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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, November 1st 2013

Otter Creek.  Brantingham, NY ~ photo by Jean

Nov. 1st – Uranus square Pluto (the 4th of 7) / Sun trine Chiron sextile Pluto

Nov. 3rd – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio – sextile Mars and Pluto / Ceres ingress Libra

Nov. 5th – Venus ingress Capricorn (transits through 1st week in March 2014)

Nov. 6th – Sun conjunct Saturn

Nov. 7th – Jupiter retrograde in Cancer at 20 degrees until 1st week in March 2014

ARIES:  We are in “change agent” time as another level of awareness transcends in the areas of career and self-identity.  Carried with this energy is the need for your emotional commitment and “realism” regarding resources – a partner’s, banks, government, insurance, investments, inheritance, and psychological.  A release of outdated patterns in your life may be apparent now too especially when tied to areas that “used” to feel secure and constant.  Your visibility is on the rise so be sure to bring with you your values and acknowledgment of the value that you offer up to community and career.

TAURUS:  Awakening knowledge/information/formerly unseen influences brings yet another level of change to your global view, legal situations, publishing, educational or travel endeavors.  The term jolting may be appropriate but there is also a consciousness that continues to flower and develop into your life meaning and understanding.  Awareness is supported by old influences that you are now in a position to connect with and understand more deeply in order to clear and release.  Relating dynamics are changing requiring from you an unwavering steadiness and clear eyed assessment.  Trust that what you see and feel is information you can trust when gauging your relationships (personal AND professional).  Venus suggests that feeling good about yourself is related to higher learning, publishing, travel, spiritual focus, promotions and anything that expands your mind.

GEMINI:  If your inner realities are feeling stirred and shaken please trust that this is a karmic time of growth demanding some level of release and surrender to some previously held truths.  Mercury connects with the Eclipse bringing information of future developments in your services, health situations and scheduling that require a level of commitment and focus.  Remember that fearful thoughts are just that – thoughts are just thoughts, they are not who you are.  Finances and resources are to be handled conservatively while you make the necessary psychological adjustments to your future goals and ambitions.

CANCER:  The younger generation (your children), creative pursuits or romantic activities seek a stronger commitment laced with a 'feet on the ground' realism that encourages you to build upon practicalities and concerted effort.  Insights may arrive in relation to your partnering history and belief systems – these seeds carry some clues connected to ancient old hurt of your.  The energies suggest that your mental habits of thought are still connected with some less than desired outcomes in your past.  Venus is inviting you to engage more deeply, lovingly and in a self-affirming way with all of your connections – professional, friends, committed personal relationships and clients.

LEO:  I know it hasn’t been easy with Saturn the ruler of testing, realities, and responsibility transiting your 4th house of soul, security and personal life.  It’s hard to let go of what has formerly brought you a sense of continuity and you don’t like change thrust upon you.  Some thoughts to affirm/navigate the period ahead may include:  trust the process even when you can’t see/feel the future, allow that which is being washed away to leave (surrender) and believe that what is being shown in the way of family issues is yours to clear out in order to make more energetic room in your life.  The future needs room to move.    Work and daily living eases up as you will feel more supported.

VIRGO:  The “Change Agent” time of year where new/fresh situations are being brought to bear in the areas of education, travel, sibling relationships, neighborhood projects, commercial activities, speaking, writing and data projects.  Honing your skills in all forms of communication continues as future developments are hinted at and consciously acknowledged.  Hard work, focus and commitment are your entrance fee.  Desires and identity collide with habits of thought that stream into your consciousness seeking release in order to be born anew.  Venus invites you to love yourself more, play more and create more.

LIBRA:  You have a very real need for freedom in order to move and reinvent yourself within relationship (professional, personal, clients) and this need is negotiating with that other side that wants continuity and security.  I suggest instead, that you focus on your personal resources – earnings, talents, ethics, values and skills.  This conscious choice can be the driver that directs your home, family, and relationship dynamics.  Venus is settling into the area of soul, home, personal life and security, where plenty of support, insight and yes, comfort (!) is found in which to build your inner foundations in the most beautiful and functional ways possible.

SCORPIO:  Dealing with any harshness of thought that has taken root in limiting belief systems/not enough “tapes,” is being stretched and challenged through your desire for freedom in the daily schedule.  The Eclipse initiates another level of owning your life direction through the setting of healthy boundaries and commitment to personal self-care.  Venus seeks to strengthen your self-esteem and value through your communication avenues working from the inside out.  Your intentions and internal affirmations build your external realities.  

SAGITTARIUS:  For the past year you have entered a cocoon, a place where you have been invited to release a great deal.  The areas for release may include roles you play, outworn values, career ambitions and life structures as yet another level of development/movement/engagement progresses.  These areas connect to old paradigms regarding who you are, your values, ways of developing resources (earnings) and your material assets.  In a little over a year you will enter the next chapter of development and setting down of life structures.  Trust that what you release does indeed make room for more authentic connections between your heart, creativity, self-expression and joy.  As Jupiter turns retrograde in your 8th house of financial protection and psychological healing you go deeper into your spiritual process learning to live life from the inside out.

CAPRICORN:  The idea of security is a deeply felt need depending on the individual.  This area of life has perhaps felt anything “but” secure.  However, so often these ideas are defined by people and influences of whom we are entirely unaware on a conscious level.  At the same time your very sense of who you are and what your path is has been undergoing many revisions as well.  The energy this week supports you in focusing on some deeply felt goals that feel futuristic in nature.  Dynamics are brewing that require the participation of important others in your goals while trusting at the spiritual/philosophical levels that there is a deeper meaning to the events you’ve experienced over the past few years.  See it as clearing out more energy in your body, mind and aura while releasing you from some unneeded ties (that bind) from your past. 

AQUARIUS:  If you sometimes feel that you head is going to explode please take comfort that these mental pressures “seemingly” caused by annoying people and situations, may be more under your domain/control than you can imagine.  The energy is suggesting that old fears and limitations inherited from your forefathers and the human race in general.  This habitual thought pattern also has a bearing on your attitude towards authority figures and the idea of success.  Challenge your reality by inserting ideas and thoughts that inspire you – try it, just a little adjustment daily through the lens of “let’s pretend” and some passionate “make believe.” 

PISCES:  Holding steady and actually feeling the healing support flowing in your world may sound like an anomaly during this highly active and change agent kind of month.  Your values are changing and for some, your resources (earnings, skillsets, spiritual insights, material goodies and most importantly self-esteem).  Power players in your social world and seemingly immovable obligations/agreements have been contributors to your changing landscape and “resources.”  Yet, a slow, steady and ongoing energy has beckoned and invited you to get on your own side, commit to your evolutionary needs (knowledge gathering, educational endeavors, promotions, travel and foreign escapades) and formulate your own vision based on plenty of experience I might add of what your purpose in this world is about.  Healing, compassion, visualization, teaching, learning and a commitment to your healing journey is the active portal that overrides all of the other distractions.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mercury Retrograde All About You Session ~ Special Offer ~

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, October 25th 2013

Photo by Scott Anna ~

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October 23rd – Sun ingress Scorpio

October 25th – Sun trine Neptune

October 28th – Pluto sextile Chiron

October 29th – Mercury conjunct Saturn at 13 degrees Scorpio

October 30th – Sun conjunct North Node at 7 degrees Scorpio

ARIES:  A focused amount of energy is converging in your 8th house of transformation and endings in order to build new and stronger foundations.  A time of review in the more private and sensitive areas of your life are encouraged as some realities coupled with the essence of future change and growth are promised.  Career and life direction are supported by the commitment to your spiritual journey and base instincts.  Trust the information bubbling up from your inner core of knowledge and truth that is ultimately healing and life affirming.

TAURUS:  As is always true at this time of year you are directed to focus upon relevant others – partners, friends, co-workers, clients and professionals you consult.  If your exchanges carry any heavy or restricted tonalities rest assured that growth is expanding even when we can’t quite consciously grasp that.  A shaving away of any over idealization regarding others is helping you to build on stronger foundations.  Realistic appraisal of others is your ultimate security. 

GEMINI:  Work, tasks, pet care, co-worker conundrums, health, and your services (what you offer to humanity) deepens your focus.  Mercury conjuncts Saturn (once again) asking you what you wish to manifest?  It may not feel that way initially, it may feel like a limitation or obstacle but we need those don’t we?  We need the polarity of what isn’t abundant or gratifying in order to tend to the conditions of what IS abundant and gratifying.  Resources from others and your social/work connections are in support of the changes you are pondering.

CANCER:  View the next 5 weeks as a time to reveal your creativity through self-expression while understanding that what you create and give to self, flows outward to others – children, lovers and co-creative playmates.  Committing to your enjoyment and talents through your creative and artistic pursuits serves everyone as you raise your vibration.  Relationships and trips, promotions, spiritual ideals and expanding your knowledge is supported as Pluto sextiles the teacher and healer, Chiron.

LEO:  The desire to build stronger inner foundations or/and the desire to retreat from the world OUT there may be prominent now.  Either way, you need and require some downtime, home time, feathering your nest time and rest time.  Release the need for decision making if possible as you tend to yourself in the spirit of regeneration.  What feels limiting at the end of the month actually points the way forward in many respects.  So much of this life is our perception.  Health, work and daily schedules are supported by your psychology and finances.

VIRGO:  Confidence grows even as you continue your mission of gaining knowledge and information.  Conversations with others have been and continues to be an important element of your journey.  Former contacts may continue to float back into your everyday life to aid you in a deeper understanding of self and life.  Be diligent in your daily travels and with automobiles – keep thing simple and functional.  You find support from those who count.

LIBRA:  What is your worth in the marketplace?  What are your skillsets?  Resources (emotional, material, spiritual, psychological)?  And furthermore, what is imminently important and of value to you?  All relevant questions to ask as the concentration of energy grow in your 2nd house of earnings and abundance.  A shift is happening perhaps by circumstance or fueled by a desire to share some untapped (or publicly displayed) talent, interest and developing skill.  What feels like limitation towards the end of the month is actually designed to spark some of these future developments.  Keep the faith.

SCORPIO:  You are playing your cards close to your chest and keeping your own council.  Your energy level raises as the Sun exits your sleepy 12th house and enters your sign.  You are a presence to be reckoned with and your charisma is on the rise.  What may feel like restrictions towards the end of the month is actually meant to move you along in your personality development and self-expression.  Your communications carry weight and a healing influence.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are letting go and coming to an end of a cycle – once you complete it you will be happier and wiser.  Continue to clear away anything that stands between a peaceful you and that new beginning.  Another layer of awareness regarding past beliefs and limitations arises and opens up more space and clearing.  You can feel and sense the future beckoning – trust that.  Another layer of self-esteem is being built and integrated this week shoring up a foundation that is gaining in strength.

CAPRICORN:  Sharing what you have and what you are with like-minded others.  You have the right to be recognized for your accomplishments and wisdom.  Taking your place within whatever social inroads you have made is the harvest.  Any stumbling blocks regarding communication and agreements will work out in your favor.  Your personality connects more deeply with the teachings of wisdom and healing.  This is no longer an abstract construct but a functional connection with your reality.

AQUARIUS:  A time of rethinking your relationship to the community, revisiting a former career contact, connections with parents and/or a life direction is up for a review.  Some former agreement, work possibilities, parent situation or superior (someone with more authority) may come back into the frame for connection, cooperation or actual work.  The Pluto Chiron connection suggests that work done for spiritual reasons or altruistic motives contribute to your income and abundance.

PISCES:  Revisiting travels of the mind or of the literal sense is encouraged as Mercury retraces his steps in the energy packed 9th house of Scorpio.  Delving deeper into a spiritual frame/training or refuge is encouraged.  There is a need to break up old patterns and routines and stretch your mind.  Mercury’s 2nd conjunction to Saturn urges some form of commitment while dealing with possible fear based thinking of the past.  Yet, the future is forming and will reveal more as the weeks unfold.  A supportive connection with like-minded comrades is soothing balm to your psyche and ongoing personality development.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Wednesday, October 23rd: The Moon continues her transit through intellectually detached Gemini and is VOID all day until 11:37 p.m. EDT a time to handle what is on your plate without strong expectations, decisions and proactive initiatives ~ we want to float a bit when the Moon is not aspecting the major planetary players. Today the Sun makes his annual ingress into Scorpio at 2:10 a.m. EDT. We leave the harmony seeking Libra energy and delve into the subterranean waters of the sign committed to transformation, investigation, and intensity of feeling.

Mercury is now in retrograde motion (until Nov. 10th) in Scorpio a time when we can be active in transforming our inner desires and ideally use as a vehicle to communicate the power of the Higher Mind. We want to understand our motivations and psychology as well as other
s. ~

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday, October 21st 2013

Photo by Blake Mauney ~

Monday, October 21st: The Moon is VOID of Course in Taurus until 12:15 p.m. when she ingresses (transits into) Gemini. In Gemini we are of "two minds" as we seek to gather and disseminate information. Mercury turns retrograde at 6:23 a.m. at 18 degrees of Scorpio. In Scorpio Mercury seeks to break down and transform the mind as well as the minds of others. Reorientation through one's thought forms reorients one's personal consciousness. Saturn in Scorpio offers opportunity for stability in one's Virgonian passions of service, health and healing as he sextiles Eros in Virgo.

On TUESDAY we are still in the "storm" period of Mercury as information flow is still adjusting to the slow down. We are encouraged to dial things down (as much as possible) and to go within for information, inspiration and psychological re-birthing. On the mundane levels you are encouraged to avoid binding contracts, purchases and long term decisions as this is meant to be an information "gathering" phase rather than "finalization" phase. Do what you must though, knowing that more information unfolds at the end of November which is usable and trustworthy. The Moon in Geminis goes VOID at 8:36 p.m. EDT throughout the day Wednesday!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries - October 18th 2013

Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse are subtle as the dimming of the Moon's surface is perceptible only to experienced astronomers.  This Eclipse will be visible for all of North America, Africa, Europe, Brazil and Canada.  The Eclipse lasts for 239 minutes.   

Friday, October 18th ~ The Eclipse in initiating, action oriented and "of the individual" sign of Aries occurs at 7:39 p.m. EDT at 25 degrees and then goes VOID for the remainder of the evening.  This lunations brings awareness about self vs. others and invites us to balance our personal needs with others we have relationship with.  The Full Moon (the Sun in Libra) makes a trine to the centaur planet Nessus helping us to align our individuality with the group in a healthy, ethical and supportive manner.  Pluto trines Eros today supporting our need for emotional intensity with our passions and desires.  Chiron is opposing the god of love and passion suggesting awareness around our sensitivities, need for healing, balance, compassion and wisdom - using our passions/desires wisely.

On Saturday the Moon ingresses practical, security oriented Taurus flavoring our emotions with sensuality in the food we eat, fabrics we wear and in our relationship.  Security is important to us now.  Mars moves into opposition with creative and foggy Neptune encouraging a time of rest and floating.  Used differently it can be easy to overindulge in mind altering substances, to inaccurately project desires and impressions onto others and to read situations inaccurately.  Avoiding firm decisions and committed actions requiring hard work and clarity is best now.  Connecting with your creativity and artistic pleasures is a positive approach.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NOVEMBER 2013 Videoscopes

Photo by Blake Mauney ~

1st - Uranus square Pluto
3rd - New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio / Ceres ingress Libra
5th - Venus into Capricorn through March 2014
10th - Pallas ingress Virgo / Eros ingress Libra thru Dec. 13th
15th - Vesta ingress Libra
17th - Full Moon in Taurus
21st - Sun ingress Sagittarius

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, October 11th 2013

Photo by Scott Anna ~

October 12th – Sun square Jupiter / Venus sextile Juno

October 14th – Mercury sextile Vesta

October 15th – Sun opposition Eros / Vesta square Chariklo / Mars ingress Virgo (thru Dec. 7th)

October 16th – Venus square Chiron / Venus trine Uranus

ARIES:  Work, health routines, co-workers and the daily schedule receives extra energy as Mars transits into your 6th house of Virgo until December 7th.  The energy becomes more analytical and detail oriented as your to-do list becomes busier.  When the Sun opposes Eris on the 15th an opportunity is available to problem solve and negotiate with important others – highlighting areas that will need to be handled as Mars enters your 7th house of partnership in December for an 8 month visit.  Mercury is slowing down in preparation for his retrograde on the 21st.

TAURUS:  Mars shifts out of your 4th house of personal life, parents, home, soul and those you live with into fellow earth sign Virgo.  In Virgo, your 5th house the energy becomes more discriminating as your focus grows with children, creative projects, leisure pursuits and romance.  Venus suggests that sensitivities met behind the scenes with goals and friendships are best handled internally through prayer, meditation and downtime.  Mercury slows inviting a time for focused attention on your internal needs and emotional landscape.

GEMINI:  Energy shifts from the local environment and communications to the home, personal life and family as Mars shifts into Virgo, your 4th house until December 7th.  Home renovations, personal life and family take up more energy and for some, frustration over the next several weeks.  Mercury slows in your 6th house of work and schedules so be kind and slow down expectations in the everyday of life.  Awareness and opportunity appears in meeting your personal needs as Mercury reaches out to Vesta, the asteroid of going within and personal needs. 

CANCER:  The pace picks up in your everyday communications and locale as Mars enters your 3rd house of short jaunts, writing, speaking and education.  Careful of ego as it’s easy to identify your views and opinions more energetically than usual.  Additionally, Mercury is slowing down further in your 5th house of romance and creativity indicating a good time to go back and connect, review, engage with activities and children’s situations. Not, a solid time for new romance or launching fresh creative endeavors. 

LEO:   The heightened energy vibrations you’ve received during Mars transit of your sign now shifts into money making/spending, developing talents/abilities, and self-esteem related areas as Mars enters Virgo, your 2nd house.  Your ego is more pronounced with the things you own and the money you make.  Careful of anger or irritation as Mercury begins to slow for the retrograde in your 4th house of home, the past and family.  Thoughts emerge from the past inviting you to connect and bring up and out to a conscious level of awareness.  There can be more activity within the home with friends and siblings popping back into your life.

VIRGO:  You feel a marked energy increase as Mars enters your sign and you connect more with your personal desires, needs and wants - a good time for physical exercise and energy expenditure too.  Vesta, the sacred asteroid of self and inner connection brings affirmation this week through communications and travel.  Yet, events regarding sensitivities and areas that are seeking healing awareness between your identity and communication style is also encouraged and supported.  Mercury slows in your 3rd house of “all” communications encouraging to slow down the external engagements and to go within to connect internally on future plans and goals.

LIBRA:  Venus now transits through your 3rd house of Sagittarius bringing with her plenty of affirmations for your value and worth.  On the 16th she both squares Chiron and trines Uranus releasing you from old wounds having to do with your health, services and value within relationship.  Mars enters your 12th house of the soul – a time of inward rest and evaluation, preparing you for the long Mars transit in your sign come December.  Aligning with and meditating upon relationship desires and the releasing of partnering dynamics that no longer serve you are very much supported.

SCORPIO:  Mars joins Vesta in your 11th house of personal goals, connections and group relating.  Sacred space as well as authenticity within team dynamics are the focus.  Mercury slows down in your sign inviting you to go within for truth, feeling nature and internal dialogue.  A time to review the reality created externally through intention and internal attention.  You are an energetic being aligning more deeply with your own energy of thought and focus.  Communicate your needs through writing and prayer.  More comes to fruition come December.

SAGITTARIUS:  Venus encourages a time to tend to your external appearance and hold yourself as the primary focus of love and warmth.  Through this others are drawn to you feeling the magnetizing force of your nature.  What may seem superficial holds an important cycle of feeling beautiful to self!  Mars enters your 10th house of ambition, public activity and career until December 7th energizing your public life and goals.  Healing areas of your personal life while embracing freedom in self-expression, love and creativity is highlighted on the 16th.

CAPRICORN:  The transformative Mars transit encouraging the letting go of life situations in order to build anew is taken into the 9th house of the higher mind, travel, education, and promotions through December 7th.  Mercury slows in the area of group mind, technology projects, and life goals encouraging a time to go within to plan, review, and to connect more deeply with your desires.  Venus brings restorative rest time, dream time and value in time spent in solitude and mediation.

AQUARIUS:  A beautiful Venus Uranus trine on the 16th bridges personal desires/goals with agreements, discussion and understanding – a positive time for relationships.  Mars enters your 8th house of transformation in the realms of personal psychology, sexuality, finance and sharing.  Please be careful of running up debt and spending resources you do not have through December 7th.  Venus continues to bring charm and attraction in your dealings with friendships and team activity.  Career developments slow as Mercury shifts into 1st gear urging you to contemplate and plan on next steps in public life and community involvement.

PISCES:  Active situations with partnerships of all kind can be expected through December 7th as Mars enters your opposite sign of Virgo.  Awareness of what others seek, expect and in some cases demand are the fertile ground that will bring deep change when the energy planet enters your 8th house for 8 months in December.  Venus continues to sweeten your charm factor and reputation as she transits through your visible 10th house.  She squares Chiron in your sign bringing up areas that require change and participation while committing to your values even more deeply.