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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As we pay homage to our home ~ Earth

I ask you to read and look up ~

Photo by Jean ~ taken April 2014 over the East Coast Atlantic Ocean in NC

“One of the things that’s affected by climate change is agriculture, but some of what we are seeing is man made, but man made in a different way than what you may guess. Weather modification programs, experimental ones done by private companies, the US government, are underway and there are more than 50 operations underway across the United States. All of these impact agriculture because they change the micro-climates needed for agriculture to survive. None of these programs are done with oversight. International corporations are modifying our weather all the time, and modifying it in ways that cover thousands and thousands of square miles. Most of it is chemically altered, so what happens is that we are putting ground based chemicals that are shot into the air that change and modify our weather.” ~ Rosalind Peterson, president and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition 

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