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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week beginning Friday, December 20th 2013

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Dec. 21st:  Winter Solstice Sun ingress Capricorn / Venus Retrograde 28 degrees Capricorn until January 31st
Dec. 22nd:  Juno conjunct Nessus 25 degrees Aquarius
Dec. 24th:  Mercury ingress Capricorn / Sun sextile Neptune
Dec. 25th:  Mars opposition Uranus / Chiron trine Eros / Psyche ingress Capricorn until March 15th

ARIES:  This time of year your thoughts turn to life direction, career, community events and your reputation.  With Venus retrograde a fruitful time unfolds inviting you to go within and examine your goals, desires, and personal tenants - how can I best contribute and be of service to the world?  Women of importance, professional contacts or family matriarchs are in the frame through March. Psyche's entrance into this very area (10th house) adds a deeper layer of longing and desire to your life's meaning and direction.  Take your time as you discuss and communicate.  The 25th may hold a surprise or two from the others in your life running the gambit from upsets, conflicts, to liberating exchanges and breaks from convention.  Make a commitment to hold your center and opt for serenity over needless anger/chaos.

TAURUS:   The Winter Solstice coincides with Venus retrograding in your 9th house of mind expansion, spiritual development, publishing, media, travel and education.  A review period is at hand possibly through a female from afar coming back into your life, travel to a former place of pleasure accompanied by a time for review regarding all or some of the above.  This is an important time to allow for "gestation" knowing that a situation is in the germination stage.  Birth comes as you head into February.  The 25th can carry a surprise or two in the form of unexpected work issues/situations, secrets flying into awareness and public view, a health issue with yourself or another, and the promise of awareness (glaringly so) in something that was previously hidden from view.

GEMINI:  A transformative time begins with the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde.  A review of your resources, intimate relationships, psychological patterns (how you think about yourself), and debt/loan/investment activities.  Mercury also enters your 8th house of rebirth on the 24th bringing a time of quieting the external communication as you go within to connect with source energy.  In February another phase begins so there is no need to rush.  Unstable energy is probable on the 25th as your desires may clash with group gatherings.  But, with this comes insight and awareness between your perceptions and those of your social contacts.  Mars in Libra urges you to express yourself and create.  In the 5th house of love and romance your significant other may be a source of controversy and liberation within the dynamics of  your tribe/social group.  

CANCER:  Energy pours into your 7th house of others at the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde.  Warm relations has been the domain of Venus but there is a slowing, a deepening and a cocooning period that will last until February.  Both Mercury and Psyche also join the Sun and Venus adding another dimension of intellectual activity with others as well as longing.  Some needs may feel out of reach within your important relationships but this seems to be the very vessel for discovery and growth - listen in.  Chiron trines Eros on the 25th providing the opportunity to connect with both compassion and desire - they so often go hand in hand.  Anger may be possible on this day with those in authority and/or with parents.  The Mars Uranus opposition may see an inner revolt against those hold sway over your life direction.  The question then arises how much control do you feel you have over your life?

LEO:  Work, duty, services, health matters, co-workers and your schedule are  increasingly points of focus at the Winter Solstice.  The same day Venus the energy of resources, love and relationship turns retrograde (through January 31st).  A rethink is in order through February regarding your sense of value (in any job you perform), the actual services you provide, your relationship to your body, and the co-workers or employs you hire.  On the 22nd Juno conjuncts Nessus concentrating any areas of unfairness or inequality experienced within important relationships (work, friend, intimate).  As you identify what feels out of balance in a certain partnership a spark arises on the 25th that may bring home some important truths.  Be aware that your communication style is assertive and what you say and how you say it will carry a very strong edge.

VIRGO:  Energies align in a fellow earth sign boding well for your children's activities, self-expression, fun factor and love life.  The Winter Solstice sees the Sun ingress Capricorn, your 5th house.  On the same day Venus stops in the sky and decides to review these very areas listed above until January 31st.  This is an opportunity to take your time, be "with" your needs/desires that you hold for personal relationship and creative projects.  Allow a gestation period knowing that things will come into fruition in February.  You may also experience past lovers popping up over the next several weeks bringing awareness and closure to past connections and desires.  Mercury and the asteroid Psyche enter Capricorn on the 24th further concentrating the energy encompassing your mind and soul urgings.  The Mars Uranus opposition promises surprises, shake-ups, excitement and awareness with your resources, earnings, sharing, and a spotlight on where over giving may be a concern.

LIBRA:  Going within for a good restful review is called for as Venus turns retrograde on the Winter Solstice and the Sun ingresses your 4th house of soul, home, parents, family and personal life.  A process of releasing that which is not your responsibility within family, home and parent relationships may be on offer as well as an invitation to review your personal sense of authority and destiny.  The asteroid Juno connects with Nessus on the 22nd spotlighting your romantic life and feelings of equality/inequality. Mercury waves farewell to the hustle bustle of the past three weeks and joins the quietude of your 4th house.  On the 25th anger or issues around free will may ruffle your feathers as Mars opposes Uranus from your sign to your 7th house of others.   This is the beginning of a long term cycle that will be shaping and forging your way forward over the next several months.  Any areas where you have "gone along to get along" may be ripe for forthright addressing.

SCORPIO:  The focus shifts from earnings and talents to connections and communications.  The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st as the Sun ingresses your 3rd house of Capricorn.  On the same day Venus turns retrograde (until January 31st) to review discussions, educational endeavors, sibling relationships, contracts, writing and commercial activities.  A prudent time to NOT sign on the dotted line for any large purchases or contractual obligations.  This is a time to review, revise, re-edit, and to go within for your next steps in these areas knowing that February will begin to yield the results you seek.  On the 25th Chiron makes a beautiful connection with Eros in your sign suggesting that children and love are areas of passion and support.  Where might you not be feeling the love and support?  Work responsibilities, health issues, the needs of others or co-worker situations may arise in a surprising fashion.  This can also bring some previously held information/secrets to light as Mars opposes surprising Uranus (now moving forward) in your 6th house of duty and service.

SAGITTARIUS:  The focus shifts to your resources at the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde on the 21st.  Venus encourages to ponder more deeply your value, needs and your relationship with authority.  Mercury's entrance into your 2nd house may indicate that your work, earnings and talents require more communication, writing, travel and perhaps multitasking.  Psyche follows the next day through mid-March indicating that you identify strongly with what you own and your earnings as these things and actions must have meaning to have value.  The Mars Uranus opposition begins a long process of balance, awareness, struggle between the group mind, friendships, technology projects and your personal desires and creative abilities.  The 25th brings an awareness of what will be worked on and sorted through over the next 8 months.

CAPRICORN:  Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Birthday Goat.  Venus retrograde through your sign indicates a process (through January 31st) of going within to tend to your needs and values.  It feels more challenging to get them met "out there."  This is useful as we are all encouraged to tap into our inner resources to review what is important.  For you this is relevant to your very sense of self, identity, physical attraction and health as well as the style in which you connect with the outside world.  When Mercury and Psyche enter your sign later in the week the study of your own mind, mental habits and manner of communication becomes stronger and more accessible.  The Mars Uranus opposition commences a process of owning your goals and ambitions while learning to balance the family's, parents, and personal life with your emerging self.  See this as 1. awareness 2. struggle/conflict 3. integration.

AQUARIUS:  There is power in surrender as when you let go and trust in the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of your true essence and divine flow, you release the attachment to control anything outside yourself.  Truly, this is authentic power.  The Venus retrograde is inviting you into the silence and the "do nothing" state trusting that what seeks release and surrender is no longer important for your growth and evolution.  The Sun joins Venus at the Winter Solstice in your 12th house of spirit.  Mercury and Psyche follow suit a few days later.  A power house of insight, trust, allowing and contemplative reverence leads you back to yourself and away from the illusions.  As Mars opposes Uranus on the 25th more knowledge and insight comes crashing through old beliefs and mental habits.  Trust.

PISCES:  Setting goals, strategic alliances, friends and groups all fall under the activities we call the 11th house.  Personality development is also a phase undergoing redefinition as Venus turns retrograde on the Winter Solstice.  People and support mechanisms may not be as available urging you to connect more deeply with your own support system and self-definition.  Mercury and Psyche follow Venus and the Sun into your 11th house of Capricorn empowering your mental insights which illicits the sensation that you can no longer be sure of others and their motives - they too are going into their own internal space to review and refresh.  On the 25th the 1st of 3 Mars Uranus oppositions takes place breaking wide open some old psychological attachments that are under a period of change, updates and revisions.  This process has to do with your resources, others resources, trust and support.