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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, March 14th

Photo Courtesy of Chip Hedenburg

March 15th:  Psyche transit Aquarius until December
March 16th:  Full Moon at 26 degrees Virgo (sextile Saturn) / Mercury trine North Node from Aquarius to Libra
March 17th:  Mercury enters Pisces until April 7th
March 20th: Sun enters Aries
March 21st:  Mercury out of retrograde Shadow (3 degrees Pisces) 

ARIES:   Work/money, health/services/, and your ability to apply the required resources to sustain and structure your daily life are beautifully supported at the Full Moon.  You are also connecting with cooperative relationships which are supportive agents to your goals and future.  You go deeper into the vibrational essence of your spiritual truths as Mercury delves into your 12th house of rest, rejuvenation and healing. Happy New Solar Year.

TAURUS:  Creative projects, children's development, teaching activities and cooperative partnerships align in a dependable and contributory way - this awareness flows into your heart and consciousness.  Friends and goals take on more meaning and focus as Mercury transits your 11th house - the way forward becomes clear and unfettered by snafus and disconnects.  A time for rest and release is encouraged as the Sun enters your 12th house paving way for your New Solar Energy next month.

GEMINI:  Personal developments, family, domicile and soul security is in the spotlight at the Full Moon.  The message is that all is supported and reliable with home life and work life.  Mercury brings messages of soul developments, travel, teaching, writing, publishing and creative projects.  A child's educational development progresses now in a positive manner.

CANCER:  Culminations in auto, educational, sibling, travel, buying/selling, writing situations comes to a crescendo at the Full Moon while being fully supported by Saturn in your 5th house of children, creativity, leisure leanings and love.  Energy increases in the areas of spiritual awareness, travel, publishing, media and legal endeavors pulling you out of a period of self-reflection and chapter endings.  Your work and reputation puts you in the spotlight over the next 4 weeks.

LEO:  Psyche enters your 7th house of cooperative partnership, work colleagues, clients and professionals until December.  Your intuitive faculties may deepen in relation to others hence helping you in your relating dynamics.  Your resources - material, earnings, talents and self-esteem beliefs are the focus at the Full Moon as this lunation makes a reliable connection to Saturn in your 4th house of security, home and family.  

VIRGO:  Personal developments/situations are at the fore during the Full Moon stabilizing agreements, training, travel, sibling relationships and buying/selling.  Your mind is tempered and grounded.  Focus pours into your area of partnerships, clients, spouse and professionals as Mercury ingress your 7th house.  You can trust the agreements and information exchange.

LIBRA:  Soul developments, manifestations (set through intentions), health issues and work schedule is the focus at the Full Moon stabilized by your resources - earnings, talents and self-esteem.  Work, pet care, your services and the busy daily schedule is the focus as Mercury enters Pisces this week.  A deepening of your identity occurs in your creative projects and heart connections throughout the year.  Partners needs, opinions, and discussion are the focus with the annual solar transit of your 7th house.

SCORPIO:  After a long period of rumination regarding your reality and personal life you now emerge from the cocoon ready to play.  Mercury encourage a gleeful engagement with that which amuses you.  The Full Moon highlights your dreams, friends and creative energy which are anchored in a grounded view of yourself and your place in the world.  

SAGITTARIUS:  The Full Moon brings awareness and the need for balance between your personal life and public reputation tempered in a practical way with Saturn in your behind the scenes house of research and spiritual pursuits.  An invitation to delve deeper into your personal identity, security needs and home life arrives as Mercury enters your 4th house.  You can now trust your decision making process.

CAPRICORN:  Culminations occur in the area of adventures of the mind, travel, education, publishing, media and legalities.  Balancing fact with inspiration builds to a sustainable goal or alliance.  Mercury will soon exit it's "shadow" and you can trust that discussions, conclusions, and agreements are now on sound footing.  An effective time for communications and planning ensues.

AQUARIUS:  The asteroid Psyche enters your sign for a long visit (through December) which entices you to delve more deeply into your inner mechanization - how you tick.  This engagement can lead to a deepening of your personal identity as well as a stronger vibratory alignment with your own innate intuition.  The Full Moon is emphasizing your psychology, what you bring to the table of intimacy, old psychological patterns that are seeking release, and the resources that others share with you (emotional, sexual, financial and otherwise...).

PISCES:  Mercury enters your sign this week now free of his retrograde shadow signaling a time to confidently express yourself, connect with your world and to share more of your thoughts and insights.  The Full Moon highlights your identity within relationships and is always an invitation to be aware of the law of polarities and hence, balance.  Culmination/understanding arrives through the interaction with another.