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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Overview for the Week Beginning Monday, November 25th 2013 ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~
Holiday Gift Certificates are Easy Peasy

Monday the 25th is the final Mercury Saturn conjunction (exact at 8:55 p.m. EST) that has been hampering our enthusiasm since early October so trust that what comes up is finishing up a cycle of fear, uncertainty, committed focus, hard work, planning, challenging "travels", sibling or children situations. We also have a number of Moon VOID periods this week (appropriately enough for us in the US who are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with the exception of retail workers at Walmart and a few other morally bankrupt retail stores). The Moon went VOID most of Sunday and enters discerning, discriminating and health conscious Virgo at 7:11 a.m. EST.

We are busy preparing, handling details and being of "service" through Wednesday. On Tuesday the Moon connects in positive and emotionally supportive aspects throughout the day.

On Wednesday the Moon goes VOID (nothing of consequence...be with what is) in Virgo at 6:44 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST when she ingresses relationship oriented Libra and are emotionally driven to participate in "right relations." Venus also receives a sweet sextile from Mercury easing up the worry over resources (time, money, psychological or emotional) we experienced on Monday. Our thoughts and conversations are focused on the light, pleasant and charming. MERCURY is now past his SHADOW period that begin October 1st (the very day the Affordable Health Care website went live). We can trust that the information flow, agreements, planning, buying/selling and travel are now functioning at full capacity.

On Thursday the positive vibes continue (as soon as we wake up) as Mercury reaches out to expansive, generous, and upbeat Jupiter in the sign of home and family, Cancer. Venus moves into opposition with Jupiter suggesting a desire for "more" - more drama, more connection, more excitement, more wine, and more food. Venus has been hard at work in serious and career driven Capricorn and is in the mood for a little more levity, extravagance and overindulgence (careful).

Recuperation comes on Friday as the Moon in Libra goes VOID early in the a.m. at 6:14 and lasts just after 11:04 p.m. EST. No heavy lifting required . The Moon enters emotionally transformative Scorpio Friday evening as we review and seek to understand the emotional climate experienced over the past few days. We focus on our resources over the weekend.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Monthly Inspiration Video Series ~

Monthly Inspiration Videos 

Next Video Delivered on Tuesday, December 2nd

The 1st Inspired Life Video will be delivered at the New Moon on Monday, December 2nd. I will be discussing the duality of Mars in Libra, the difference of esoteric vs. exoteric awareness, the effects for each sign, the retrograde period and tools to enhance your relationship life ~

A subscriber based monthly video that incorporates spiritual lessons, Law of Attraction, intuitive insights, in-depth focus on astrological cycles and coaching tools.  10-20 minutes in duration (perhaps longer I tend to not be as bound by time). 

More personal, instructional and spontaneous in nature ~
I found Jean's caring and empathy to be instrumental in recognizing opportunities that I otherwise may not have been aware of. Her astrological expertise is enhanced from her many years of experience as a coach, business leader and helping professional. ~Peter Metzner, MA, MPA, CLC. Principal Dynamic Change Inc.


Monthly Topics to include:

~Understanding Your Dreams
~Symbols in Life
~Law of Attraction - functionality and application
~Relationship Synastry
~Avocation and Sign Careers
~The North Node and your destiny of Soul Growth
~Rising Sign - the window to your Sun Sign Development
~Squares and needed tension
~Chiron in the Signs and Houses
~Venus and what we need to feel good about ourselves
~Our Assertion Style - the Mars factor

I am open for suggestions from my subscribers.  Send an email to jean@jeanwiley.com titled
" Topic Suggestions"
Delivered at the New Moon Every Month directly to your INBOX

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday, November 22nd and the weekend 2013

Photo by Scott Anna ~
Friday, November 22nd: We have another LONG Moon VOID period that lasts until 6:57 p.m. EST in Cancer. Be with what is, enjoy the extra space that does not feel as dictated by external events. Cancer invites us into what comforts, soothes, feeds and nurtures - embrace the floating time. The Moon then ingresses Leo this evening a sign that seeks individual self-expression, drama, play and creativity.

On Saturday a stabilizing sextile occurs between Venus and Saturn. We are happy to meet obligations and to appreciate commitment and continuity in both our work and personal lives. On Sunday the Sun squares Neptune inviting us to steer clear of firm agreements, discouragement, and thinking that we have a firm grasp of the day. This is rather an opportune time for rest, meditation, spiritual pursuits, floating, art, music, sleep and day dreaming.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wednesday, November 20th 2013 and Sun ingress Sagittarius

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Wednesday, November 20th:  The Moon ingresses home sign Cancer at 6:24 a.m. EST after a LONG VOID period that began yesterday (Tuesday at 11 a.m.) - if not much came to fruition, take heart as Mercury is active today.  Our emotional landscape shifts from the intellectual and chatty to the desire for comfort, good food, family and familiarity.  Mercury trines Chiron early in a.m. EST supporting acts, planning and the sharing of wisdom, compassion and support.  Mercury then sextiles Pluto in the late evening hours inviting us to explore the depths of our feelings, plans, financial/sexual mindset and commitment to transformative growth.

On THURSDAY we exit the emotional depths of Scorpio and enter the expansive fire sign of Sagittarius as the Sun ingresses the sign of the Archer at 10:49 p.m. EDT.  Spiritual focus, seeking and attaining knowledge/information is our focus over the next 4 weeks.  Publishing, travel, education, media, promotions, and anything that affords us the feeling of growth and adventure is enhanced and advised!  And, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) just a few moments later we finish our day emotionally in touch with the expansive possibilities.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monday, November 18th and Chiron Direct

Photo by Scott Anna

Monday, November 18th: The Moon is traveling through communicative, intellectual and verbal Gemini. Today, Mercury makes his final conjunction (of the year) to the North Node in Scorpio (due to his retrograde this conjunction occurred on November 1st and in October) pay attention to information that unfolds as this does have a bearing on agreements, discussions, contracts and sibling exchanges that will be a growth experience for you.

On TUESDAY, Chiron turns stationary direct at 9 degrees of Pisces at 6:04 a.m. EST where he has been in retrograde since last Spring. Another level of healing, teaching, and holistic experiences will unfold into the months ahead. Chiron also invites us into the art of creative imagery ~ an esoteric function that awakening souls apply in the manifestation and creative process (life is an inside job). Mars is sextiling Jupiter supporting self-confidence, initiation based on faith and will, travel, education, teaching and goodwill projects. The Moon in Gemini goes VOID at 11:00 a.m. EST until the following morning (Wednesday) at 6:24 when she ingresses (transits into) her home sign of Cancer. Make your decisions or call upon others for theirs by late morning.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friday, November 15th and the Full Moon in Taurus

Photo by Joe Zeosky ~ Full Moon over Brantingham Lake, NY

Friday, November 15th: The Moon in Aries is VOID (nothing of consequence happens) until 9:50 a.m. EST when she ingresses grounded, stubborn and "of the senses" Taurus. Venus in Capricorn conjuncts mighty Pluto 4:29 p.m. EST indicating a powerful and transformative energy surrounding our finances, professional goals, sexuality and romantic ties. Be aware of your emotions especially if they take a swing towards the dark and suspicious side. Vesta, an asteroid representing sacred sexuality, personal integration, devotion and sacrifice enters the relationship sign of Libra (through the rest of the year). The scales is being infused with asteroid energy preparing us for the Mars transit that begins December 7th and lasts through July of 2014. We will all be taking classes on self-assertion within partnership.

SUNDAY the 17th is the Full Moon in Taurus exact at 10:16 a.m. EST at 25 degrees. This Full Moon harkens back to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus last May (the 9th to be exact). Ponder what was begun then as some sort of culmination, closure, awareness and activity is occurring. Full Moons are about awareness, our emotions and the need for balance in our resources vs. others resources (loans, debt, inheritances, alimony, partner's money), intimacy, trust and sex.

Now, also on this day the Sun is moving into square (Taurus) to Nessus (Aquarius) suggesting tension, anger, adjustments required in our personal resources with any issues of mistrust or wrong use within our social connections, internet activity, friendships and group mandates. Pay attention, tread carefully, honor your feelings and meditate upon Mother Earth and her abundance.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wednesday, November 13th and Neptune's Direct Station

Brantingham Lake, NY ~ Photo by Joe Zeosky

Wednesday, November 13th:  If you are feeling a little spacey that is understandable as Neptune stands still in the sky and prepares for forward motion at 8:37 a.m. EST at 2 degrees Pisces. Allow a little "reorientation" time as we metaphorically shift from reverse into neutral gear. Another cycle of experience regarding our desires, fantasies, creativity, spiritual connectedness and mystery begins. The Moon ingressed initiating Aries in the wee hours of the a.m. so we are more plugged in and assertive over the next two days. We may feel disconnected emotionally as the Moon squares Venus, conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto in the evening hours. Pay attention to what comes up and honor your feelings without the need to react.

On THURSDAY Venus makes contact with Uranus at 8:13 p.m. EST and then concurrently moves into sextile with Chiron two hours later. We have more understanding and insight into our emotional and relationship needs creating the opportunity to meet our need for excitement and liberation while remaining conscious to the emotional sensitives of ourselves and others. Innovation tempered with emotional wisdom. The Moon in Aries also goes VOID just before 4:00 pm EST until the following morning (Friday) at 9:50 a.m. when Luna ingresses grounded and stability seeking Taurus.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11th 2013

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Monday, November 11th: A spiritual essence has been flavoring the past few days as Mercury trines Neptune (since Saturday) this energy continues today (but now with Mercury direct) suggesting an inner attunement that may bring home some "truths" for you at the gut or intuitive levels, an enhanced sense of connectedness to the whole, creativity or for some, heightened escapism. Added to this is Neptune following suit and preparing for his station direct on Wednesday...a dreamy few days as planets are most potent when changing direction. The planet of the mind, Mercury is our sorter, analyzer and handler of details while Neptune is our artist, psychic, channeler, nurse, drug addict, criminal, healer and shaman. The Moon is transiting through the sign that Neptune rules, Pisces further beckoning us into the intangible and healing.

On Tuesday the Sun moves into trine with the God of growth, philosophy, expansion, and knowledge gathering - Jupiter. A sense of well being, largess of spirit and the desire to learn, understand and impart "more" can color the day. Yet, the Moon goes VOID at 9:35 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day. Much of the planetary action occurs in the early hours encouraging you to pay attention to your dreams, insights, and early morning impressions.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday, November 8th and Mercury's Direct Station

Photo by Stacey Hinkle~

Friday, November 8th: The Moon in industrious Capricorn is VOID most of the day until 6:31 p.m. EST - we've had a lot of Moon Voids this week which allows us to emotionally process without too much new external stimuli coming in - personally, I like them as I feel that I have more time and space in my schedule.

Now, Mercury is preparing for his station on Sunday into direct motion but the days surrounding the direction change can wreak the most havoc on daily scheduling, conversations and travel. The silliest exchanges can make you feel like you are under water speaking Swahili. I was just setting an appointment for Saturday and the woman gave a different address then the website. I asked her and she said, "I have NO idea why I said that...I've worked here for 3 years and know the darn address!" I know why....

The Moon then enters futuristic Aquarius at 6:31 p.m. Friday evening allowing for a bit more detachment - social activities, technology and anything avant-garde in nature is supported. Mercury is also making a sweet sextile to Venus easing our minds as we seek connections and loving interactions. Friends, teaching, business planning and discussions centered on love and finance are favored.

On SATURDAY Mars sextiles Saturn indicating a day of ease in our commitments, work and endeavors. We appreciate the tried and true, the "known quantity" and the conventional path. Mercury then goes on to trine Neptune highlighting our intuition, creativity and fantasies. Artistic expression, music, words of love and caring come easily and are authentically felt.

SUNDAY Mercury turns stationary direct at 4:12 p.m. EST at 2 degrees of Scorpio. Eros, the God of Love and Lust enters Libra - adding some heat to partnerships through December 13th. Pallas, the creative and intellectual problem solver and business gal enters the sign of Virgo for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th 2013

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Wednesday, November 6th: The Sun conjuncts Saturn in the early hours denoting a period of increased focus, commitment, hard work and for some heaviness or a depressive feel. Limitations may be felt regarding our finances, intimacy and resources. Additionally, this can be a time when we work very effectively within the structures in our lives and make deeper emotional commitments to building and manifesting our goals. The Moon continues to be VOID in Sagittarius until 4:44 p.m. EST when she ingresses the Saturnian ruled sign of Capricorn (where Venus is now residing) - a day of duty and responsibility.

Jupiter began his slow down earlier in the week and turns stationary retrograde at 11:44 p.m. EST until the first week in March. Planets are at their most powerful when changing direction so you may have experienced some breakthroughs, insights, opportunities and expansion over the past few days. Time to go deeper and incorporate the knowledge and growth that Jupiter has initiated since early Summer. Another level of outward stimuli and opportunity will present itself in March of 2014.

On THURSDAY Venus moves into an opportunistic sextile to Neptune the planets of love - interpersonal as well as universal. Ease and romance in relationships flow as does inspired creative artwork. Enjoying entertainment and musical venues can be especially inspiring. Feed your senses, imagination and heart ~ 

Venus enters Capricorn for an extended stay ~

November 5th: Venus ingress Capricorn

December 21st:  Venus retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn

January 31st:  Venus stations direct at 13 degrees Capricorn

March 5th:  Venus out of retrograde shadow (passes 28 degrees Capricorn)

March 6th:  Venus ingress Aquarius

Venus will be transiting through the sign of Capricorn from November 5th through March 6th 2014 due to her impending retrograde in mid-December (which lasts until January 31st).  Venus signifies our value system – what we find beautiful, desirable and those things that make us more complete and whole.  Venus also represents sexuality, eroticism and is a profound expression of individuality.  Venus needs to ornament and to see herself more clearly through the eyes of others.  In Capricorn her gaze can become more calculating and status conscious.

Capricorn, also host to transforming Pluto, is the builder, organizer, business person or conservationist.  This energy demands concrete results from endeavors.  The mountaintop the Capricorn Goat climbs represents soul growth rather than personal growth.  Setbacks and obstacles diminish once this truth is embraced. 

Venus in Capricorn is romantic and emotional but there is an inhibiting influence in expressing these emotions.  Cautiousness in making total commitments is common as is the need/desire to understand how dependable, predictable and hard working the potential partner. Where we find Venus transiting is the area we can feel better about ourselves and grow in confidence.

ARIES:  Venus transits through your most public and visible life areas – 10th house .  You come across as more loving, friendly and charming in your career and community activities.  You may find that there is a sense of optimism and good will regarding your work and career life.  A favorable time for public speaking and sharing your values.  Parental relationships can flourish as you feel and receive outward expressions of love and caring.  Love interests may be with one met through career or public life.  Also, you feel good working towards goals and ambitions.  Females may be important influences in your life direction and career goals.

TAURUS:  A deeper interest in spiritual growth, travel for pleasure and foreign religions/philosophies can provide inspiration and artistic expansion – 9th house.  Any educational endeavors (whether formal or through self-study) add value to your purpose in life.  Desire for connecting with the big picture in one’s life and how you fit within it.  Prophetic dreaming is possible as is an intuitive awareness regarding future events.  Romantic interests may be with someone from a very different background and culture.  You can be received well in the areas of publishing and media.  Female influences from distance places may have an important impact upon your life.

GEMINI:  Intimacy, sex and trust within partnership can deepen now – 8th house.  You may receive resources from others that help you - such as inheritances, increased support and emotional connections.  An upswing in investment returns, insurance pay-outs and commission earnings may occur.  Value is derived through understanding your psychology and impulses as well as others.  You may be in a support role helping others to achieve their goals.  This is a positive financial cycle for loans, debt consolidation, long-term financial strategies and business partnerships.  Corporate money/budgets can increase now.

CANCER:  Generally, you should be feeling pretty positive and pleasant towards those around you – 7th house.  Deeper value for your committed partnerships should be felt as well as positive and warm emotions from others.  Partners may be quite talented, attractive and/or financially well off.  This can be an opportune time for forming partnerships and increasing your client roster.  You will feel good about yourself extending your best intentions while working with others.  You value your connections, marriage, committed relationships, and professionals you work with.  Love deepens.

LEO:  Your day to day working environment, schedule, “things” to do, and co-workers may be experienced with more ease and comfort as Venus transits your 6th house.  Things seem to flow along as you go about your business.  Interactions with pets may be especially satisfying as they add value to your life and heart.  A tendency to put on a few pounds is often present with Venus transiting through the area of health.  You may have a desire to bring about better working conditions for c0-workers as well as having a flair for increased diplomacy in your daily dealings.  You may find someone in your daily travels especially appealing now.  On a deeper level connecting with your value and the services you offer humanity can be a satisfying process.

VIRGO:  Celebrating your innate talents and valuing your creative and expressive style is encouraged with Venus transiting your 5th house.  Children’s endeavors/situations may be especially enjoyable now.  You may be feeling more creative and attractive which in turn makes you more attractive to others.  Romantic opportunities are more available as you prioritize your need for leisure and play time.  Learn self-appreciation and trust your passions.

LIBRA:  Home and hearth are areas for pleasure and comfort as Venus transits your 4th house.  Decorating and entertaining in the home may be more prevalent as is a desire for beautiful things and a nice home.  You value your family, parents, living situation and quiet time.  Honoring your personal growth, and connecting more deeply with feelings of security and constancy, will be especially important now.  Relationships with family and parents deepen in value and periods of conflict can be dealt with in a more benevolent manner.

SCORPIO:  Your avenues of communication and travel – speaking, writing, texts, emails, phone calls, trips to and fro in your car are the areas of value and comfort – 3rd house.  Venus is also one of the Law of Attraction planets so please do work with you highest and best intentions knowing that outward manifestation comes strongly into focus in March 2014.  Sibling relationships may also be an area of increased positivity and relationship development.  Creativity is found in your educational endeavors, writing, and buying/selling.  Contractual agreements (made before December 21st) can bring financial opportunities.  Generally, more love is to be found on a daily basis in your daily contacts as people are more apt to share their warmth and appreciation.

SAGITTARIUS:  Resources, self-esteem, stuff that ya own, your talents and earnings are the areas of Venusian energy – 2nd house.  Increased earning may be on the table over the next few months and a penchant for beautiful things – whatever they are.  Your ability to attract money and those things that you value increase – think Law of Attraction.  Your creative talents can be put to good use building (tangible or intangible) things, circumstances and relationships.  You may also be recognized in a way that is undeniable heightening personal value as well as your effectiveness in the marketplace.

CAPRICORN:  Personal attraction of the circular variety – attracting those people/situations that attract you and others being attracted to you.  Or as Albert Camus said, “Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.”  You feel friendlier as a magnetic quality permeates your aura when Venus transits the 1st house.  Benefits may be granted that enhances your identity and it will be easier to attract the things you desire – ponder upon that.  Careful of selfishness or the win/lose game.  The higher your integrity, the wider your appeal.

AQUARIUS:  Being content with your own company is highlighted as Venus transits your 12th house.  A strong need to retreat from outward activities in order to sit awhile, gather your thoughts, meditate, contemplate and rejuvenate is in order and will fill you up from the inside out.  Strong compassion (universal in nature) and willingness to help others may be a natural outlet when you connect more deeply with your inner spiritual truths.  You are interested in understanding the meaning of life and your journey within it.  Just be careful of any escapist tendencies that pad your senses in an addictive manner.  You can’t get there from "there".

PISCES:  A pleasant and creative time with others of like mind and purpose may be your experience as Venus transits your 11th house.  Helpful friends step forward and point you in positive directions and the opportunity to relax with these congenial companions is on the increase.  You are more gregarious, tactful and friendly seeing the value of interpersonal relationship as well as the group mind.  A personal wish, dream and actualization may come to pass.  Technology projects and social media may lighten your step in a self-congratulatory way.  Internet dating and sweet cyber nothings whispered in your virtual ear?  Just don’t let yourself be overly imposed upon due to your good nature.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4th 2013

"Unravel Me" sand-sculpture ~ Photo by Jean

Monday, November 4th: The Moon continues her transit through Scorpio - fueled by the Solar Eclipse as we think, feel and connect with the areas in need of transformation - money, intimacy and our psychology. She went VOID late last night (Sunday) and continues her "do nothing of consequence" status until today at 3:14 p.m. EST. That may be for the best as Venus makes an awkward connection to Saturn suggesting we feel hesitant and emotionally distant. Using most of the day for reflection can be helpful and restorative. The Moon then ingresses Sagittarius at 3:14 p.m. lightening the tone as we desire expansion, learning and knowledge.

On TUESDAY Venus makes her ingress in practical Capricorn at 3:43 a.m. EST. The Goddess of love and beauty will spend an extensive time in the practical, managerial and focused sign of the Goat (through the 1st week of March 2014). Love dons a serious/get down to business energy as we value hard work, constancy and pragmatic themes. Not a terribly demonstrative position but certainly one that seeks stability. Status and financial worth of potential romantic partners can be a focal point. But, at the deeper levels we are encouraged to connect more deeply with our employment, what "reputation" means and how we feel about authority, including how we feel about success (fearful or deserving)? The Moon once again takes a break and goes VOID just before Noon until WEDNESDAY at 4:44 p.m. EST.  Get your important decisions and action items done in the a.m. hours.