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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, March 7th ~

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~
I will be presenting on the Healing Energy of Chiron

March 6th:  Jupiter Direct at 10 degrees Cancer
March 10th:  Eros, the God of Love and Passion enters Capricorn until November 
March 11th:  Mercury square Saturn (final of 3) from Aquarius to Scorpio
March 13th:  Sun trine Saturn from Pisces to Scorpio at 23 degrees

ARIES:  A thought, situation or problem that has been dogging you since early February regarding a goal, friendship, loan, real estate dilemma can find resolution this week.  Your personal life is also due some positive developments.  Stability and support enhance your obligations and commitments.

TAURUS:  So many fears are often baseless ghosts lumbering around inside the brain.  A work related issue that has been hindering and haunting you since early February becomes released, resolved and dusted this week.  Mental well being, communication and educational endeavors move forward.  Stability is found within relationship, personals goals and friendships.

GEMINI:  A feeling of futility and being stuck in your work, employee, publishing, travel, media or legal circumstances moves beyond limiting thinking/circumstances.  Your resources grow and expand.  Sustainability is yours in the daily work, health and avocation arenas.

CANCER:  Apprehensions regarding a child, romance, death, finances, or loans is handled or released this week.  In it's place is a maturing relationship within your own reality and spiritual acceptance.  More life meaning is flowing in and as you connect with some internal truths wisdom manifests.

 LEO:  Consensus in a specific arrangement/relationship is been blocked or slow to develop yet this week suggests a breakthrough arising from your release of it or sitting down to engage with another to go over the fine print.  Your efforts are validated as agreement, negotiation, and commercial activity reach a level of reliability.

VIRGO:  A fear has been plaguing you regarding agreements, health, training, sibling relationship or education endeavor since early February.  A resolution is developing that will ease your mind and fears.  Goals and alliances move forward.  Stability will be evident in your correspondence, decision making, and understandings with cooperative partners, workmates or spouse.

LIBRA:  Solutions with earnings, personal resources and your romantic, creative or children's situation reaches a finale this week.  This fear or trouble has been filling your mind with limiting thoughts - set them free.  Career, life direction and your reputation grows and expands bringing forth opportunities that have been on hold since late 2013. 

SCORPIO:  A personal dilemma evaporates this week as you've wrestled with it for far too long.  Fear and limitation is replaced with sure footing and confidence. Your sense of possibilities expand as do your publishing, media, promotional, travel and legal circumstances.

SAGITTARIUS:  More psychological healing is on the way as the support you feel is undeniable.  Your mind and local environment take on a loving and sociable tonality as you focus on connecting with others and strengthening relationship contacts. 

CAPRICORN:  Your relationship dynamics and connections grow, expand and bring value to your resources including your sense of self and self-esteem.  Any problems or fears connected with the future dissipate this week as you meld with the truth of your value.

AQUARIUS:  Your spiritual ruler Jupiter is moving direct and expanding your confidence in the work place, daily routines, employee relations, pet connections and health.  Fears regarding your personal value and life direction begin to dissipate this week and in its place comes a practical understanding of your value and reputation.

PISCES:  Free floating anxiety is one term, trepidation is another yet regardless of the words a personal fear that you've been holding close is replaced with a irrefutable reality of your abilities, value and spiritual growth.  Trust the energy flowing in that encourages you to express yourself without fear.