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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, November 1st 2013

Otter Creek.  Brantingham, NY ~ photo by Jean

Nov. 1st – Uranus square Pluto (the 4th of 7) / Sun trine Chiron sextile Pluto

Nov. 3rd – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio – sextile Mars and Pluto / Ceres ingress Libra

Nov. 5th – Venus ingress Capricorn (transits through 1st week in March 2014)

Nov. 6th – Sun conjunct Saturn

Nov. 7th – Jupiter retrograde in Cancer at 20 degrees until 1st week in March 2014

ARIES:  We are in “change agent” time as another level of awareness transcends in the areas of career and self-identity.  Carried with this energy is the need for your emotional commitment and “realism” regarding resources – a partner’s, banks, government, insurance, investments, inheritance, and psychological.  A release of outdated patterns in your life may be apparent now too especially when tied to areas that “used” to feel secure and constant.  Your visibility is on the rise so be sure to bring with you your values and acknowledgment of the value that you offer up to community and career.

TAURUS:  Awakening knowledge/information/formerly unseen influences brings yet another level of change to your global view, legal situations, publishing, educational or travel endeavors.  The term jolting may be appropriate but there is also a consciousness that continues to flower and develop into your life meaning and understanding.  Awareness is supported by old influences that you are now in a position to connect with and understand more deeply in order to clear and release.  Relating dynamics are changing requiring from you an unwavering steadiness and clear eyed assessment.  Trust that what you see and feel is information you can trust when gauging your relationships (personal AND professional).  Venus suggests that feeling good about yourself is related to higher learning, publishing, travel, spiritual focus, promotions and anything that expands your mind.

GEMINI:  If your inner realities are feeling stirred and shaken please trust that this is a karmic time of growth demanding some level of release and surrender to some previously held truths.  Mercury connects with the Eclipse bringing information of future developments in your services, health situations and scheduling that require a level of commitment and focus.  Remember that fearful thoughts are just that – thoughts are just thoughts, they are not who you are.  Finances and resources are to be handled conservatively while you make the necessary psychological adjustments to your future goals and ambitions.

CANCER:  The younger generation (your children), creative pursuits or romantic activities seek a stronger commitment laced with a 'feet on the ground' realism that encourages you to build upon practicalities and concerted effort.  Insights may arrive in relation to your partnering history and belief systems – these seeds carry some clues connected to ancient old hurt of your.  The energies suggest that your mental habits of thought are still connected with some less than desired outcomes in your past.  Venus is inviting you to engage more deeply, lovingly and in a self-affirming way with all of your connections – professional, friends, committed personal relationships and clients.

LEO:  I know it hasn’t been easy with Saturn the ruler of testing, realities, and responsibility transiting your 4th house of soul, security and personal life.  It’s hard to let go of what has formerly brought you a sense of continuity and you don’t like change thrust upon you.  Some thoughts to affirm/navigate the period ahead may include:  trust the process even when you can’t see/feel the future, allow that which is being washed away to leave (surrender) and believe that what is being shown in the way of family issues is yours to clear out in order to make more energetic room in your life.  The future needs room to move.    Work and daily living eases up as you will feel more supported.

VIRGO:  The “Change Agent” time of year where new/fresh situations are being brought to bear in the areas of education, travel, sibling relationships, neighborhood projects, commercial activities, speaking, writing and data projects.  Honing your skills in all forms of communication continues as future developments are hinted at and consciously acknowledged.  Hard work, focus and commitment are your entrance fee.  Desires and identity collide with habits of thought that stream into your consciousness seeking release in order to be born anew.  Venus invites you to love yourself more, play more and create more.

LIBRA:  You have a very real need for freedom in order to move and reinvent yourself within relationship (professional, personal, clients) and this need is negotiating with that other side that wants continuity and security.  I suggest instead, that you focus on your personal resources – earnings, talents, ethics, values and skills.  This conscious choice can be the driver that directs your home, family, and relationship dynamics.  Venus is settling into the area of soul, home, personal life and security, where plenty of support, insight and yes, comfort (!) is found in which to build your inner foundations in the most beautiful and functional ways possible.

SCORPIO:  Dealing with any harshness of thought that has taken root in limiting belief systems/not enough “tapes,” is being stretched and challenged through your desire for freedom in the daily schedule.  The Eclipse initiates another level of owning your life direction through the setting of healthy boundaries and commitment to personal self-care.  Venus seeks to strengthen your self-esteem and value through your communication avenues working from the inside out.  Your intentions and internal affirmations build your external realities.  

SAGITTARIUS:  For the past year you have entered a cocoon, a place where you have been invited to release a great deal.  The areas for release may include roles you play, outworn values, career ambitions and life structures as yet another level of development/movement/engagement progresses.  These areas connect to old paradigms regarding who you are, your values, ways of developing resources (earnings) and your material assets.  In a little over a year you will enter the next chapter of development and setting down of life structures.  Trust that what you release does indeed make room for more authentic connections between your heart, creativity, self-expression and joy.  As Jupiter turns retrograde in your 8th house of financial protection and psychological healing you go deeper into your spiritual process learning to live life from the inside out.

CAPRICORN:  The idea of security is a deeply felt need depending on the individual.  This area of life has perhaps felt anything “but” secure.  However, so often these ideas are defined by people and influences of whom we are entirely unaware on a conscious level.  At the same time your very sense of who you are and what your path is has been undergoing many revisions as well.  The energy this week supports you in focusing on some deeply felt goals that feel futuristic in nature.  Dynamics are brewing that require the participation of important others in your goals while trusting at the spiritual/philosophical levels that there is a deeper meaning to the events you’ve experienced over the past few years.  See it as clearing out more energy in your body, mind and aura while releasing you from some unneeded ties (that bind) from your past. 

AQUARIUS:  If you sometimes feel that you head is going to explode please take comfort that these mental pressures “seemingly” caused by annoying people and situations, may be more under your domain/control than you can imagine.  The energy is suggesting that old fears and limitations inherited from your forefathers and the human race in general.  This habitual thought pattern also has a bearing on your attitude towards authority figures and the idea of success.  Challenge your reality by inserting ideas and thoughts that inspire you – try it, just a little adjustment daily through the lens of “let’s pretend” and some passionate “make believe.” 

PISCES:  Holding steady and actually feeling the healing support flowing in your world may sound like an anomaly during this highly active and change agent kind of month.  Your values are changing and for some, your resources (earnings, skillsets, spiritual insights, material goodies and most importantly self-esteem).  Power players in your social world and seemingly immovable obligations/agreements have been contributors to your changing landscape and “resources.”  Yet, a slow, steady and ongoing energy has beckoned and invited you to get on your own side, commit to your evolutionary needs (knowledge gathering, educational endeavors, promotions, travel and foreign escapades) and formulate your own vision based on plenty of experience I might add of what your purpose in this world is about.  Healing, compassion, visualization, teaching, learning and a commitment to your healing journey is the active portal that overrides all of the other distractions.