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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, October 11th 2013

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October 12th – Sun square Jupiter / Venus sextile Juno

October 14th – Mercury sextile Vesta

October 15th – Sun opposition Eros / Vesta square Chariklo / Mars ingress Virgo (thru Dec. 7th)

October 16th – Venus square Chiron / Venus trine Uranus

ARIES:  Work, health routines, co-workers and the daily schedule receives extra energy as Mars transits into your 6th house of Virgo until December 7th.  The energy becomes more analytical and detail oriented as your to-do list becomes busier.  When the Sun opposes Eris on the 15th an opportunity is available to problem solve and negotiate with important others – highlighting areas that will need to be handled as Mars enters your 7th house of partnership in December for an 8 month visit.  Mercury is slowing down in preparation for his retrograde on the 21st.

TAURUS:  Mars shifts out of your 4th house of personal life, parents, home, soul and those you live with into fellow earth sign Virgo.  In Virgo, your 5th house the energy becomes more discriminating as your focus grows with children, creative projects, leisure pursuits and romance.  Venus suggests that sensitivities met behind the scenes with goals and friendships are best handled internally through prayer, meditation and downtime.  Mercury slows inviting a time for focused attention on your internal needs and emotional landscape.

GEMINI:  Energy shifts from the local environment and communications to the home, personal life and family as Mars shifts into Virgo, your 4th house until December 7th.  Home renovations, personal life and family take up more energy and for some, frustration over the next several weeks.  Mercury slows in your 6th house of work and schedules so be kind and slow down expectations in the everyday of life.  Awareness and opportunity appears in meeting your personal needs as Mercury reaches out to Vesta, the asteroid of going within and personal needs. 

CANCER:  The pace picks up in your everyday communications and locale as Mars enters your 3rd house of short jaunts, writing, speaking and education.  Careful of ego as it’s easy to identify your views and opinions more energetically than usual.  Additionally, Mercury is slowing down further in your 5th house of romance and creativity indicating a good time to go back and connect, review, engage with activities and children’s situations. Not, a solid time for new romance or launching fresh creative endeavors. 

LEO:   The heightened energy vibrations you’ve received during Mars transit of your sign now shifts into money making/spending, developing talents/abilities, and self-esteem related areas as Mars enters Virgo, your 2nd house.  Your ego is more pronounced with the things you own and the money you make.  Careful of anger or irritation as Mercury begins to slow for the retrograde in your 4th house of home, the past and family.  Thoughts emerge from the past inviting you to connect and bring up and out to a conscious level of awareness.  There can be more activity within the home with friends and siblings popping back into your life.

VIRGO:  You feel a marked energy increase as Mars enters your sign and you connect more with your personal desires, needs and wants - a good time for physical exercise and energy expenditure too.  Vesta, the sacred asteroid of self and inner connection brings affirmation this week through communications and travel.  Yet, events regarding sensitivities and areas that are seeking healing awareness between your identity and communication style is also encouraged and supported.  Mercury slows in your 3rd house of “all” communications encouraging to slow down the external engagements and to go within to connect internally on future plans and goals.

LIBRA:  Venus now transits through your 3rd house of Sagittarius bringing with her plenty of affirmations for your value and worth.  On the 16th she both squares Chiron and trines Uranus releasing you from old wounds having to do with your health, services and value within relationship.  Mars enters your 12th house of the soul – a time of inward rest and evaluation, preparing you for the long Mars transit in your sign come December.  Aligning with and meditating upon relationship desires and the releasing of partnering dynamics that no longer serve you are very much supported.

SCORPIO:  Mars joins Vesta in your 11th house of personal goals, connections and group relating.  Sacred space as well as authenticity within team dynamics are the focus.  Mercury slows down in your sign inviting you to go within for truth, feeling nature and internal dialogue.  A time to review the reality created externally through intention and internal attention.  You are an energetic being aligning more deeply with your own energy of thought and focus.  Communicate your needs through writing and prayer.  More comes to fruition come December.

SAGITTARIUS:  Venus encourages a time to tend to your external appearance and hold yourself as the primary focus of love and warmth.  Through this others are drawn to you feeling the magnetizing force of your nature.  What may seem superficial holds an important cycle of feeling beautiful to self!  Mars enters your 10th house of ambition, public activity and career until December 7th energizing your public life and goals.  Healing areas of your personal life while embracing freedom in self-expression, love and creativity is highlighted on the 16th.

CAPRICORN:  The transformative Mars transit encouraging the letting go of life situations in order to build anew is taken into the 9th house of the higher mind, travel, education, and promotions through December 7th.  Mercury slows in the area of group mind, technology projects, and life goals encouraging a time to go within to plan, review, and to connect more deeply with your desires.  Venus brings restorative rest time, dream time and value in time spent in solitude and mediation.

AQUARIUS:  A beautiful Venus Uranus trine on the 16th bridges personal desires/goals with agreements, discussion and understanding – a positive time for relationships.  Mars enters your 8th house of transformation in the realms of personal psychology, sexuality, finance and sharing.  Please be careful of running up debt and spending resources you do not have through December 7th.  Venus continues to bring charm and attraction in your dealings with friendships and team activity.  Career developments slow as Mercury shifts into 1st gear urging you to contemplate and plan on next steps in public life and community involvement.

PISCES:  Active situations with partnerships of all kind can be expected through December 7th as Mars enters your opposite sign of Virgo.  Awareness of what others seek, expect and in some cases demand are the fertile ground that will bring deep change when the energy planet enters your 8th house for 8 months in December.  Venus continues to sweeten your charm factor and reputation as she transits through your visible 10th house.  She squares Chiron in your sign bringing up areas that require change and participation while committing to your values even more deeply.