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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, January 10th 2014

Full Moon over Currituck Sound, NC ~ Photo by Jean

Jan. 11th:  Mercury ingress Aquarius / Sun conjunct Venus both sextile Saturn
Jan. 14th:  Mercury square North Node
Jan. 15th:  FULL MOON at 25 degrees Cancer @ 11:52 p.m. trine Saturn
Jan. 16th:  Venus square Mars / Neptune trine North Node 

*Venus is currently retrograde in the sign of Capricorn (until January 31st).  Retrogrades encourage us to gestate, ponder upon the past (what we've learned/what we missed/what needs some follow through), and to strengthen our "internal" relationship and self-esteem.  For this reason, when we attempt to seek self-esteem outwardly through financial investments/purchases or through relationship, we often feel less than fulfilled and that item or person we sought to fill us up turns out to not to be our "answer" once Venus turns direct.  A valuable opportunity to hold your own space and to see/feel where you are while trusting that some treasures are lurking in wait for your very own self-discovery~

ARIES:   Mercury enters your 11th house of future goals and personal dreams through the 31st.  The future beckons but plenty of time and planning is available as Mercury retrogrades back through this area in February.  The Sun Venus connection delivers some special acknowledgement in your career or community.  The Full Moon brings closure, culminations and enduring structure to your home, personal life and family.  You are in the process of working out career/public goals, with relationship/partnership values, as Venus squares Mars this week.  The 1st week of March will herald resolutions to current dilemmas. *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in your life and career direction.

TAURUS:   Venus continues her backtrack and review in the areas of beliefs, spiritual development, media, publishing, teaching and travel, while making a beautiful connection with the Sun signaling good fortune and beneficial developments.  The Full Moon highlights these very areas of communications championing reliable support and agreement from important others in your world.  Issues of value and self-expression collide with the areas of your services, working environment and co-workers.  This is a process of integrating personal desire with your communication/writing/self-expression style that will find resolution as you head into March.   *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in publishing, promotions, legalities, media, travel, educational and foreign peoples.

GEMINI:   Mercury enters your 9th house of far away vistas, publishing/media activities, education, and adventures of the mind.  Growth is suggested as Mercury bumps up against the soul oriented North Node in your 6th house of schedule, work and vocational services - you feel stretched to accommodate situations that arise.  The Full Moon focuses on your resources, earnings, talents, psychology, insurance, commissions, taxes, and resources held with others contributing stability, focus and culminations. *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in intimacy, sex, investments, insurance, issues of trust, taxes, and corporate money.

CANCER:  The Sun Venus conjunction in your 7th house furnishes warmth and value in your relationships.  Trust your feelings and insights this week knowing these very emotions are creating your reality day by day.  The Full Moon in your sign suggests a matter or two of personal importance is coming into fruition and is stabilized by the younger generation and your creative connections.  Faith is everything now fueling developments in your personal belief systems and personal passions.  Financial discussions and the sharing of resources is the focus as Mercury enters your 8th house.  *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in relationships, business partnerships, clients, and professionals you hire.

LEO:  Work, health and the schedule continues to be a focal point but Mercury's entrance into your 7th house highlights a 3 week period of increased contact and discussion with others.  This will be a prolonged process of discovery and understanding as Mercury will retrograde back into this areas of relating in February.  Positive developments in your work, with pets and coworkers brings a sense of value and well-being this weekend.  A pay increase or happier working condition may occur.  The Full Moon highlights chapter endings and resolutions regarding personal plans, health diagnosis (of self or others), information surfacing of which you were previously unaware, and the need for rest and reflection.  Work done behind the scenes is positively supported through your earnings and material status.  *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in daily work schedules, co-workers, health regimes, pet care, and services to others.

VIRGO:  Integration as to your purpose, hearts desire, creative impulses or children's activities are favored in a very positive manner as the Sun conjuncts Venus.  Stability is shown in agreements, discussion or educational endeavors connected with children, creative projects or romance.  Mercury's entrance into your 6th house indicates more work and scheduling coupled with more  correspondence regarding the daily to-do list or work environment.  Get things handled this month as Mercury will be retrograding next month.  The Full Moon highlights awareness needs in social connections, personal goals, children's desires and romantic leanings.  A culmination is apparent and a personal wish may be preeminent. 
*Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in love, dating, children's affairs and creative ventures.

LIBRA:  The Sun Venus conjunction shines positive developments onto your home life, residence and parents, as Venus continues her retrograde through the 4th house of soul development, personal safety and housing.  Financial stability is the message throughout the week and at the Full Moon career and reputation developments blend in a beneficial way with your resources and earnings.  Working through personal desires and housing needs brings tension that may not be sorted out until early March but focusing on your services in the most compassionate way possible is the current key to future growth.  *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in your living situation, home, family and personal life.

SCORPIO:  Heartwarming discussions/communications can occur at the Venus Sun conjunction even as you gain insight into imbalances regarding your financial or romantic position.  Yet, this is tempered with a personal clarity that is not born of despair, but rather a clear eyed awareness of where changes needs to occur.  The Full Moon further heightens the awareness brewing within regarding the chasm to be crossed in your ideals and integrated into your workable daily realities.  A positive culmination in travel, educational, legal or publishing projects is very possible.  Neptune trining the North Node in your sign encourages connecting with unconditional love/creativity within self and with the younger generation. 
*Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in writing, speaking and educational projects, car purchases, data management, buying/selling, and sibling/relative relationships.

SAGITTARIUS:  Affirmation for your talents and value arrives with the Venus Sun conjunction either through endorsement, earnings increase, or approval.  The work you've been doing behind the scenes in the form of release and renewal is an affirming part of the equation.  The Full Moon highlights awareness surrounding resources, shared assets, investments, insurance, commissions vs. salary and earnings.  Salary negotiation, real estate sales or inheritances may come to fruition now.   *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in earnings, things that you own, talents, honing of abilities, self-esteem, and selling/buying of personal items.

CAPRICORN:   Your personal re-evaluation continues and as Venus makes contact with the Sun this weekend awareness and a level of integration occurs regarding your inherent worth.  Now, whether this manifest from within or without is immaterial as above so below.  Further support in your burgeoning reality appears in your social connections and group activities.  Mercury exits your sign and increases your intellectual focus upon your resources - materially, financially and otherwise.  The Full Moon brings added positive awareness regarding your impact on others and they on you.  As Venus squares Mars another catalyst is sparking between your worldly ambitions and others perceptions.  This is a process that will become clearer as you move into March.  *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in your personal choices, reputation, brand development, plastic surgery, make-overs, apparel and firm decisions on personal viewpoints.

AQUARIUS:  Mercury enters your sign this week pulling your attention outward after a period of internal scrutiny and intellectual privacy.  The Sun Venus connection ensures a time of peace, rest and pleasant downtime.  The Full Moon occurs in your 6th house of work, health and schedule highlighting a very positive culmination that will leave you feeling secure in both your career and reputation.  The Venus Mars square highlights tension and areas of adjustment  affecting confidential situations, addiction issues, spiritual development, travel plans, or publishing issues that will come to closure in March. *Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in contemplative art, spiritual opinions, the family history, non-profit organizations, hospitals, confidential matters and your romantic past.

PISCES:  A warm exchange, acknowledgement, or some form of wish fulfillment arrives at the weekend as the Sun conjuncts Venus delivering to your conscious awareness deep appreciation for a friend, social contact, dream/goal or group development.  This in turn, deepens a feeling of security in your belief systems, travel plans, publishing endeavors or foreign connections.  Mercury's entrance into the quiet 12th house commences a period of private planning and keeping your thoughts close to your chest.  The Full Moon highlights genuine culminations in love, with children, teaching projects or a creative milestone. 
*Venus encourages a gestation period financially/romantically in friendships, group participation, technology projects, personal dreams, and social media.