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Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 21st ~ into the Cardinal Cross

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Monday, April 21st:  As with all challenges/shifts/cycle endings we are asked, "How is the Universe mirroring for me the areas of change, growth and personal emancipation I need to be aware of?"  We head into a transformative week that carries us into a powerful cycle of growth.  We know the areas and the context as we've been "with" these dynamics for a while.  Be gentle, own your reality and go within your vibrational world of truth to connect, clear and create.  Opportunities abound as we own responsibility for our life journey and structure our thoughts and intentions accordingly.

The Illusion is the need to tell others what they need to do or conversely, to cave to others dictates and demands.  The Truth is lies within your inner energy and spiritual awareness while realizing the opportunity to allow another layer of conditioning to dissolve and clear, in turn, freeing up more energy for authentic living and self expression. 

The Moon transits through the sign of the spiritual builder Capricorn and goes VOID at 7:22 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the evening.  Uranus squares Pluto at 13 degrees of Aries/Capricorn exact at 2:12 p.m. 

On TUESDAY (Earth Day) the Moon now transits through the group leadership sign of Aquarius ~ the emerging paradigm of leadership as the group contributes to the good of the whole devoid of any need for control or aggrandizement.  Mars squares Jupiter seeking freedom, faith and truth as we learn to own our personal power rather than imposing our truths on others.  Being aware of people's grasp for "hard" control based in fear releases our need to participate or expend our emotional resources.  We don't get "sucked in" any longer based on conditional support of who we should be. 

Take time outs, breath, journal, contain your energy and commit even more deeply to your personal journey through Earth School ~