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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, February 28th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

March 1st:  Mars retrograde at 27 degrees Libra until May 20th / New Moon at 10 degrees Pisces
March 2nd:  Saturn retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio until June 20th
March 3rd:  Sun conjunct Chiron / Juno transits Aries until April 25th
March 5th:  Venus enters Aquarius until April 5th
March 6th:  Jupiter turns direct at 10 Cancer

ARIES:  Desires, ambitions, life structures and your reality base are invited inward for a review.  Potential areas include: , finances, cooperative partnerships, clients, investments, tax structure, debt, loans, psychology, marriage and how you "assert your needs" within relationship.  Fairness and equality become more important as you done a Librian consciousness.  Growth and expansion occurs in your home, family and living conditions.  Additionally, more faith at the core of your being expands through July.  A move or home expansion is possible now too.  Social pleasures and supportive friends are a source of enjoyment through April.

TAURUS:   Venus enters your 10th house of reputation and career for the next 4 weeks bringing praise and accolades your way.  Public life is satisfying and of value.  Conversely, a period of review commences regarding your work, health and services.  Perhaps a rethink is in order regarding health regimes, pet care, co-workers or the daily schedule.  Mars asks us to revise the ways in which we "assert" ourselves as he turns retrograde.  Work, structure, obligations and relationship dynamics are also under a period of revision through July.  Embrace the opportunity to integrate recent experiences in committed relationships and cooperative (or, not so much) partnerships by restructuring how you "approach" and work with others.  All forms of relationship are about contracts and agreements. 

GEMINI:  How can you best bring your creativity to the fore?  That is the question Mars asks as he turns retrograde in your 5th house of heart and innovation.  Your desires and "style" in going after what you want is asking for more inward attunement.  Saturn is also aligned with the process of going within regarding your health, pet's conditions, the daily schedule and your services.  What needs to be restructured?  What is your sense of reality to your work?  Do you like it?  If not, here is your opportunity to change it.  Growth and wisdom occurs in connection to your resources - financial, talents, earnings and material acquisition.  Your self-confidence is expanding too.

CANCER:  Time to reach out for more.  Being open to opportunities, people and travel is advantageous as Jupiter turns direct in your sign.  You seek to experience more of the world around you.  Mars turns down the volume in your personal life as you undergo a period of review regarding family anger, frustration, style of assertion, home, house reconstruction and soul urges.  If children and love affairs have felt overly much like burdens Saturn's retrograde slows down the obligations in order to restructure your romantic and creative life.  How can you best express yourself in your work and art?  What has become overly routine and obligatory in your romantic life?  Do your children require more commitment and structure from you?  Money and resources grow as Venus enters your 8th house of other's and intimacy.

LEO:  You are meant to "tighten" your communication skills over the next several months.  Mars turns retrograde in your 3rd house of right relations Libra signaling a time of reorganization in the areas of conversational acumen, educational activities, male siblings, writing, travel, speaking and communication avenues.  How you say things and what you communicate to yourself (habitual thought patterns) is under review.  What are your desires and how do you communicate these desires?  Are you an effective communicator and how can you become more so?  Venus brings more support, pleasure and good will from the others in your world.  Jupiter enhances your connections with spiritual growth and your ability to "manifest" what you want very, very quickly.  Research and knowledge building behind the scenes suits you.

VIRGO:  A dream or two is on it's way as Jupiter stations direct in your 11th house of hopes and wishes.  How you apply/use your resources is a personal focus as Mars stations retrograde.  For some, thoughts are simmering on new revenue generation and dormant talents that are seeking expression and release.  This ties in with communication structures - writing, blog development, teaching and technology.  Birth is targeted for the months of May and June.  When the Sun makes his annual conjunction to Chiron in your 7th house of clients, professionals and relationships deeper insights arrive through contact with a person in the spirit of giving/receiving support.

LIBRA:  A cycle is beginning that is about your identity, becoming more aware of how you assert self and the ways that impacts others.  Your relationships are a direct reflection of some inner states of thinking and feeling.  If you master the connections within the outer emulates the internal - always.  You will enjoy Venus transiting out of your inner 4th house abode and into fellow air sign Aquarius.  A lightness of being shines as you progress from a cycle of soul searching.  Fun and pleasure IS important now.  Saturn's retrograde sees you building upon structures developed over the past several months.  Your sense of value and worth grows even as you continue to seek highly personal avenues of effectiveness through your talents.  Partnerships are requiring more loving attention and support from you.

SCORPIO:  One of your ruling planets (Mars) turns retrograde just one day before Saturn turns retrograde in your sign - this is significant.  Mars, transiting through your 12th house of spirit connection is enhancing your ability to go within in order to manifest your desires/goals/ambitions.  Life is an inside job really.  Anything "out there" is connected to your internal landscape.  Saturn is about our perception of reality.  Your reality is connected to your perception.  This is a highly empowering and significant cycle.  Pray, meditate, daydream, say your gratitude prayers - pretending that what you seek is already here.  "I am so grateful for the abundance that flows to me everyday, in every way."  Venus sweetens the application as she enters your 4th house of soul, personal life and family.

SAGITTARIUS:  Ah yes, another level of development in your support systems, psychological healing, learning to trust and financial healing as Jupiter turns direct in your 8th house of resources.  A cycle of review is beginning regarding your personal dreams, goals and team involvement.  Engagements with others slow down as you calibrate the way you assert within the team playground and with the collective through technology.  Venus sweetens your daily experience as you connect with the "love" that is always there in the form of natural beauty, daily connections and exchanges.  This is a valuable time for public talks, workshops, writing, and furthering your education.

CAPRICORN:  Developments unfold in the form of Jupiter's direct station in your connections and relationships sector.  For some, this may suggest the courage to emanicipate yourself from alliances that are no longer supportive and alive.  For others, this energy may incur a deeper committment to your current partnerships.  Yet some, may experience this as a growth phase with clients or professional expertise they receive.  Venus leaves your sign after her 3 month transit and imparts her deeply found value into your resources and earnings.  A rethink is now in effect regarding your life direction and vocation - a beautiful gift that urges you not to hurry nor push.

AQUARIUS:  Adventures, travels or spiritual education may take you back to a place visited before but this time is not a time to rush nor hurry.  Going deeper to formulate belief systems or travel agendas is in fact encouraged.  In the daily scheme of things legal situations, publishing, media, websites and educational activities actually benefit from a slow down, rethink and revision.  Saturn, your ancient ruler is also turning inward regarding your life direction and avocation.  Your next step requires more internal honesty and emotional commitment to your happiness and purpose in life.  Can and will you go there?  Venus enters your sign urging a deeper level of self love and personal high regard.  You are the most important person in your world, not in a narcissistic nor self-entitlement sort of way, but in knowing that the better you treat yourself the higher your vibratory essence which in turn attracts "more" of those valuable circumstances and people. 

PISCES:  The annual conjunction of the Sun to Chiron in your sign is an opportunity to connect with the evolving teacher/mentor within.  You are meant, in some capacity to teach and support others and that can manifest in some highly unique and creative ways.  As Jupiter (your co-ruler) turns direct in your personally creative and activities intended to open your heart, expect a powerful time of pleasure and unique level of self-expression to manifest this week - yum!  Another level of personal growth and connectivity with all that is self-empowering and abundant is upon you.  Enjoy yourself, love yourself (more) and share it with those who are able and available to receive it.