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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 2nd ~

Mayan Ruins, Tulum Mexico ~ Photo by Jean

Venus - our values, magnetic attraction 
and interpersonal relating style

May 2nd:  Venus ingress Aries (until May 28th) / Mercury opposition Saturn (Taurus to Scorpio)
May 3rd:  Sun trine Pluto at 13 degrees Taurus to Capricorn
May 6th:  Sun sextile Jupiter at 15 degrees Taurus to Cancer
May 7th:  Mercury ingress Gemini (until May 29th) / Sun sextile Chiron from Taurus to Pisces

ARIES:  The urge to merge strengthens with Venus entering your sign.  You feel more loving, softer and attractive.  More light is available to you as you're clearing the density of your life role and merging more and more with your individual soul centered needs.  You express your values more openly energizing your ability to attract to you that which is personally important, appreciated and pleasurable.  A good time for tending to your physical appearance and pampering yourself.  Money, earnings, and application of your resources are supported and acknowledged.

TAURUS:  The urge to merge occurs between your soul self and personality self.  This is a potent time for personal initiation awakening your spiritual vibration to the attachment to your desires.  When we are in flow our needs and expectations of "how" events must occur diminishes.  This is a time for freeing yourself and going within for refreshment and contemplation.  Aligning magnetically with your highest desires for beauty and physical health feels good and refreshes you.  Your work and value takes on an increased communicative and multi-tasking role.

GEMINI:  The actualization of personal goals satisfies as you urge to merge with others in a collaborative and loving manner.  Your relationships receive more "light" and from them are born new impulses for the future.  Tending to your dreams behind the scenes and in contemplation fuses the outward manifestation through intention and speech.  Psychic cohesiveness as well as external agreements and understandings are richly supported.  More integration between your conscious mind and conscious words.

CANCER:  Your public life, reputation, relationship with those who hold influence in your life are the areas of increased value and the urge to merge.  Relationship developments may coincide with life direction and community activity.  Personal value is found interfacing with the public and before groups.  An active time with groups, friends and manifesting your personal goals and dreams.  Practical application without over attachment to outcome is your energy flow.

LEO:  Confidence increases as you receive support and empowerment in the areas of your skills, work schedule, career and life direction.  This week may feel lucky to you but I would assert that what you are experiencing is the recognition of energy manifestation in action.  Spiritual purpose is connected to your goals, social support systems and friendships.  Broadening your horizons be it literal or metaphorical feels good, brings value and expands your perspective of life and personal aspirations.

VIRGO:  Fusion and support is found in your urge to merge with another and outside resources.  A healing time for financial prospects to include:  leases, loans, inheritances, savings and investments as well as corporate resources.  Others are showing their goodwill and partnerships flow more easily.  Deepening trust and intimacy holds value for you as any partnership activities you commit to increases your sense of value and appreciation.  Your communications and mental activities are geared towards the public, career and vocational areas.  Travel, teaching, spiritual and promotional activities feel fluid and copacetic.

LIBRA:  You continue to connect with the need for regeneration as you consciously engage with the need for release and revitalization.  Your inner environment takes precedence over any perceived external focus.  Your urge to merge expands in your relationships with others as a balancing out period ensues alleviating the push and pull of the Cardinal Cross.  A desire for synthesis between your needs and the "others" seeks and finds balance.  Careful of the need to "win" or "compete" in partnership dynamics.  Media, travel, spiritual development and knowledge feeds your mind.

SCORPIO:  Feeling value for your services, what you are good at, and the loving pets in your world increase.  You may also feel more "valued" by your workmates and colleagues.  There may even be an urge to merge with someone in the work place.  Your ability to release your attachment to what others do or do not do continues to free you as your emerging self releases a level of control - agreements and understandings flow easily.  Deep thoughts and discussion ensues regarding resources held with others, finances, debt/loans, sex and savings plans.  

SAGITTARIUS:  You have an urge to merge with a romantic interest, lover, children and your "art."  Value is found in your creative and leisure pursuits.  Expression is quick, spirited and authentic.  A positive week for money, work and career as you experience flow and ease.  Discussion, contact and agreements increase with your partner, clients and professionals that you hire for their expertise.  Spiritual security is found within your talents, services and personal life.

CAPRICORN:  Value is experienced in your personal space, soul home, those you live with and family.  Private time and reflection is soothing.  Beautification of your personal space adds value and flow.  The schedule and work tasks pick up as there is more to respond to, communicate and handle.  Relationships are enriching - the more authentically engaging, the more deep the connection, which in turn mirrors for you the emerging reality that you can feel safe while being authentic.  Children and love continue to open your heart and personal growth.

AQUARIUS:  The Urge to Merge occurs in your communications, travels and community involvement.  You discover value and love in your everyday exchanges and discussions.  A new car or computer may help the flow of expansion and connection.  Your mind is operating more harmoniously and intuitively.  Home and personal life continue to be areas of conscious expansion and this week delivers knowledge and growth, healing and peace.

PISCES:  Your self expression continues to grow and emerge in supportable and evolving displays.  Value is found in the development of your creative talents, spiritual skills, earnings and inspirational belief systems.  More resources may be flowing in through the acquisition of beautiful objects and higher earnings.  Validation for your creative abilities emboldens you to reach higher and more expansively.  Self-esteem deepens.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

May's INspire Video ~ a monthly subscriber based service that goes deeper ~

Your values, creativity and interpersonal relating style.  Wherever Venus is located in the natal chart indicates that the house affairs concerned are of importance in resolving karmic obligations. Venus wants us to develop values and feel good in the house affairs in which she inhabits. Venus is also the esoteric ruler of Gemini - the synthesizer. Discover Venus's beneficial vibrations to the house/sign in your chart in May's INspire Video 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 25th 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse ~Photo Credit NASA

April 25th:  Venus trine Saturn / Sun conjunct Mercury / Mercury trine Orcus
April 26th:  Mercury sextile Neptune / Juno enters Taurus until June 17th
April 27th:  Juno sextile Nessus
April 29th:  New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 8 degrees Taurus sextile Neptune / Mercury trine Pluto
April 30th:  Mercury sextile Jupiter

ARIES:  Resource development is in high focus and the ability to negotiate and reach agreements is strongly suggested.  Fresh expansion in the areas of resources - self esteem, talents, and your material goods develops over the next several weeks.  Balance and fairness is a need as is working in the spirit of helping others, donating your time or research done behind the scenes.  This energy is a supportive indicator for those of you seeking to apply your talents based on personal value while trusting that doing what you love is your ultimate security.

TAURUS:  Personal change in the areas of appearance, wardrobe, and your sense of identity is palpable as the weeks unfold.  A useful period of learning to balance and give boundary to, your relationships with others. You have been and continue to undergo a metamorphosis of your purpose and value.  Like minded others appear to be part of the journey and the more compassionate and conscious, the better.  You appreciate the support and viability of cooperative partnerships, goals and team efforts.  Artistry, the Internet and working with the  collective strengthen and diversify your tool kit.

GEMINI:  Fast development occurs behinds the scenes in research, volunteer, health/hospital stays, and for those aware humans, at the manifestation levels.  Information comes to light in which you were previously unaware in a positive and galvanizing manner.  There is also an increase of discussion, travel, or negotiations connected with your work, reputation or community involvement - very good.  Support and agreement flows beautifully this week as does recognition of your communication, writing and teaching talents. 

CANCER:  A dream, goal and desire should be coming into view (and fruition) over the next few weeks.  Things are moving fast and working with others in a cooperative manner comes easily.  This is tied to media, travel, teaching, sales or celebration.  Much discussion, logistics, and planning is involved but flows easily and naturally ~ you are supported.  You are especially inclined to "see" below the words and contracts now sensing the deeper meaning and emotions involved.

LEO:  Swift developments arrive in connection to your career, marital status, and public life.  Your reputation is positively highlighted which in turn, is bringing you support in the form of finance, emotions and in areas of bonding/intimacy.  For some, this may indicate an uptick in partner's resources or a bump in corporate/bank funds that now become available to you.  Balance and fairness appears to be a theme over the next several weeks and if there is any glaringly imbalances you will be acutely aware.

 VIRGO:  All systems are go in the areas of promotions, websites, travel, training, foreign relations, teaching, legalities and celebrations.  This may also feel like your higher self is in control moving you along your path as you co-create this earth plane "ride."  Cooperative partnerships are earning their label as communications, understanding and agreements flow along easily.  Hiring a professional for their expertise is timely as are business relationships and client work.

LIBRA:  New starts are suggested in finance to potentially include:  bank loans, corporate money, insurance, leases, real estate, sorting out resources with another and support.  This will be a time where increased money dealings and investments are highlighted.  Stability is shown between your daily work responsibilities (health, pet's needs, work environment) and your resources and earnings.  Increased paper work, logistics and tasks are part of the increase of energy and financial activity.  A ripe time for psychological healing, well being and insight is upon you.

SCORPIO:  Fast developments occur in your associations, business connections, clients, cooperative partnerships and experts that you hire for their specific brand of knowledge.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse brings a potent opportunity to really connect and communicate those thoughts and desires that have been harbored secretively for far too long.  Trust your ability to propose and persuade.  Instincts as well as intuitiveness continue to bring burgeoning insights and understanding.  

SAGITTARIUS:  A brisk pace engulfs your daily life of work, chores, services and schedule.  The more grounded you are the better and please resolve to take your time and move deliberately even when you are feeling time challenged.  Time, the concept, can actually be shaped and molded to meet your needs and pace.  Dynamics and operational flow are changing, as is your growing understanding of what you are "good at."  For some, a new position may arrive providing the opportunity to apply your well honed talents in a different landscape and locale.  For others, health and healing can be the area for strengthening your daily routine.  Yet others, have a new furry friend arriving into their households.

CAPRICORN:  Events accelerate in relation to heart centered developments such as children's welfare, romance, sexuality, creative passions and leisure play.  Enhanced communications, the forging of agreements, education, travel, sibling and community relations expand and flow.  Your mind and consciousness is connecting with your heart and spiritual beliefs.  Hold your thoughts and intentions as you build more passion and levity into your life.  Hyper diligence is one strategy albeit an exhausting one.  Trust that simplicity and "flow" are sustainable and reliable indicators of being on "track" with your life.

AQUARIUS:  Active situations evolve regarding your home, living situation, personal security and family life. An imminent move or entrance/exit of a housemate is possible. Siblings, agreements, discussions and negotiations factor into your changing circumstances in a positive manner.  Stability with resources, earnings and career support you.

PISCES:  Teaching, travel, sharing of wisdom and communications move quickly as your ability for eloquence and clarity is directly enhanced by your personal inspiration and creativity.  Fairness, give and take, as well as an elevated understanding of relationship dynamics broadens your appeal and negotiation abilities.  Expect a feeling of personal validation for your talents and skills.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wednesday, April 23rd ~ managing our desires and anger

Wednesday, April 23rd:  Situations can happen quickly this morning as we awaken to Mars opposing Uranus (exact at 3:10 a.m. EDT but...we always feel the energy of assertion early) ~ if you are having trouble sleeping as you go round and round in your mind know that this is a ripe time for your central nervous system to respond.  Mars (still in square to exaggerative, arrogant and spiritually expanding Jupiter) then moves into square with Pluto at 9:52 a.m. EDT.  Handled poorly this is explosive and potentially dangerous energy.  Handled consciously this can be a time of release, breakthroughs and positive life changing events.

But, when strong growth cycles are upon us some pain while committing to healing will occur.  Mercury ingresses (transits into) grounded, practical, stubborn and financially driven Taurus early in the a.m. until May 8th.  The Moon in Aquarius then goes VOID (nothing of consequence) at 12:12 p.m. for the remainder of the day easing the external energy as we go within to "be with" our drives, blockages, anger and desires.

On THURSDAY the Moon transits into sensitive, passive aggressive and intuitive Pisces at 2:56 a.m. which carries us through on her intuitive and sacrificing wave until early Saturday morning.  Opportunities to give form to our emotional needs and financial/relationship practicalities are available as the Moon sextiles both Mercury and the Sun in Taurus.  Connecting with our need for both security and spiritual truth is evident as Luna conjuncts Neptune just before 3 p.m. EDT.  ~

As we pay homage to our home ~ Earth

I ask you to read and look up ~

Photo by Jean ~ taken April 2014 over the East Coast Atlantic Ocean in NC

“One of the things that’s affected by climate change is agriculture, but some of what we are seeing is man made, but man made in a different way than what you may guess. Weather modification programs, experimental ones done by private companies, the US government, are underway and there are more than 50 operations underway across the United States. All of these impact agriculture because they change the micro-climates needed for agriculture to survive. None of these programs are done with oversight. International corporations are modifying our weather all the time, and modifying it in ways that cover thousands and thousands of square miles. Most of it is chemically altered, so what happens is that we are putting ground based chemicals that are shot into the air that change and modify our weather.” ~ Rosalind Peterson, president and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition 

Educate yourself HERE ~

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 21st ~ into the Cardinal Cross

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Monday, April 21st:  As with all challenges/shifts/cycle endings we are asked, "How is the Universe mirroring for me the areas of change, growth and personal emancipation I need to be aware of?"  We head into a transformative week that carries us into a powerful cycle of growth.  We know the areas and the context as we've been "with" these dynamics for a while.  Be gentle, own your reality and go within your vibrational world of truth to connect, clear and create.  Opportunities abound as we own responsibility for our life journey and structure our thoughts and intentions accordingly.

The Illusion is the need to tell others what they need to do or conversely, to cave to others dictates and demands.  The Truth is lies within your inner energy and spiritual awareness while realizing the opportunity to allow another layer of conditioning to dissolve and clear, in turn, freeing up more energy for authentic living and self expression. 

The Moon transits through the sign of the spiritual builder Capricorn and goes VOID at 7:22 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the evening.  Uranus squares Pluto at 13 degrees of Aries/Capricorn exact at 2:12 p.m. 

On TUESDAY (Earth Day) the Moon now transits through the group leadership sign of Aquarius ~ the emerging paradigm of leadership as the group contributes to the good of the whole devoid of any need for control or aggrandizement.  Mars squares Jupiter seeking freedom, faith and truth as we learn to own our personal power rather than imposing our truths on others.  Being aware of people's grasp for "hard" control based in fear releases our need to participate or expend our emotional resources.  We don't get "sucked in" any longer based on conditional support of who we should be. 

Take time outs, breath, journal, contain your energy and commit even more deeply to your personal journey through Earth School ~

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 11th 2014

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

April 11th:  Venus conjunct Neptune
April 14th:  Pluto Retrograde at 13 degrees until 9/22 / Mercury square Jupiter/Mercury conjunct Uranus
April 15th:  Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Libra conjunct Ceres, North Node & Vesta / Mercury square Pluto
April 16th:  Mercury opposition Mars
April 17th:  Venus trine Jupiter

"We need to hold the tensions/synergies that describe this tense situation and to delineate if we do it from a place beyond fear.  Engaging in deep meditation where we ask what does the Universe intend from this?  What does it ask from me?" ~ Greg Bogart

Words are powerful this week as we prepare for change in our lives.  Anger and quick responses may feel like a prevalent in your life and the lives of those around you.  Venus transits through Pisces extending the opportunity to stay present in your feelings while holding compassion for self and others as we collectively go through a powerful period of enforced and for some, awaited growth. ~  

ARIES:  It's always best not to make final decisions in the days surrounding a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Let the dust settle in any tensions and changes within relationships.  Words are difficult to take back this week - please be mindful of what you say.  Developments occur in work, avocation and life direction.  Remember to connect with your feelings, allow for private time, rest, and to create a little more space in your schedule.  Remember you are a divine being having an earth plane experience.

TAURUS:  Venus advocates that you hold your hopes, desires and truths in the most compassionate way possible.  Change arrives in your work, daily schedule, health, fellow employees and your services.  This change carries a "strong" message of soul growth, development and healing in any areas in need (physically/spiritually). Concentrate on your spiritual intelligence while managing any fears you carry regarding change.

GEMINI:  Keep your cool.  This can be a dynamic week for surprising/disgruntled rants and raves within your groups and team dynamics.  Awareness and shifts arrive with children, romance and creative projects - for some culminations and for others releasing.   Developments occur with shared resources, taxes, loans, your partner's money, budgets and psychological awareness.  Remember to breath peace into your daily life.  Home and private life support you.

CANCER:  Soul growth occurs in your personal life, home and family situation.  Hold the faith and acknowledge your hurts.  There is angry energy in the atmosphere this month.  Career, public life, marriage, committed relationships and communication with superiors may bring challenges.  Growth happens in the feeling areas and in your expanding realm of emotional intelligence.  Connections with higher perspectives and spiritual truths helps you adapt and move through these changing tides.  

LEO:  Developments in the neighborhood, situations with siblings, teaching, travel, agreements, education or writing projects reach culminations and completions.  The Lunar Eclipse brings evolution and growth while realizing it is okay that hurts and sensitivities be acknowledged.  Change in working conditions, health situations or daily schedule is highlighted.  Acknowledge and take comfort in the support others are providing.

VIRGO:  A Total Lunar Eclipse in your 2nd house brings closures, exits and culminations surrounding your resources, earnings, talents and self-esteem.  Growth is indicated as is the awareness to hold to your highest vision of your personal abilities.  The planet of communication is agitated this week indicating joint resources, systems of support, investments, taxes, savings plans and partner's money are areas of frustration and for negotiation.  Your cooperative relationships support you.  

LIBRA:  Important developments occur for you at the personal levels. The Lunar Eclipse shakes up relationship dynamics, know you are divinely supported in your personal growth, self-care and evolutionary expansion.  Harsh words may be difficult to avoid this week so keeping your cool and peaceful intentions in place is important.  Breathe and know that your life work and evolving spiritual services are areas of increasing satisfaction and growth.  Developments arrive in the home, living situation and family.

SCORPIO:  Create plenty of space to process and meditate upon your inner and outer worlds.  The Lunar Eclipse falls across the axis of health (both physical and spiritual).  Secrets spill out, epiphanies occur and information that was previously unseen is now visible.  Lighten your schedule if possible as rest and emotional processing is required. Sacrifice may be needed in the care of another. Developments in writing, sibling situations, teaching, travel and agreements develop as Pluto stations retrograde.  

SAGITTARIUS:  A friendship, goal, technology project or social connections reaches a culmination as this is the area where something or someone is eclipsed out of your life.  There may be grieving to do but the Universe indicates that change is needed in order to continue growing spiritually.  Earnings, talents or your material goods are in a state of change or development.  Children, creative projects or love life can be areas of frustration - remember your thoughts are not you.  Remember to spend peaceful time at home or with loved ones as these areas soothe and support you.

CAPRICORN:  Personal developments, health and self-expression are spotlighted as Pluto slows down for his retrograde.  The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse brings changes to career, life direction, marital status or authority figures.  A superior may be eclipsed out of your life or alternatively a change in career has arrived.  Remember to breath and slow down as life picks up the pace.  It might be easy to want to speak in haste if your mind is racing or a family situation irritates.  But, you are SO supported to go within and lovingly remind your left brain that the higher self is in charge.

AQUARIUS:  The Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings awareness, closure and culminations in travel, spiritual development, higher education, legal cases, teaching, and foreigners.  This carries an element of spiritual evolution and also the need to connect with the health of the body, grieving or environmental projects.  Your ruler Uranus is heavily involved with developments and changes.  How you think and communicate is up for review - harsh words and edicts are hard to rescind.  You experience an increase in earnings and validation of your talents.

PISCES:  A talent, way of earning a living, or the things that you own are in a state of culmination and change.  A "way" of using your resources may be eclipsed out of your life, deemed no longer useful or needed.  Money, investments, earnings, debt, loans, support from others is the area of shift and developments.  Soul growth is indicated as is holding onto your internal truths of what is important in your life.  Love is flowing your way as you are more available to attract all that is creative and loving - self-expression, play and children support you.  Changes in your social group and connections occur.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, April 4th 2014

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

April 4th:  Venus trine North Node 28 degrees from Aquarius to Libra
April 6th:  Venus enters Pisces and conjuncts Nessus at 0 degrees (transit till May 3rd)
April 7th:  Uranus square Eros (12 degrees Aries to Capricorn) / Sun opposition Juno (Libra to Aries)
April 8th:  Mercury ingress Aries (till the 24th) / Sun opposition Mars (18 degrees Libra to Aries)  Pallas direct in Leo at 24 degrees
April 10th:  Sun conjunct Juno at 21 degrees of Aries
April 11th:  Venus conjunct Neptune at 6 degrees Pisces

ARIES:  A rich week for delving more deeply into your inner relationship and how that fuels/feeds your outer relationships.  Venus, the goddess of love, money and values, is active urging you to make the association of inner and outer or, as above, so below.  A powerful time to employ Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques.  Increased mental clarity and the urge to share your thoughts and plans with others is encouraged.  Mars continues his retrograde through your 7th house of cooperative partnerships.  The 4th week in May is important for relationship decisions/negotiations.

TAURUS:  What are your dreams?  Venus emphasizes your personal desires and accentuates contacts, groups and friendships that can help you get there.  Mercury's entrance into your 12th house of soul and spiritual development brings lightening fast insights into your own true nature - pay attention to your dreams and gut instincts.  Music, art, water and creative activities enhances your life and wellbeing.

GEMINI:  Friendships, group activity, and future plans are highlighted with Mercury entering your 11th house over the next two weeks.  Communications and agreements move quickly.  A sweetness envelopes your outer life as you are drawn into the highest and best possible outcomes in your world service, community interaction and avocation.  A highly creative and compassionate time - others take notice.

CANCER:  Public and Civic life gathers more momentum as your mind and communications are calibrated towards the public and avocational aims.  Publishing, media, travel, education and spiritual awareness bring rewards and expands value into your personal life.  As Mars opposes and the Sun conjuncts the asteroid Juno awareness and calibration occurs highlighting the desire to bring more balance into your personal and public life.

LEO:  The asteroid Pallas moves direct in your sign fueling your desire and ability to make professional and health changes in your life.  Mars is awakening an increasing need for integration between your belief systems and communication skills.  Do you say what you mean or say what is habit?  An odd distinction, I know, but an honorable area of focus.  The Venus transit brings more support and compassion from others.  Ask for help as it will be there for you in many forms.

VIRGO:  Before Venus, the energy ruling love and resources, enters your 7th house of relationship she bridges self-esteem with service in a soul focused way that continues to be in the evolving stages.  This is not the time to go it alone as Venus enters your cooperative partnership house (through May 3rd).  Professionals, workmates and personal teammates are more than willing to help out, provide support/answers and show you how very valuable you are in this life.  Listen.

LIBRA:  Powerful expansion arrives as insights regarding soul growth, creativity and heart filled exchanges take place.  The Venus Nessus conjunction helps to awaken generational relationship patterns in order to further clear outworn/conditioned use of energy (that which does not serve you or others).  You also consolidate another level of clarity regarding your service to others and maintaining fluidity in your schedule.  Getting rid of the dross in your relating style allows you to peer below the surface of ego, fears and conditioning.

SCORPIO:  There is much activity behind the scenes in solitude, confidential and manifestation arenas.  As Venus commits to opening your heart (further and wider) Mercury and Uranus are working on your mind (lower and higher).  Your work and services are undergoing a time of transformation from limiting beliefs and conditioned thoughts regarding what you are capable of contributing.  This process also addresses living a life that excites you and allows for more freedom.

SAGITTARIUS:  So much continues to develop in your world of individuality and feeling safe to express yourself.  Understanding that as you unravel old expectations placed upon you by others vs. your growing awareness of what impassions, motivates and juices you, there is a balancing between who you share with and who you do not.  This is about aligning with other vibrational beings that support your creativity and self-expression.  A thrilling time to experiment, connect and take chances.

CAPRICORN:  Abundant developments in your personal awareness pushes forward this week as the Sun and Mars continue to awaken your desires, personal needs and truths.  Balance is the operative intention while public demands shoot arrows filled with epiphanies into your soul development and security needs.  Your communication style is an area of focus as Venus attracts positive exchange and consensus into your everyday living.  

AQUARIUS:  Continue to check in with your mind.  Are thoughts supporting your systems of belief?  You cannot think, "Yes, I believe in abundance," while continually thinking about "lack."  This is an invitation to sync the analytical mind with your higher inspirational mind.  Venus is your guiding planet as she transits your 2nd house of self-worth, your creative talents and inspirational resources.  More flow is on the way.

PISCES:  Personal value, attraction, charisma...shall I go on?  Venus enters your sign and connects first with Nessus (transiting through August 4th) engaging a unique opportunity to get to the bottom of any generational vibrational abusive patterns in your life.  Awareness is the first step.  Concurrently, you experience your own divinity, creativity, beauty and loving nature.  Duality is interesting isn't it?  You also handle, manage and balance resources.

Wednesday, April 2nd ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

"Earth is one of the more difficult incarnations as we are a very young planet 
in comparison with other planets in the Universe. We still kill people."  
~James Van Praagh, Author and Psychic Medium

Wednesday, April 2nd: Nessus, a Centaur planet that represents generational abuse, sexual abuse, betrayal and lack of forgiveness is now at 0 degrees of Pisces where he will transit until August 4th. Nessus also gives us the capacity to awaken to the patterns without getting sucked in emotionally. This is a planet I look to (along with Chiron) for people working on their consciousness (Ascension) to integrate with Soul self. If you have personal planets at 0 or 1 degree of Pisces this can be a powerful time.

We experience the Sun Uranus square exact at 3:09 a.m. EDT electrifying our conscious awareness with the need for change, excitement, defiance, freedom, the unusual and unique. But, more aptly see this as a very real clue to your personal state. Where/how can you connect with the qualities of change in your life? The trick is to respond not to react, react, react. Our very identity is bringing us information that will come to a head/focal point at the Cardinal Grand Cross the 3rd week of the month. By "leaning" in to your personal truths rather than suppressing/denying you are able to affect change internally lessening the energy dynamic of things "happening to you."

The Moon continues to transit fixed and security minded Taurus. Mercury moves into trine with Saturn balancing our mental environment with maturity, commitment and stability.

On THURSDAY the Sun squares Pluto at 5:18 a.m. and the Moon ingresses curious and changeable Gemini a little before 8 a.m. EDT. The Sun Pluto square is the transformation of one's identity and use of power. Ok, there will be those around us who do not have a very healthy sense of what authentic power is - those who seek to manipulate, coerce and control which are all fear based origins. If you lean in to this with an eye toward the mindset of an aspect of identity or consciousness that has become old, outworn and decayed you are working "with" this energy beautifully. Keep your head down from those who are not quite so enlightened. Again, love thyself ~