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Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Monthly Inspiration Video Series ~

Monthly Inspiration Videos 

Next Video Delivered on Tuesday, December 2nd

The 1st Inspired Life Video will be delivered at the New Moon on Monday, December 2nd. I will be discussing the duality of Mars in Libra, the difference of esoteric vs. exoteric awareness, the effects for each sign, the retrograde period and tools to enhance your relationship life ~

A subscriber based monthly video that incorporates spiritual lessons, Law of Attraction, intuitive insights, in-depth focus on astrological cycles and coaching tools.  10-20 minutes in duration (perhaps longer I tend to not be as bound by time). 

More personal, instructional and spontaneous in nature ~
I found Jean's caring and empathy to be instrumental in recognizing opportunities that I otherwise may not have been aware of. Her astrological expertise is enhanced from her many years of experience as a coach, business leader and helping professional. ~Peter Metzner, MA, MPA, CLC. Principal Dynamic Change Inc.


Monthly Topics to include:

~Understanding Your Dreams
~Symbols in Life
~Law of Attraction - functionality and application
~Relationship Synastry
~Avocation and Sign Careers
~The North Node and your destiny of Soul Growth
~Rising Sign - the window to your Sun Sign Development
~Squares and needed tension
~Chiron in the Signs and Houses
~Venus and what we need to feel good about ourselves
~Our Assertion Style - the Mars factor

I am open for suggestions from my subscribers.  Send an email to jean@jeanwiley.com titled
" Topic Suggestions"
Delivered at the New Moon Every Month directly to your INBOX