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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friday, November 15th and the Full Moon in Taurus

Photo by Joe Zeosky ~ Full Moon over Brantingham Lake, NY

Friday, November 15th: The Moon in Aries is VOID (nothing of consequence happens) until 9:50 a.m. EST when she ingresses grounded, stubborn and "of the senses" Taurus. Venus in Capricorn conjuncts mighty Pluto 4:29 p.m. EST indicating a powerful and transformative energy surrounding our finances, professional goals, sexuality and romantic ties. Be aware of your emotions especially if they take a swing towards the dark and suspicious side. Vesta, an asteroid representing sacred sexuality, personal integration, devotion and sacrifice enters the relationship sign of Libra (through the rest of the year). The scales is being infused with asteroid energy preparing us for the Mars transit that begins December 7th and lasts through July of 2014. We will all be taking classes on self-assertion within partnership.

SUNDAY the 17th is the Full Moon in Taurus exact at 10:16 a.m. EST at 25 degrees. This Full Moon harkens back to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus last May (the 9th to be exact). Ponder what was begun then as some sort of culmination, closure, awareness and activity is occurring. Full Moons are about awareness, our emotions and the need for balance in our resources vs. others resources (loans, debt, inheritances, alimony, partner's money), intimacy, trust and sex.

Now, also on this day the Sun is moving into square (Taurus) to Nessus (Aquarius) suggesting tension, anger, adjustments required in our personal resources with any issues of mistrust or wrong use within our social connections, internet activity, friendships and group mandates. Pay attention, tread carefully, honor your feelings and meditate upon Mother Earth and her abundance.