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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Venus enters Capricorn for an extended stay ~

November 5th: Venus ingress Capricorn

December 21st:  Venus retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn

January 31st:  Venus stations direct at 13 degrees Capricorn

March 5th:  Venus out of retrograde shadow (passes 28 degrees Capricorn)

March 6th:  Venus ingress Aquarius

Venus will be transiting through the sign of Capricorn from November 5th through March 6th 2014 due to her impending retrograde in mid-December (which lasts until January 31st).  Venus signifies our value system – what we find beautiful, desirable and those things that make us more complete and whole.  Venus also represents sexuality, eroticism and is a profound expression of individuality.  Venus needs to ornament and to see herself more clearly through the eyes of others.  In Capricorn her gaze can become more calculating and status conscious.

Capricorn, also host to transforming Pluto, is the builder, organizer, business person or conservationist.  This energy demands concrete results from endeavors.  The mountaintop the Capricorn Goat climbs represents soul growth rather than personal growth.  Setbacks and obstacles diminish once this truth is embraced. 

Venus in Capricorn is romantic and emotional but there is an inhibiting influence in expressing these emotions.  Cautiousness in making total commitments is common as is the need/desire to understand how dependable, predictable and hard working the potential partner. Where we find Venus transiting is the area we can feel better about ourselves and grow in confidence.

ARIES:  Venus transits through your most public and visible life areas – 10th house .  You come across as more loving, friendly and charming in your career and community activities.  You may find that there is a sense of optimism and good will regarding your work and career life.  A favorable time for public speaking and sharing your values.  Parental relationships can flourish as you feel and receive outward expressions of love and caring.  Love interests may be with one met through career or public life.  Also, you feel good working towards goals and ambitions.  Females may be important influences in your life direction and career goals.

TAURUS:  A deeper interest in spiritual growth, travel for pleasure and foreign religions/philosophies can provide inspiration and artistic expansion – 9th house.  Any educational endeavors (whether formal or through self-study) add value to your purpose in life.  Desire for connecting with the big picture in one’s life and how you fit within it.  Prophetic dreaming is possible as is an intuitive awareness regarding future events.  Romantic interests may be with someone from a very different background and culture.  You can be received well in the areas of publishing and media.  Female influences from distance places may have an important impact upon your life.

GEMINI:  Intimacy, sex and trust within partnership can deepen now – 8th house.  You may receive resources from others that help you - such as inheritances, increased support and emotional connections.  An upswing in investment returns, insurance pay-outs and commission earnings may occur.  Value is derived through understanding your psychology and impulses as well as others.  You may be in a support role helping others to achieve their goals.  This is a positive financial cycle for loans, debt consolidation, long-term financial strategies and business partnerships.  Corporate money/budgets can increase now.

CANCER:  Generally, you should be feeling pretty positive and pleasant towards those around you – 7th house.  Deeper value for your committed partnerships should be felt as well as positive and warm emotions from others.  Partners may be quite talented, attractive and/or financially well off.  This can be an opportune time for forming partnerships and increasing your client roster.  You will feel good about yourself extending your best intentions while working with others.  You value your connections, marriage, committed relationships, and professionals you work with.  Love deepens.

LEO:  Your day to day working environment, schedule, “things” to do, and co-workers may be experienced with more ease and comfort as Venus transits your 6th house.  Things seem to flow along as you go about your business.  Interactions with pets may be especially satisfying as they add value to your life and heart.  A tendency to put on a few pounds is often present with Venus transiting through the area of health.  You may have a desire to bring about better working conditions for c0-workers as well as having a flair for increased diplomacy in your daily dealings.  You may find someone in your daily travels especially appealing now.  On a deeper level connecting with your value and the services you offer humanity can be a satisfying process.

VIRGO:  Celebrating your innate talents and valuing your creative and expressive style is encouraged with Venus transiting your 5th house.  Children’s endeavors/situations may be especially enjoyable now.  You may be feeling more creative and attractive which in turn makes you more attractive to others.  Romantic opportunities are more available as you prioritize your need for leisure and play time.  Learn self-appreciation and trust your passions.

LIBRA:  Home and hearth are areas for pleasure and comfort as Venus transits your 4th house.  Decorating and entertaining in the home may be more prevalent as is a desire for beautiful things and a nice home.  You value your family, parents, living situation and quiet time.  Honoring your personal growth, and connecting more deeply with feelings of security and constancy, will be especially important now.  Relationships with family and parents deepen in value and periods of conflict can be dealt with in a more benevolent manner.

SCORPIO:  Your avenues of communication and travel – speaking, writing, texts, emails, phone calls, trips to and fro in your car are the areas of value and comfort – 3rd house.  Venus is also one of the Law of Attraction planets so please do work with you highest and best intentions knowing that outward manifestation comes strongly into focus in March 2014.  Sibling relationships may also be an area of increased positivity and relationship development.  Creativity is found in your educational endeavors, writing, and buying/selling.  Contractual agreements (made before December 21st) can bring financial opportunities.  Generally, more love is to be found on a daily basis in your daily contacts as people are more apt to share their warmth and appreciation.

SAGITTARIUS:  Resources, self-esteem, stuff that ya own, your talents and earnings are the areas of Venusian energy – 2nd house.  Increased earning may be on the table over the next few months and a penchant for beautiful things – whatever they are.  Your ability to attract money and those things that you value increase – think Law of Attraction.  Your creative talents can be put to good use building (tangible or intangible) things, circumstances and relationships.  You may also be recognized in a way that is undeniable heightening personal value as well as your effectiveness in the marketplace.

CAPRICORN:  Personal attraction of the circular variety – attracting those people/situations that attract you and others being attracted to you.  Or as Albert Camus said, “Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.”  You feel friendlier as a magnetic quality permeates your aura when Venus transits the 1st house.  Benefits may be granted that enhances your identity and it will be easier to attract the things you desire – ponder upon that.  Careful of selfishness or the win/lose game.  The higher your integrity, the wider your appeal.

AQUARIUS:  Being content with your own company is highlighted as Venus transits your 12th house.  A strong need to retreat from outward activities in order to sit awhile, gather your thoughts, meditate, contemplate and rejuvenate is in order and will fill you up from the inside out.  Strong compassion (universal in nature) and willingness to help others may be a natural outlet when you connect more deeply with your inner spiritual truths.  You are interested in understanding the meaning of life and your journey within it.  Just be careful of any escapist tendencies that pad your senses in an addictive manner.  You can’t get there from "there".

PISCES:  A pleasant and creative time with others of like mind and purpose may be your experience as Venus transits your 11th house.  Helpful friends step forward and point you in positive directions and the opportunity to relax with these congenial companions is on the increase.  You are more gregarious, tactful and friendly seeing the value of interpersonal relationship as well as the group mind.  A personal wish, dream and actualization may come to pass.  Technology projects and social media may lighten your step in a self-congratulatory way.  Internet dating and sweet cyber nothings whispered in your virtual ear?  Just don’t let yourself be overly imposed upon due to your good nature.