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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, February 14th 2014


The North Node tells us where we have some spiritual work and growing to do.  It is the point where the moon, on its way to earth's Northern Hemisphere, intercepts earth's orbit around the sun.  It is a focus point similar to Aries and indicates where new growth is needed.  The Node transits into Libra this week for the next 18 months highlighting a need collectively to interact with others in cooperative partnership through negotiation, compromise, fairness and equality.  Fairness between the sexes, legal development for minority groups (same sex marriage) and financial structures will be a focus over the next year and a half.

The Full Moon in Leo on Friday the 14th highlights your "heart."  What is your passion?  How can you connect more deeply and give yourself permission to follow your passions?  The Sun (in Aquarius) trines Mars in Libra providing a stable system to follow your heart, assert your desires and make your dreams a reality.  This is an "inside" job as the Sun also conjuncts a retrograde Mercury (going within for your truth and information gathering).  This lunation also squares Saturn in Scorpio challenging your current reality structure.

Feb. 14th:  Full Moon in Leo at 6:53 p.m. EST sextile Mars in Libra
Feb. 15th:  Sun conjunct Mercury RX at 27 degrees Aquarius
Feb. 16th:  Sun conjunct Nessus (death of false ego image) / Mercury in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra
Feb. 18th:  Sun ingress Pisces trine North Node
Feb 19th:  North Node ingress Libra and conjunct Vesta (sacred vigil) all month/Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio (fearful thinking, blockages, and mental focus/fortitude)

ARIES:  Big hearted connections at the Full Moon in your 5th house, ensure that your energy is right on time and supported.  Love for yourself, children, romantic partners and your creative passions is not only supported but encouraged.  More growth arrives in your area of cooperative partnership and skill development.  Desire and drive has been your teacher but now you enter an inward phase (Mars retrograde next month) as you polish and hone your relationship skills learning how to participate with and honor the others in your world.  You seek to attract mutually beneficial relationships.

TAURUS:  Open your heart to your home, family, soul urgings and personal space at the Full Moon.  Mars supports you from your area of work and schedule aligning your emotional needs with the energy and drive to make life enhancing changes to your schedule and flow.  The North Node enters your 6th house adding another layer of growth.  Mars has been stirring up potential anger/irritation with the work environment, pet care, co-workers or health arenas.  Now, soul development mingles with your physical energy to bring more harmony and well being to your day to day life.  You commit to this work knowing there is a "better" way to align with beauty and harmony.  You need a refined atmosphere in which to do your best work and stay healthy.

GEMINI:  Conversations, connections, discussion and your local environment are the catalysts for open hearted experiences on the Full Moon.  Sibling, friends, travels and all forms of communique are ripe for increased levels of support for your passions, love life and children's development (education too).  The North Node shifts into an area of experience beckoning you to integrate personal passions with romance, creative focus, teaching, children's development and feeling "free" to express yourself in the most balanced and artistic way possible.  Mars has been vetting out your true desires and the Node now arrives to help develop the skills and soul connections merge with your drive for life enhancing passion.

CANCER:  Your resources, self-esteem, earning and personal value are to be acknowledged (at the very least by self) at the Full Moon in Leo in your 2nd house supporting your personal desires for a home-base and personal security (Mars in your 4th).  Your sign is in prominence for understanding that this life is truly an inside job as you connect with personal truths (both uplifting and limiting beliefs) as the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury in your 8th house of psychology and outworn fears/attachments.  The Node moves into your 4th house asking you to build your life on stronger foundations.  Keywords include:  harmony, self-respect, creativity, and right relations.  Loving away the fragments and orphans of fear and the "I'm not enough" thoughts as a loving parent would a child.

LEO:  Perform some form of self-love ritual this week as the Full Moon in your sign beckons you to connect with your heart center, drama and self-creative force all the while supporting your conversations, personal connections and partnerships (personal and otherwise).  Where you have been supported in your personal life of building a home that feeds you, now, the North Node enters your 3rd house of right relations through your communications.  Writing, education, conversations and "listening" are pathways for more balance and harmony in your internal dialogue as well as thought patterns.  Balance seems to be needed here as Mars as been shaking up your need to voice your opinions while stirring up your emotions and passions.

VIRGO:  Insights, manifestations, volunteerism, soul connections and information comes to light at the Full Moon in your 12th house of soul and subconscious.  Your self-esteem, talents and earnings are enhanced at this Full Moon as you connect with the deeper meaning of your soul's journey.  The North Node enters your 2nd house embarking upon a cycle intent upon bringing more balance, earnings growth, financial management and talent building.  Relationships and working with others in creative, judicial or beautification efforts elevates in importance over the next 18 months.  A process of integration is occurring regarding your services and daily habits.  New form and structures are being born.

LIBRA:  A goal, personal dream, alliance/friendship, technology project/connection is of focus at the Full Moon in Leo.  Heart connections, leadership and benevolence are merging with a deeper sense of self, personal drive while bringing a culmination and awareness to the forefront of next steps into the future.  The North Node enters your sign signaling an 18 month period of embarking upon a personal quest for identity, health and self-expression.  The Universe deems it is time to strengthen these areas of life experiences.  A magnification of your soul journey is upon you helping to strengthen and add to your skillsets of relationship to self first and foremost, while engaging with others in a balanced and equality minded way.  No more over-giving or going along to get along.

SCORPIO:  Let's assume for a moment that when you were "born" into this life you brought with you many talents, preferences, fears and imprints from former experiences.  As the Node enters your 12th house of the past, generational lineage, spiritual activity/insights/remembrances you are uniquely positioned to move beyond what we term this 3 dimensional reality we call life.  A creative time is commencing asking for your commitment to contemplation, inner truths and interfacing with your guides, teachers and angels.  Manifestation, attraction to abundance and an increasing sense of inner peace is yours for the asking.  Will you?  The Full Moon pays homage to your reputation (what others think of you) and culminations in work and community affairs. 

SAGITTARIUS:  You move from the internal to the external as the North Node exits your 12th house of privacy and meditation and moves into your 11th house of goals, teamwork and self-actualization.  Bringing your inner truths to the masses requires a love of balanced and flow and interplay between like minded parties.  Soul growth requires that you participate with others now sharing your knowledge as you respectfully receive the knowledge of others.  The Full Moon is meant to deliver another layer to the bridge building between your beliefs, philosophies, and connectivity in the global community.  Perhaps a trip, educational activity or publishing project is coming into fruition adding another foundational layer to your future path.

 CAPRICORN:  Support from others, finances, resources, intimacy and psychology are in the spotlight at the Full Moon in Leo in your 8th house of resources and the beginnings/endings of life.  Your career and life direction is well supported by this lunation and more focus builds in your public life as the North Node enters Libra your 10th house.  Mars may still be kicking up some dust as your desire to "get to where you want to go" may not always be well received by others.  Over the next 18 months you will be building your relationship skills in connection to your public and professional life.  Now is not the time to be overly focused on your personal life and domicile (although the Uranian energy will be demanding you attention from time to time).  Soul growth is through your contribution to the world "out there" through legal avenues, beautiful creations, relationship cultivations, mediation, counseling, anything that cultivates your refined sense of balance, fairness and quest for harmony.

AQUARIUS:  Supportive developments in your relations with others is the focus at the Full Moon in Leo.  Culminations arrive in the form of clarity, awareness, travel considerations, media/publishing and spiritual growth in your relationship to and with yourself and others.  Now, an interesting connection is occurring between the Sun, Mercury and that interesting centaur planet Nessus who is our helpmate when taking a peek at our own shadow material (the icky stuff that we tend to disown or project onto others).  You have an opportunity to cut through some of your own defenses now and gain additional clarity into your own inner mechanizations and how that manifests in the health (or lack thereof) in your relationships.  The North Node enters your 9th house of the higher mind, global community, promotions, travel, legalities, foreigners, knowledge gathering and spiritual development.  You gain an ever broadening appreciation for theories that contain balance, geometry, beauty, creativity and equality.  

PISCES:  The Sun enters your sign on the 18th beginning your month of birthday celebrations.  A work project, health matter, pet situation or co-worker situation comes to a level of development and awareness at the Full Moon in Leo supporting your personal life and internal support systems.  The North Node enters your 8th house (where Mars is currently residing) encouraging an 18 month period in which to clear out the drains of fear, limitation and early wounding.  Investments do well as you are motivated to save, pay off debt, purchase property or align with partners (both business and intimate).  You do well stepping up to the plate of togetherness and supporting those around you.  You will learn more about your own psychological workings and those of others.  A fruitful time for therapy/soul surgery if you've been considering it.