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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, December 13th 2013

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Friday, Dec. 13th:  Eros transits Scorpio until January 20th
Tuesday, Dec. 17th:  Full Moon in Gemini at 25 degrees trine Nessus (exact)
                                       ~Uranus turns stationary direct at 8 degrees Aries    
                                                  (retrograde since mid-July)
                                     ~Neptune trine Eros 2 degrees Pisces to Scorpio 

ARIES:  The Uranus station can already be felt.  Planets are most powerful when in transition and this is doubly so for you.  Shifts, surprises, breakthroughs and restlessness can be palpable over this next two week period.  The Full Moon in your 3rd house brings closure, awareness and the need for balance between the details and the far range planning.  Trips may be coming to fruition, publishing, teaching, sibling situation, car purchase, legal situations or the finishing up of a writing, speaking or educational endeavor.

TAURUS:  Expect a deeper level of connection as Eros enters your 7th house through January 20th.  The God of Love and Passion functions well in Scorpio and isn't afraid to get close.  A softening and attraction effect is probable with intimate others over the next several weeks.  The Full Moon in Gemini is a time for financial deals, bumping up your income or finishing up a money making venture.  It's trine to Nessus suggests that a wrong has been righted and justice has been served.  Friendship and passionate interactions are also in evidence as Neptune trines Eros.

GEMINI:  Something of personal importance comes into prominence at the Full Moon in your sign.  You move forward with increased insight into your needs as well as a partners.  Balance is necessary.  This lunation connects well with the planet Nessus suggesting a penetrating clarity of insight into the world around you as well as insight into your own personal beliefs.  Uranus is creating change, awakening and surprises in the areas of friendships, teams and technology projects.  You will find clarity in your future goals over the next several months.

CANCER:  Changes, shifts, forward movement, surprises, shocks, and breakthroughs are all possible with the Uranus direct station.  What was on hold or abated since last July now starts jumping forward in relation to career, reputation, the public and authority figures (including parents).  The Full Moon in your 12th house of secrets, the inner life and subconscious mind highlights the need for balance/awareness with your working life vs. your psychological health.  Making room for rest and contemplation will be helpful.  Neptune in your 1st house of image and identity reaches out in a sensual trine to Eros in your 5th house of love, romance, creativity and children.

LEO:  Uranus moving into direct motion can also see some of your partnership dynamics moving forward as well.  What has been on hold or in abeyance since last July now spurts forward in surprising and innovative ways.  The Full Moon highlights your 11th house of future trends, personal goals, friendships, technology projects and your personal creativity, desires, and romantic impulses.  This lunation connects in a supportive fashion to your 7th house of others shadows, issues and ego drives.  Trust what you see.

VIRGO:  A career, community, public activity and/or your reputation is in the spotlight at the Full Moon on the 17th.  Balance and awareness is required in juggling your personal life vs. professional life.  Uranus also turns stationary direct suggesting another level of awakening and change will be unfolding in your personal relationships, investments, joint resources, sexual partnerships and the areas of trust and commitment. Impassioned communication is possible between partners towards the end of this week.

LIBRA:  A publishing, marketing, educational, travel or legal activity comes to a level of culmination at the Full Moon in your 9th house of Gemini.  Awareness regarding the communication skills needed to further this adventure/goal will be evident and is positively enhanced in taking clear and pragmatic steps to integrate your creative skill with balanced knowledge.  Issues in love can be handled without fear of ego or mind games.  Uranus is moving forward in your 7th house of others adding another level of distraction and surprise from others in your world.  But, another level of waking up to the evolution of your relating dynamics is also picking up speed.

SCORPIO:    Expect passion to deepen for you as Eros enters your sign on the 13th and visits until January 20th.  An increase in libido as well as an authentic desire to express yourself more strongly can be expected.  The Full Moon occurs in your 8th house of sex and money.  Finances, resources, debt, loans, commissions, insurance and co-shared assets is in the spotlight.  What is yours vs. ours/theirs?  Uranus is also on the move bringing the next evolutionary level of change in your schedule, your work/services, health, pet activity and co-worker relationships.  Neptune makes a beautiful connection from your 5th house of romance, children and creativity to your personal passion planet Eros.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your partner, spouse, hired professional and clients are in the spotlight at the Full Moon in Gemini.  Attention is required to be focused on someone of importance in your life.  Finding the balance between your needs vs. theirs or the "relationship's" needs is key.  Uranus is also moving forward shifting the ground beneath your feet and urging you on to more breakthroughs and personal revolutions in the areas of love, feeling free to be "YOU," following your passions and creativity, as well as interactions in your child's highly unique development.  

 CAPRICORN:  A busy time of year as the Full Moon falls in your 6th house of work, the schedule, to-do list, your health and services and co-workers.  Balancing the need for downtime vs. productivity time will be helpful.  This lunation reaches out in a supportive trine to Nessus in your second house of self-esteem, earnings and resources suggesting the work provided is in balance with feeling valued and compensated!  Uranus begins his forward movement (he has been retrograde since July) engaging in another cycle of change, personal emancipation, physical moves, and growth at the soul levels, personal life, residence and family.  

AQUARIUS:  Your ruling planet inches forward this week after a 6 month hiatus.  Uranus elicits more change and growth in the areas of mentality, daily communications, sibling relationships, writing, speaking, commerce and educational endeavors.  The Full Moon illuminates your 5th house of romance, love, creativity, the younger generation and self-expression.  Awareness is available in identifying your creative value vs. the buy-in of the "group."  Nessus has been working on your darker shadow side for some time now and this lunation reaches out in a supportive fashion mirroring your growing awareness of self-sabotaging habits of the past.

PISCES:  Passion can be found in the discovery of new concepts, people, or vistas that ignite wonder and intensity as Eros enters your 9th house of the higher mind through January 20th.  New information, experiences, landscapes and travel can be a focus for erotic activity.  The Full Moon in Gemini highlights your 4th house of home, soul and family bringing some sort of culmination and awareness.  Balance is needed between your personal and professional life.  Uranus moves forward in your 2nd house bringing emancipatory change and unique creativity to your talents and skills.  Money can be made in an unusual, technical and innovative manner.  Eros reaches out from your 9th house to Neptune in your 1st house sparking creative imagination and passionate connections.