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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, December 6th 2013

Photo by Tisch Perry ~

(Mars in Libra)

Dec. 6th:  Mercury square Neptune
Dec. 7th: Mars ingress Libra (until July 25th)
Dec. 10th: Mercury trine Uranus / square Chiron
Dec. 12th: Jupiter trine Saturn

ARIES:  A extra emphasis on partnership begins as you enter an 8 month phase of honing and developing your relationship skills (clients, professional, personal, those you hire for their expertise).  Now it is time to become more aware of others needs for independence and assertion.  Mercury's connections may challenge your philosophies and travel plans earlier in the week but on the 10th positive developments can occur.  Memories from the past and old fears seeking clearing serve you now.  Home, personal life, resources, and support from others stabilize and support you at the deepest levels.

TAURUS:  Exercise, the daily work load/schedule is activated as Mars enters your 6th house for an 8 month visit.  Plan on a busy time for doing the work, strengthening your physical body and tending to co-workers, clients and pets.  Jupiter and Saturn unite in a supportive aspect that strengthens your writing/communications with important clients, partners and professional connections - support and increased understanding is promised.  Buying, selling and travel plans run smoothly towards the end of this week.

GEMINI:  Bravery can be described as feeling fear while taking a step forward.  Honest self-expression, revealing an honest passion or two, working with the younger generation, and asserting your desires in love are encouraged as Mars enters your 5th house of Libra for the next 8 month period.  Take your time with partner/client communications this week as things are not as one dimensional as you might imagine.  Progress is made on the 10th regarding the group/goals and partnership support.  Resources and work flow well as Jupiter trines Saturn enhancing your self-confidence while applying your skills and services.

CANCER:  Feeling safe on this planet may seem like a strange concept but with Mars entering your 4th house of soul and personal life (for the next 8 months) you are encouraged to embrace your ability and right to be yourself comfortably and honestly.  Working at home, renovations, angry family outbursts, a residential move, and increased interaction with family members can be expected.  A beautiful trine between Jupiter and Saturn suggest stability, sustainability and balanced actions in your creative/romantic/children endeavors is right on time.

LEO: Mars transits your 3rd house of communications (the nuts and bolts - email, texts, traveling to and fro, sibling relationships, educational pursuits, commercial activity, writing and speaking your mind).  Learning to balance your opinions and belief systems with others in a fair minded manner is a focus over the next 8 months.  Drive and determination can be found in your local travels and with sibling interactions.  Your inner life, secret activity, personal life and residence are positively supported as Jupiter connects with Saturn.

VIRGO:  Your resources (emotional, psychological, material and talents) are the focus during this Mars cycle.  Higher expenditures are probable so be mindful if you are budgeting but, you are driven to accumulate more as well.  Mercury is active suggesting that you take your time in finalizing firm/clear agreements with important others.  Real Estate and investment opportunities flow well on the 10th and by the 12th business decisions focused on future/growth and development have a green light for contractual agreements, signatures and consensus.

LIBRA:  Your identity, how you "present" yourself, Brand, desires, physicality and personal desires are front and center as Mars transits your sign.  Some suggestions?  Awareness in any tendency to "over control" others and external situations is helpful now, owning your "inner" desires and personal goals in a conscious manner will help you to avoid any petty challenges from external people and situations.  The more you are aware of self the less the conflict out there.  Positive developments in earnings, career, reputation and resources are probably at the Jupiter Saturn connection on the 12th.

SCORPIO:  A special passage of time occurs over the next 8 months.  Your co-ruler Mars transits through the sensitive 12th house of the past, spiritual awakening, work done in private, volunteerism/sacrifice for others in need, hospital and nonprofit areas.  Understanding that life is an inside job where your directives can be focuses upon through the use of Law of Attraction - what you focus on expands triggers the manifestation process.  Concurrently, you are invited to clean up and clear out old fears dogging you from the past.  Publishing, travel, media, legal, foreign connections, educational and spiritual projects receive a stabilizing and sustainable guiding hand from Saturn on the 12th.

SAGITTARIUS:  After having Mercury traverse your 12th house of the subconscious mind, dreams, spirit, the past and personal privacy you are now ready to speak your mind, share your thoughts and implement plans as Mercury is now transiting your 1st house of personality and self-expression.  Mars is touring your 11th house of self-actualization, personal dreams and teammates.  Working in harmony and in relationship with other like minded folk is the fertile ground of development.  The areas of balance are the very real need for autonomy while participating within the group mind.  Technology projects and social networking gain in importance over the next 8 months too.  Support arrives behind the scenes at the Jupiter Saturn trine on the 12th.

CAPRICORN:  This time of year is always a period for releasing, letting go of the past years initiatives and projects, and allowing for more rest, floating and downtime.  Mercury's shift into your 12th house creates the space to ponder, plan and up the engagement with your sensient (sense perception) self.  Mars enters your 10th house of public life, career, life direction, parents and authority figures.  This elongated transit (8 months) will be helping you to work through any issues of anger or frustration while following your "calling."  Remember to respond slowly when your ire is up...wait to send that email or phone call.  Your are being asked to deal with the past frustrations that you dealt with at the hands of someone who had control over you - please remember that and work through it internally.  Stability and sustainability arrives on the 12th with your contacts, goals and partnerships - your are right on track.

AQUARIUS:  Mars entrance into your 9th house of the higher mind, long distance travel, spiritual beliefs, legal situations, education, media and publishing suggests an extended period (8 months) of energy urging you on to broaden your understanding of the world around you.  The Universe deems it necessary to bring more drive to your need to "know" more, "learn" more and experience "more."  Good!  But, one of the slippery slopes you may encounter is believing that you "know ALL there is to know."  Most of us students understand that the more we learn the more there is to learn.  Humbleness is your friend.  On the 10th expect positive developments/communications regarding career, work, public recognition for your talents and/or discussions of positive future plans.  The Jupiter Saturn trine ensures that work rendered is aptly rewarded.

PISCES:  So often we are all running on psychological impulses and drives of which we are quite unaware.  Mars transits your 8th house for an especially meaningful passage (8 months) that invites you to peek below the surface, unplug the drain and release some instinctual patterns and fears that have been shadowing you for some time now.  This requires an element of bravery to delve below the depths knowing that you will surface again refreshed, lighter and with more energy available to you.  Please do be careful of charge cards and running up credit.  This energy is also known to rev up the libido and desire nature.  Jupiter's trine to Saturn on the 12th is especially helpful for grounded advancements in creativity, children's educational endeavors, publishing, media, travel (for leisure) and getting your unique message out to a broader audience.