in the most compassionate way possible.  Change arrives in your work, daily schedule, health, fellow employees and your services.  This change carries a "strong" message of soul growth, development and healing in any areas in need (physically/spiritually). Concentrate on your spiritual intelligence while managing any fears you carry regarding change.

GEMINI:  Keep your cool.  This can be a dynamic week for surprising/disgruntled rants and raves within your groups and team dynamics.  Awareness and shifts arrive with children, romance and creative projects - for some culminations and for others releasing.   Developments occur with shared resources, taxes, loans, your partner's money, budgets and psychological awareness.  Remember to breath peace into your daily life.  Home and private life support you.

CANCER:  Soul growth occurs in your personal life, home and family situation.  Hold the faith and acknowledge your hurts.  There is angry energy in the atmosphere this month.  Career, public life, marriage, committed relationships and communication with superiors may bring challenges.  Growth happens in the feeling areas and in your expanding realm of emotional intelligence.  Connections with higher perspectives and spiritual truths helps you adapt and move through these changing tides.  

LEO:  Developments in the neighborhood, situations with siblings, teaching, travel, agreements, education or writing projects reach culminations and completions.  The Lunar Eclipse brings evolution and growth while realizing it is okay that hurts and sensitivities be acknowledged.  Change in working conditions, health situations or daily schedule is highlighted.  Acknowledge and take comfort in the support others are providing.

VIRGO:  A Total Lunar Eclipse in your 2nd house brings closures, exits and culminations surrounding your resources, earnings, talents and self-esteem.  Growth is indicated as is the awareness to hold to your highest vision of your personal abilities.  The planet of communication is agitated this week indicating joint resources, systems of support, investments, taxes, savings plans and partner's money are areas of frustration and for negotiation.  Your cooperative relationships support you.  

LIBRA:  Important developments occur for you at the personal levels. The Lunar Eclipse shakes up relationship dynamics, know you are divinely supported in your personal growth, self-care and evolutionary expansion.  Harsh words may be difficult to avoid this week so keeping your cool and peaceful intentions in place is important.  Breathe and know that your life work and evolving spiritual services are areas of increasing satisfaction and growth.  Developments arrive in the home, living situation and family.

SCORPIO:  Create plenty of space to process and meditate upon your inner and outer worlds.  The Lunar Eclipse falls across the axis of health (both physical and spiritual).  Secrets spill out, epiphanies occur and information that was previously unseen is now visible.  Lighten your schedule if possible as rest and emotional processing is required. Sacrifice may be needed in the care of another. Developments in writing, sibling situations, teaching, travel and agreements develop as Pluto stations retrograde.  

SAGITTARIUS:  A friendship, goal, technology project or social connections reaches a culmination as this is the area where something or someone is eclipsed out of your life.  There may be grieving to do but the Universe indicates that change is needed in order to continue growing spiritually.  Earnings, talents or your material goods are in a state of change or development.  Children, creative projects or love life can be areas of frustration - remember your thoughts are not you.  Remember to spend peaceful time at home or with loved ones as these areas soothe and support you.

CAPRICORN:  Personal developments, health and self-expression are spotlighted as Pluto slows down for his retrograde.  The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse brings changes to career, life direction, marital status or authority figures.  A superior may be eclipsed out of your life or alternatively a change in career has arrived.  Remember to breath and slow down as life picks up the pace.  It might be easy to want to speak in haste if your mind is racing or a family situation irritates.  But, you are SO supported to go within and lovingly remind your left brain that the higher self is in charge.

AQUARIUS:  The Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings awareness, closure and culminations in travel, spiritual development, higher education, legal cases, teaching, and foreigners.  This carries an element of spiritual evolution and also the need to connect with the health of the body, grieving or environmental projects.  Your ruler Uranus is heavily involved with developments and changes.  How you think and communicate is up for review - harsh words and edicts are hard to rescind.  You experience an increase in earnings and validation of your talents.

PISCES:  A talent, way of earning a living, or the things that you own are in a state of culmination and change.  A "way" of using your resources may be eclipsed out of your life, deemed no longer useful or needed.  Money, investments, earnings, debt, loans, support from others is the area of shift and developments.  Soul growth is indicated as is holding onto your internal truths of what is important in your life.  Love is flowing your way as you are more available to attract all that is creative and loving - self-expression, play and children support you.  Changes in your social group and connections occur.