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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, January 17 2014

Photo Courtesy of Pia Bell Ford ~

Jan. 17th:  Mercury sextile Uranus
Jan. 18th:  Uranus square Psyche
Jan. 19th:  Sun ingress Aquarius
Jan. 21st:  Eros ingress Sagittarius until March 9th
Jan. 22nd:  Sun square Node / Mercury enters shadow at 18 degrees Aquarius

~All that has been hidden and deceived continues to bubble up to the surface to be recognized and shown to the masses.  Those who think they are controlling through subterfuge continue to be shown as the perpetrators and manipulators that they are.  Each day it comes forth and is brought to the awareness of the masses which is very, very good.  The truth flows out and knowledge continues to pour forth.  But, in this time of change it does require accountability first for ourselves and then for the creations/structures that will take it's place. ~

ARIES:  The Sun's yearly entrance into your 11th house of future goals accents your personal desires and involvement with others.  Social connections and group interaction is important for you as it enlarges your sense of self and adds dimension to your identity.  Like attracts like as they say and over the next 4 weeks those who populate your world are important players and mirrors for future developments.  When Uranus squares Psyche a push is in play regarding your personal growth and desire for a deeper level of meaning in career, community and life direction.  By paying attention to an unmet need you gain the ability to begin clarifying and meeting that need.

TAURUS:  A serendipitous day occurs this week as Mercury sextiles Uranus suggesting that a pleasantly surprising offer, discussion, or invitation can take place in the areas of career, community, sibling or neighborhood relations.  The Sun's ingress into the apex of your chart (10th house) indicates a 4 week period when you are focused on your reputation, life direction, parent or career.  Mercury will be retrograding over this area of your chart from mid-February to mid-March so allow for developments, thoughts and planning to gestate.  What is alluded to or discussed this week will need the space of time to mature and develop over the next several weeks.  

GEMINI:  A fortuitous alignment occurs between Mercury and Uranus.  Communications of the loftier kind are ripe to engage between goal oriented activities, spiritual understanding, friends, groups, publishing, marketing, sales, educational endeavors, travel or technology developments.  Now, due to Mercury's retrograde from mid-February to mid-March allow for your expectations to take the long view on educational, travel, publishing, teaching, or marketing projects as steady progression with plenty of due diligence will be working in your favor.  The God of Love and Passion, Eros, enters your 7th house of partnership where he will heat up relationship dynamics through March 9th - enjoy!

CANCER:  Transformation arrives in the form of your thoughts, planning, children's affairs, debt, investments and your personal consciousness as the Sun joins Mercury in your 8th house of life cycles, beginnings and endings.  This is a time of year of when a release is encouraged in order to bring about another cycle of change, and hence growth, in your personal journey.  Children and communication combine with your resources and those of others.  There is a cycle underway that will need some time to develop and form; a relaxed approach will benefit you as this molding phase begins.  Mid-March is a suggested time frame in which to commit to decisions and resource allocation.  

LEO:  The general busyness you've been experiencing laced with a level of intensity is beginning to dissipate as the Sun heads out of your 6th house of obligation and work, and enters your 7th house of relating and partnership.  Expect some positive developments, exchanges, or offers this week that can carry an adventurous plan forward regarding travel, publishing, spiritual growth, children's education/travel, legal activities, foreign connections or promotions/sales.  The God of Passion, Eros, enters your 5th house of romance, creativity, and your offspring/younger generation through March 9th.  Life heats up in these areas as you are encouraged to follow your passion and those of your children!

VIRGO:  The services that you offer, health, schedule, pet care and co-workers are in the frame as the Sun enters your 6th house.  Mercury, due to his retrograde, will be transiting this very area through mid-March, suggesting a time when planning and daily schedules are undergoing a re-think, review and revision.  Positive connections/discussions are evident as Mercury connects with innovative Uranus invoking fresh possibilities regarding finance, commissions, real estate, corporate money/resources and insurance policies.  However, Mercury's retrograde suggests that you adjust expectations while new situations and agreements are allowed to gel and gestate.  

LIBRA:  A palpable lightening within your energy system is evident as the Sun ingresses your 5th house of pleasure and creative labors.  While home and personal security continues to be your learning cycle during the Venus retrograde, the Aquarian energy is enveloping you with the connection to future possibilities and frolicking offers.  As Uranus squares from your 7th house to Psyche in your 4th, awareness blossoms deepening your understanding of what your soul needs in order to participate more authentically and freely with others.  Mercury's retrograde back into your 5th house (mid-February through mid-March) deepens the internal connection and understanding of what your heart needs to thrive.

SCORPIO:  The Sun joins Mercury transiting your private 4th house beckoning a time to go deeper into the journey of self as you turn down the volume "out there."  Positive insights/developments are on offer at the Mercury Uranus sextile bridging supportive work structures with home and personal security needs.  The Sun's square to the Node in your sign asks for adjustment pressing you more deeply into the state of "becoming" at the foundation of your soul's journey.  Mercury will be the catalyst for further review and revisions regarding your personal beliefs and integration when he retrogrades your 4th house next month and into mid-March.  March is another birthing time...wait for it.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are the recipient of an Eros transit that begins this week and concludes March 9th.  Eros is the energy of passion and erotic connection.  Your passion direct it's energy into self-expression, strengthening your self-image, personal brand, and intimate connections.  The Sun joins Mercury heightening (further) your need/desire to communicate, share your opinions, buy/sell, get out and about, and visit with siblings and local community members.  Mercury will be retrograding in this very area (your 3rd house of Aquarius) from mid-February to mid-March.  What is discussed and implemented now will be up for further revisions and rethinks - see the wisdom in this.

CAPRICORN:  As you continue to integrate fragments of self - self-love, personal value, worth, love and creativity (Venus retrograde), the Sun joins Mercury conjoining some of your findings as you strengthen a newly formed muscle/awareness.  Mercury sextiles Uranus signifying assimilation between the soul and mind of your true nature and personal value.  From this, opportunity arises in the areas of abundance.  Be patient with this awakening as more will  take shape and form.  Mercury will be retracing these insights from mid-February to mid-March.  The God of Passion, Eros,  adds additional fuel to your spiritual growth as he enters your 12th house of spiritual awareness and contemplation through March 9th.  Much will be born in March.

AQUARIUS:  Much has been going on behind the scenes, deep within and in quiet seclusion.  Now, you are ready to bring forth and implement some of your impressions, personal truths and desires as the Sun enters your sign.  Conversations, mental mind-bending, trips, and your locale may be the bearer of positive developments through commerce, education, conversations and connections with others.  Agreements can be easily forged as Mercury sextiles Uranus this week adding a level of excitement and quick developments.  Even as Uranus squares up to soulful Psyche (also in your 12th house of spirit) see any jolts of disappointment simply as a clue that some habitual thought pattern of your is in need of release and surrender.  Redefining your mind and response patterns is the cycle of growth as Mercury revisits your sign from mid-February to mid-March.  Flowering growth.

PISCES:  The next month (as is true every year at this time) is a period of rest and release as the Sun joins Mercury in your 12th house preparing you for your New Solar Birthday.  Every year we come to the end of a cycle where we make the time and honor the process of allowing things to fall away that no longer nurture nor motivate - it's okay.  Let it go.  At another level you are connecting with some inner truth regarding your true nature, true essence and most of all peacefulness.  Mercury will be taking his time bringing your inner sensations into integration with your conscious mind the next level of evolution you are co-creating.  The Mercury Uranus sextile is an exciting harbinger of things to come as we move into March.