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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Entrance into 2014 - the Resolution to Release..

Release an attitude, position, communication style that no longer serves you....

There cannot be birth without death, or death without birth. A seed must die that its energy can become the plant; winter, season of seeming death, is a time of the indrawing of life into the invisible: seeds, bulbs, and grass roots are dormant underground; the vitality of the deciduous tree recedes into the trunk and root system. ~Ingrid Van Mater

Photo by Jean ~

Mon., Dec. 30th:  Sun square Uranus, Mercury sextile Chiron, Mars square Pluto
Tues., Dec. 31st:  Mercury conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Chiron, Mercury square Mars
Wed., Jan. 1st:  NEW MOON in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Pluto, square Uranus and Mars,  sextile Chiron

Pluto is not a socially acceptable nor gentle fellow.  He is interested in change, death in order to rebuild on firmer ground, transformation, and soul development.  Sometimes, if we have not heeded our instincts for needed change, he comes raining down like a brick laden thunderstorm.  You and I have experienced this in our life passages and what Dr. Phil may term as "defining moments" in our lives.

When we consciously commit to those conditions that we instinctively know are in need of change, different approaches, transformations and skill building; the path ahead can feel less trauma bound as we move with our life cycles and concentrate on the reshaping/rebuilding process.  

We have a potent week as we build to the New Moon on New Year's day at 6:15 a.m. EST.  This lunation conjuncts Pluto and Mercury suggesting that we are co-creators participating in a highly creative "year" of transforming our communication skills, sibling relationships, technology and automobile situations, involvement with the younger generation, educational endeavors, and thought patterns.  Being "aware" of this cosmic nudge and of the inherent tension (New Moon square Mars and Uranus) connected with our desires and personal liberation will be a helpful reference.

Perhaps, seeing this as an old wound/frustration that is being agitated again in a highly focused way without the need to repress or deny, is the way forward.  The healing?  Honest appraisal, clarity, and speaking your truth in a respectful yet straightforward manner (journaling will be helpful now too).

ARIES: this week the focal point is happening in your 10th house of ambition, parents, marriage/divorce and life direction.  Tension is found within partnerships and personal identity.  Creative imagery (Chiron) can be employed behind the scenes, in meditation, down time and being "of service." 

TAURUS: the New Moon urges personal metamorphosis in your 11th house of goals, personal dreams, the future, taking stock of friendships/groups, and technology.  Tension is found subconsciously and in the past (family/generational) and between your work schedule, health and mind/body connections.

GEMINI:  the transmutation New Moon occurs in the very area of life/death cycles, psychology and old imprints, finances and intimacy (8th house).  Tension is found in your 5th house of daring to be yourself, the younger generation, pregnancy, creativity, romantic involvements, friendships, the future, your personal goals, team leadership, and technology projects.  Hold your vision of the future, career and community involvement.

CANCER:  the need for adjustment occurs in your 7th house of others as the New Moon emphasizes skill building in your communication style, relating approach and problem solving.  Tension is emphasized in your home, with family and your residence as liberation needs continue in your career, with authority figures, life direction and parents.  Support is found in your belief systems, spiritual understanding, teachers, guides and travel.

LEO:  remodeling is focused in your 6th house of health, co-workers, the services you offer up to the world, your pets, old wounds regarding your ability to feel respected, hyper diligence regarding how things "must" be done, and communications with others in your everyday environment at the New Moon.  Tension is found in the exchange of information from your environment, sibling relationships, local travel, spiritual development, belief systems and legal situations.  Support is available from trusted partners/friends/confidants.

VIRGO:  the refitting process is magnified in your 5th house of children, romance, creative projects, feeling "safe" to be yourself, and the younger generation at the New Moon.  Change is fueled by the tension in your earnings, self esteem, personal resources, skills, areas of trust/sharing, partner's support or lack thereof, investments, sexual expression and long term financial planning.  Backing is available from trusted professionals and within personal partnership.

LIBRA:  the New Moon brings deep reconstruction to the very base of your life - where you live, how you live, those you live with, home, property and family feeling pressure and tension between your personal desires/goals and the constantly changing dynamics of partners and relationships.  Soul growth knocks at your door of personal needs, change, and the ability to effectively and consciously communicate your truth.  Focus on your creative services, daily schedule, and loving relationships with furry family members.

SCORPIO:  more so than others, you have an emphasis on transforming your communication style, educational endeavors, sibling relationships, community relationships, commercial endeavors and mental habits of thought at the New Moon.  Tension can be felt from your subconscious imprints/family past, working schedule, the services you offer the world (in service), co-worker relationships, health and pet situations. Reinforcement is found in your spiritual understanding, travel plans, legal dynamics, educational/teaching endeavors.

SAGITTARIUS:  alterations may be necessary with your resources - emotional, material, earnings, self-esteem, and talents at the New Moon.  Transformative energy may involve multitasking, working two jobs, and the way you communicate and market yourself.  Tension is felt from the areas of personal desires, future goals, colleagues, team involvement and creative self-expression, the needs of your children, romance and feeling free to be you!  Respite is found in your home and with your family.

CAPRICORN:  a new cycle of personal commitment, following your intuition - trusting instincts/soul urgings, physicality - weight, dress, appearance, and your communication style are the areas of transformation at the New Moon (and all year...).  Tension is felt at the core of your life invoking security issues, release from the past (family upbringing/parental conditioning), housing issues, and your life direction, career, marital status and your views regarding authority.  Understanding/insight is found in your daily contacts and communications.

AQUARIUS:  The need to let go of something to get where you are "destined" to go is strong now.  Releasing the family past, addictions, and fears recognizing that without doing so you hold on to bitterness and self enslavement.  What you leave behind is waiting to be filled with better situations and conditions.  Tension for your ruler Uranus is urging the emancipation of your mind and mental habits of thought (anything that is negative and of an "awfulizing" nature are the areas to be aware of).  Mars pushes in as he reconstructs your belief systems and spiritual connections.

PISCES:  Chiron in your sign embraces the mighty energy this week supporting you to stay with creative desires, self-compassion, personal healing and self-education.  Pull on that knowledge as the New Moon pushes you to clarify, clarify, clarify you personal goals (no one else), the friendships that add value (while releasing those that do not), committing to a path of uplifting communications while being firm in speaking your truth and integrity.  Mars is committed to a new life chapter while Uranus continues to open up your creative genius and ability to manifest abundance.