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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monday, December 2nd, 2013 and the New Moon in Sagittarius

Photo by Mark Harvey ~

Monday, December 2nd:  Happy NEW Moon in Sagittarius, exact at 7:23 p.m. EST heralding in a 4 week period of development and growth in the areas of travel, education, spirituality, legal activities, and anything that brings a sense of expansion and growth.  This New Moon makes a supportive trine to Uranus suggesting opportunities for innovation, liberating thinking/communications and the ability to bring a feeling of change and freedom in one's need for adventure and growth.  This lunation also squares Chiron suggesting that some tension may be present arising as feelings of sensitivity, vulnerability, fear of making mistakes and/or being judged can be acknowledged and worked through.

Sappho, an asteroid that is extremely sexual, and carries a strong tie to what one deeply wants - unique desires that are intrinsically basic in nature.  Sex or sexual overtones can become more pronounced in SAGITTARIUS as Sappho makes her ingress today and transits through the sign of the Archer until February 3rd.  Opportunities in the areas of travel, education, teaching, media, coaching, mentoring, legalities or with foreign connections/countries.

On TUESDAY the Moon continues her transit through Sagittarius and Mercury sextiles Mars (highlighting and powering this New Moon energy) as we feel more mentally alert, extroverted, verbally assertive and energized to share our thoughts/communications through our connections with others.  We are ready to "act" upon our "ideas."