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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, October 4th 2013

Organic ~ by Abram Waterman, sand sculptor.  Photo by Jean~

Oct. 4th – New Moon Libra @ 11 degrees

Oct. 5th – Mercury conjunct North Node / Psyche ingress Sagittarius until Dec. 26th

Oct. 6th – Mercury sextile Pluto

Oct. 7th – Venus enters Sagittarius transits through Nov. 5th

Oct. 8th – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio / Eros enters Virgo until Nov. 10th / Mars     opposition Nessus

ARIES:  This week’s New Moon furnishes the opportunity to align with important others in a manner that urges a more honest and committed approach then you may have “ever” experienced before.  Allow for a period (through November’s end) to reevaluate agreements (both emotional and financial) knowing that this gestation period is in your and others best interests.  Venus enters the area of experience that speaks to value in the higher mind, spirituality, travel and education pursuits.  You feel good engaging with the bigger picture of your life as positive developments unfold. 

TAURUS:  Work, health, employees, pets and the daily schedule receives a breath of forward movement and potential break throughs  at the New Moon.  Important discussions and awareness arise in your one on ones as a level of the “future” is showing it’s face in the present.  Again, trust the process slow or jumbled as it may be, knowing that what is developed/discussed/communicated over the next several weeks will bring long term dynamics in your relationships and professional situation.  Venus enters your 8th house of shared resources sweetening your financial and relating pot – enjoy!

GEMINI:  Libra’s New Moon energy supports energizing your creative, children’s and romantic affairs/interests/activities while helping you to break through any limiting dynamics in the areas of resources, goals or social limitations.  Mercury is active bearing tidings to future and committed activity in your work schedule, health situation and responsibilities.  Again, receiving and engaging without the need for final commitments or agreements is your wise way of gestating on next steps.  Next steps “will” unfold come November’s end.  Venus and soulful Psyche enter your 7th house of relationships this week promising some loving and connected experiences with others.

CANCER:  A focus on home, family, kids, and creativity this week as the New Moon in your 4th house of personal life opens a portal for old blockages in relating and public life to dissipate and dislodge.  Another layer of learning and awareness can be acknowledged and incorporated into your personal awareness and skillset.  Commitments and developments in your romantic life and/or responsibilities with children and youth are undergoing a period of wait and see.  Trust that you are making headway but that the time for trusting the information and discussions is undergoing an 8 week period of gestation and gelling.

LEO:  Opportunities for new understandings and initiatives within your daily life, with siblings/neighbors/community, and in your communications is activated at the New Moon in your 3rd house of connection.  Serious dialogues/planning/discussions are evident as futuristic developments are in the hatching stage due to see the light of day towards the end of November.  Alleviate any sense of pressure to act/agree/sign by committing to a plan of patience.  Venus brings value to your activities with children, romantic interactions and general playfulness through November 5th.  The asteroid Psyche’s participation invites you to connect with authentic desires to be seen and loved for who you while dropping any outworn roles or expectations.   Passion can be found in valuing and loving self, first and foremost.

VIRGO:  The process of breaking free from limiting patterns in relation to your childhood and creativity abilities received a boost from the New Moon in your 2nd house of self-esteem, personal resources, talents and earnings.  This is also a week of important communications, sibling developments, writing and selling endeavors.  A deeper sense of focus coupled with the wisdom there is an “incremental” development period underway helps you to slow down and let things unfold and take shape.  The God of Passion Eros enters your sign magnetizing people and situations to you through November 10th.  Your appeal is acknowledged.

LIBRA:  Each sign receives one New Moon per year and on the 4th fresh energies regarding your identity, how others perceive you and your physical appearance begins a period of breakthrough and acknowledgement.  Consider this just the beginning of a process that is intent upon transforming your very sense of self and your ability to make an impact.  Along with this lunar energy is a focus upon your talents and earning power.  Serious and committed money making avenues are taking shape but allow the developments to coagulate through the end of November.  Venus heads into your 3rd house of local environment, siblings and communications through November 5th.  Psyche the asteroid of Soul Longing is also ensconced through December 26th carrying the torch and inviting you into a deeper level of self-expression and communications.

SCORPIO:  A time to go within is unfolding both symbolized by the New Moon in your 12 house of the past, spiritual attunement and working in solitude as well as Mercury begin to slow in your sign.  Venus has been magnetizing positive energies, people and situations and as she transits into your 2nd house of self-esteem and values the time is ripe to connect with your worth as a human being, your value as a spiritual entity and the creative process of allowing your thoughts and ideas to drift, sway and make connections that are important for your evolvement and what will become developments…in the future.  There is no pressure now as you connect with the wisdom within preparing for a rebirth that arrives late next month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Increased activity within groups, friendships and dream weaving occurs at the New Moon in your 11th house of the future and being more of oneself within the company of others.  Psyche, the asteroid of soul and longing enters your sign until December 26th helping to identity the future dreams and desires.  Venus also enters your sign this week where she will turn up the volume in the areas of self-expression, personal value, and positive situations and people that are being magnetized into your energy field.  Reviewing the past in order to gain a foothold on your future is the message of Mercury’s long passage through your 12th house of spiritual development and service.

CAPRICORN:  The New Moon in Libra occurs in your 10th house of the public, authority figures, career, avocation, marriage and parents.  Fresh energy is being brought to bear on what earlier felt stuck or problematic.  Serious considerations/developments occur in the areas of personal wishes, group dynamics and friendships.  Know that whatever is discussed or supposedly “decided” is under a period of review and reevaluation.  Target the end of November as the time for outward agreements and binding decisions.  Venus (until Nov. 5th) and the asteroid Psyche (until Dec. 26th)  enter your 12th house of behind the scenes activity, solitary work, spiritual devotion and research.  You will feel good working in private and at your own pace.  Paying attention to your nighttime dreams brings information from the subconscious mind helping you to integrate your outward actions with internal awareness.

AQUARIUS:  Moon cycles are useful to follow as they denote our instincts and emotional needs.  The New Moon in Libra your 9th house speaks to a desire for more adventure, travel, spiritual growth, understanding and education.  Venus (until Nov. 5th) and the soulful asteroid Psyche (until Dec. 26th) head into Sagittarius the area of live that rules friendships, group activities and personal wishes.  You will feel better reaching out to connect with others, work on technology projects, astrology, and taking action to actualize a personal dream or two.  Developments in your career and public life require commitment, patience and attention to detail as Mercury prepares to retrograde and retrace former connections and plans.

PISCES:  The focus is on shared resource – real estate, loans, insurance, commissions, partner relations, debt, inheritance and anything that comes to you through outside resources.  The New Moon in Libra brings fresh energy to the above areas of your life.  Psychology, sexuality, intimacy and issues of trust are important now too.  Eros enters your 7th house of partnership until November 10th adding a layer of passion and erotic attraction over the next few weeks.  Venus invites you to share more publically as your presence will be well received.  Developments occur in the areas of publishing, teaching, education, travel and promotions as Mercury connects with the futuristic North Node and conjuncts Saturn.  Time is your friend as you set upon a cycle of gathering information and plan formulation that will last until the end of November.