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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, March 21st

The Black River in Glenfield, NY ~ photo by Julie Dafoe
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Due to a back injury, the April Videoscopes were delayed this week.  
I am on the mend and will be uploading this Monday the 24th~

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March 22nd:  Mercury conjunct Neptune / Ceres retrogrades into Libra (till August 6th)
March 23rd:  Jupiter square Juno (from Cancer to Aries 10 degrees)
March 25th:  Uranus conjunct Juno (12 degrees Aries)
March 26th:  Mercury trine Jupiter (from Pisces to Cancer 11 degrees)

ARIES:  Inspiration and trusting your instincts is encouraged as is research, meditation, confidential discussion and working with your manifestation energy.  Exaggeration and surprise may be present in your one-on-one dynamics this week, growth and excitement too.  It all depends on the state of your cooperative partnerships, each parties expectations, as well as how free you feel within your relationships (professional as well as personal). 

TAURUS:  Mercury seeks to inspire your goals, friendships and networks with "soul development" in your association with the collective.  Expect positive agreements, connections and excursions that broaden your faith in self and others.  Don't seek hard and fast details but rather let your mind be galvanized by the possibilities.  Envision first and then handle the details. 

GEMINI:  Your stature grows and you emulate for others what compassion, creativity and faith looks like.  Discussions and agreements can bring a vision to the fore that expands your self-esteem and earnings.  This week may present educational or publishing opportunities that have lain dormant or forgotten. A social (media) connection or group dynamic may require some adjustments leaving everyone feeling they are an equal participant and contributor.

CANCER:  Jupiter in your sign reaches out to Juno this week suggesting that any imbalances or inequalities in your public/professional/married life are making themselves glaringly apparent.  A creative and philosophical approach to any such imbalances are enhanced as you appeal to the appropriate decision makers/partners in a fashion that instigates a righting of a wrong and an evening out of the playing field. 

LEO:  Mercury's affects this week can be subtle as the areas involved are your psychology, spirituality and faith.  Resources between you and another may be a bit nebulous this weekend - who is responsible for what?  And, keeping clear track of money and finances is encouraged too.  Corporate money, research, volunteerism and the unconscious world of your dream life are positioned to sprinkle some happy dust your way bringing you closer to a vibrational magic.

VIRGO:   Staying clear in your communications can be challenging this weekend as you are advised to keep final decisions/assumptions in the holding zone.  Yet, this can manifest as an inspired interaction/discussion that sends your mind into exploring a myriad of possibilities.  Support is certainly suggested as is dynamic group involvement.

LIBRA:  Ceres retrogrades back into your sign and will turn direct on June 1st (where she will transit until August 6th).  The themes of healing (after a period of grieving), physical care of the body as well as tending to your personal needs is necessary and soothing as this large asteroid conjuncts the North Node in your sign.  You enter a 5 week period of increased focus/demands/distractions in your personal and professional life.  Ceres requires you to heal thyself and nurture your vibrational world regardless of what others do or do not do.

SCORPIO:  Ceres joins Mars and the North Node in your 12th house of spirit and the past.  She invites you to revisit the tending to and nurturing of self, the truth of your divinity and the healing of the past.  Mercury, in tandem, represents a returning to self in a playful, creative and open hearted manner.  Children may also be the conduit for more leisure and play time.  If travel is on the agenda positive experiences and mind expansion is assured.

SAGITTARIUS:  Making time for play, love, kids, pleasure, creativity - is your invitation from the Sun now transiting your 5th house of you (freedom mode).  Allow any confusions regarding home and personal life to dissipate as the path gets clearer on the 26th.  Additionally, you may very well tune into personal spiritual truths and insights.  Allowing for personal time to "be" with what is serves you well.

CAPRICORN:  Home, soul, and family are a focus over the next several weeks as the Sun transits your 4th house of spirit and growth.  Responsibilities and imbalances may be a theme this week highlighting resentments between partners or within family.   Your skill for compassionate communication and ability to arrive at mutually beneficial contracts and agreements serves you well now.  This is a week of experiencing soul growth through negotiation. 

AQUARIUS:  The areas of travel, discussion, contracts and agreements may bring surprisingly to the fore situations that require increased understanding and balanced negotiation.  The Sun highlights local travel and more communicative connections.  Your resources feel easier to manage (earnings, time management).  A positive development between work projects and money can be reached in a mutually beneficial manner.

PISCES:  As Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your sign this weekend allow yourself to swim in those waters of peace, divinity and truth.  If you experience a sense of "other worldliness" this is actually you visiting a higher vibration of you, one that is always available to you should you choose to connect with it.  From this, inspiration can be gleaned. A growing sense of freedom may result, giving yourself permission to be more, love more and create more.