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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, October 25th 2013

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October 23rd – Sun ingress Scorpio

October 25th – Sun trine Neptune

October 28th – Pluto sextile Chiron

October 29th – Mercury conjunct Saturn at 13 degrees Scorpio

October 30th – Sun conjunct North Node at 7 degrees Scorpio

ARIES:  A focused amount of energy is converging in your 8th house of transformation and endings in order to build new and stronger foundations.  A time of review in the more private and sensitive areas of your life are encouraged as some realities coupled with the essence of future change and growth are promised.  Career and life direction are supported by the commitment to your spiritual journey and base instincts.  Trust the information bubbling up from your inner core of knowledge and truth that is ultimately healing and life affirming.

TAURUS:  As is always true at this time of year you are directed to focus upon relevant others – partners, friends, co-workers, clients and professionals you consult.  If your exchanges carry any heavy or restricted tonalities rest assured that growth is expanding even when we can’t quite consciously grasp that.  A shaving away of any over idealization regarding others is helping you to build on stronger foundations.  Realistic appraisal of others is your ultimate security. 

GEMINI:  Work, tasks, pet care, co-worker conundrums, health, and your services (what you offer to humanity) deepens your focus.  Mercury conjuncts Saturn (once again) asking you what you wish to manifest?  It may not feel that way initially, it may feel like a limitation or obstacle but we need those don’t we?  We need the polarity of what isn’t abundant or gratifying in order to tend to the conditions of what IS abundant and gratifying.  Resources from others and your social/work connections are in support of the changes you are pondering.

CANCER:  View the next 5 weeks as a time to reveal your creativity through self-expression while understanding that what you create and give to self, flows outward to others – children, lovers and co-creative playmates.  Committing to your enjoyment and talents through your creative and artistic pursuits serves everyone as you raise your vibration.  Relationships and trips, promotions, spiritual ideals and expanding your knowledge is supported as Pluto sextiles the teacher and healer, Chiron.

LEO:  The desire to build stronger inner foundations or/and the desire to retreat from the world OUT there may be prominent now.  Either way, you need and require some downtime, home time, feathering your nest time and rest time.  Release the need for decision making if possible as you tend to yourself in the spirit of regeneration.  What feels limiting at the end of the month actually points the way forward in many respects.  So much of this life is our perception.  Health, work and daily schedules are supported by your psychology and finances.

VIRGO:  Confidence grows even as you continue your mission of gaining knowledge and information.  Conversations with others have been and continues to be an important element of your journey.  Former contacts may continue to float back into your everyday life to aid you in a deeper understanding of self and life.  Be diligent in your daily travels and with automobiles – keep thing simple and functional.  You find support from those who count.

LIBRA:  What is your worth in the marketplace?  What are your skillsets?  Resources (emotional, material, spiritual, psychological)?  And furthermore, what is imminently important and of value to you?  All relevant questions to ask as the concentration of energy grow in your 2nd house of earnings and abundance.  A shift is happening perhaps by circumstance or fueled by a desire to share some untapped (or publicly displayed) talent, interest and developing skill.  What feels like limitation towards the end of the month is actually designed to spark some of these future developments.  Keep the faith.

SCORPIO:  You are playing your cards close to your chest and keeping your own council.  Your energy level raises as the Sun exits your sleepy 12th house and enters your sign.  You are a presence to be reckoned with and your charisma is on the rise.  What may feel like restrictions towards the end of the month is actually meant to move you along in your personality development and self-expression.  Your communications carry weight and a healing influence.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are letting go and coming to an end of a cycle – once you complete it you will be happier and wiser.  Continue to clear away anything that stands between a peaceful you and that new beginning.  Another layer of awareness regarding past beliefs and limitations arises and opens up more space and clearing.  You can feel and sense the future beckoning – trust that.  Another layer of self-esteem is being built and integrated this week shoring up a foundation that is gaining in strength.

CAPRICORN:  Sharing what you have and what you are with like-minded others.  You have the right to be recognized for your accomplishments and wisdom.  Taking your place within whatever social inroads you have made is the harvest.  Any stumbling blocks regarding communication and agreements will work out in your favor.  Your personality connects more deeply with the teachings of wisdom and healing.  This is no longer an abstract construct but a functional connection with your reality.

AQUARIUS:  A time of rethinking your relationship to the community, revisiting a former career contact, connections with parents and/or a life direction is up for a review.  Some former agreement, work possibilities, parent situation or superior (someone with more authority) may come back into the frame for connection, cooperation or actual work.  The Pluto Chiron connection suggests that work done for spiritual reasons or altruistic motives contribute to your income and abundance.

PISCES:  Revisiting travels of the mind or of the literal sense is encouraged as Mercury retraces his steps in the energy packed 9th house of Scorpio.  Delving deeper into a spiritual frame/training or refuge is encouraged.  There is a need to break up old patterns and routines and stretch your mind.  Mercury’s 2nd conjunction to Saturn urges some form of commitment while dealing with possible fear based thinking of the past.  Yet, the future is forming and will reveal more as the weeks unfold.  A supportive connection with like-minded comrades is soothing balm to your psyche and ongoing personality development.