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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, September 6th 2013

Sunset on Lake Ontario ~ Photo by Steve Wiley

ARIES:  A rethink and review of your motivations, desires and shared resources (a partner’s, corporate money, bank lending, debt, children’s needs) will be important this week as Mars squares Saturn.  Your ego, desires (romantic and/or creative) are hitting some sort of blockage bringing to light the need for measured responses (vs. reactions) and adjustment in your planning.  As Mercury heads into your 7th house of important others know that discussions and negotiations are on the table over the next few weeks.  Venus heads into your 8th house of intimacy, sexual expression, shared finance, debt, commissions, taxes and psychological health.  Through the first week of October people are more willing to share of themselves sweetening your sense of support, prosperity and comfort.

TAURUS:  As energy builds in your 5th house of artistry, imagination, your children, and romance you are on notice to prioritize your life and schedule in the “allowing” of your instincts and natural self-expression.  Fun for fun’s sake is important now.  Pleasure with your children is important now.  Making time for inspiration and your love life is important not.  You connect with more of “yourself” as Vesta the asteroid denoting your relationship to self seeks creative expression as she ingresses Virgo and transits through your 5th house until November 15th.  Mars squares both Saturn and the N. Node bringing some limitations/fear/anger in the areas of personal life and relationship so often in hindsight we find what we “label” as negative is an inherent gift – seek out that message this week.

GEMINI:  The area of communications, agreements, work environment and schedule is open for some shifts and adjustments as Mars makes his square to Saturn and the North Node.  Whatever is limiting or less than ideal trust that it is useful and workable information arriving.  Venus enters your 6th house of work, employees and service softening the impact as well as providing a compatible way forward.  Pallas is also lending her creative skill and professional ambitions to your ability to forge agreements and communicate effectively as she enters your 3rd house of Leo through November 10th.  Mercury lends his creative intelligence to the mix as he ingresses your 5th house of Libra and ups the ante of intellectual and creative problem solving.

CANCER:  The focus continues to build in your material and financial environment.  Eros, the God of Love and Passion enters Leo your 2nd house adding another layer of energy and desire to your values, resources and innate capabilities.  Valuing yourself as a creative individual fuels the manifestation of abundance and aspiration.  Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom joins Mars (energy and desire) and Eros (passion and sex) in your 2nd house until Nov. 10th.  Pallas lends an ambitious and intelligent energy to the Leo sign of fire.  Plenty of support and insight is available to you as you deal with a perceived set-back and frustrating energy when Mars squares both Saturn and the North Node on the 9th.  Growth is indicated through effort, hard work and commitment as well as responding vs. reacting.  Venus sweetens the passionate 5th house as she transits through October 7th suggesting that you can trust your creative inspirations and trust that who you are is more than enough.

LEO:  The passion factor rises yet another level as Eros enters your sign as an erotic approach to initiation and taking action colors your presence through October 7th.  Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom raises your awareness and intellectual acumen when she enters your sign on the 11th and stakes out your next ambitious steps through November 10th.  Now, there is a problem to fix, frustration to address and issue to resolve when Mars in your sign squares both Saturn and North Node in your 4th house of home, security and parents on September 9th.  The way through involves, commitment, emotional integrity and responsibility.  Mercury will enhance your communication ability and you are due more exchanges and connections through the 29th

VIRGO:  Vesta enters your sign on the 10th and sits in for a spell until November 15th.  She lends a spiritual focus that can lead to a deeper level of personal integration, focus and reverence for your spiritual journey here in Earth School.  Eros enters your 12th house of spirit, the past and contemplative activity suggesting a 4 week period when you are “passionate” about your journey, applying your spiritual wisdom and intention as well as being a supportive agent for others in need of your care and help.  Mercury exits your sign and enters your 2nd house of Libra until the 29th.  Over the next three weeks you may be multitasking more than usual, acquiring more personal “stuff”, selling some “personal stuff,” and strengthening your interpersonal relationships skills. 

LIBRA:  Your need to turn the volume down on external stimuli continues as you are supported to go within for your dream weaving, inspiration and contemplations.  Mercury enters your sign on the 9th inspiring you to share more of your thoughts and plans through the 29th.  Mars makes a square to Saturn and the N. Node suggesting that a personal goal/dream/connection is running into resistance in the form of confidence and personal resources.  Venus enters your 2nd house on the 11th supporting your connection with abundance and your personal value system.  More of what you value is flowing in.  Vesta’s entrance into your 12th house deepens your need for inner connection and floating time while aligning with your deepest desires and truths.

SCORPIO:  Before abundant Venus enters your sign on the 11th a reckoning between your career ambitions and the soul growth trajectory that Saturn and the N. Node is demanding upon you.  An obstacle appears that in the moment may feel defeating and unsupportive but rest assured there is a silver lining that strengthens and focuses your personal commitment and development.  Mercury’s entrance into your 12th house of internal reserves and energy prepares the way for Pluto’s direct station in your 3rd house of communications and the elimination of negative personal tapes – releasing thoughts that are old and outworn while simultaneously converting your mental habits in a way that is empowering and supportive.

SAGITTARIUS:  Far off places and adventures pull you even stronger when Eros the God of Love and Pleasure enters your 9th house of travel, foreign connections, media, and higher mind.  New information, landscapes and mystery are the areas of arousal and passion.  Pallas joins in on the 11th adding her intellectual power to your desires and expansions – media, marketing, travel and knowledge gathering are areas of growth.  Some calibrations are called for when Mars (also in the 9th) squares up to the manifestation planet Saturn and soul growth North Node.  A long held belief with plenty of ego attachment can be the area for stopping you in your tracks for a rethink.  Take it and thank the Universe for the wake up call – blessings so often come in what we label as “limiting” experiences.

CAPRICORN:  Eros and Pallas enter your 8th house of psychology, shared assets, death and rebirth as well as sex and intimacy.  Eros can up the libido ante fueling the desire to experience the erotic on a very deep level of existence.  Feeling to the depths of your soul and hoping for transformation in return can be a strong instinctual urge.  When Pallas enters this house on the 11th she brings the element of intellectual creativity while merging her mental acumen with that of the instinctive (Mars).  This may bring some very helpful energy in reorganizing and handling financial debt, investments and the buying and selling of shared assets.  Wait until after the Mars Saturn square on the 9th to feel that you have a committed practical handle on next steps regarding groups, resources, wish fulfillment and technology projects.

AQUARIUS:  Pluto sextiles the North Node of Soul Growth this week drawing in an energy designed to adjust/connect with at the subconscious level of future unfoldment in life and career.  At the same time, Mars challenges these very areas in the form of a person/partner/associate that stirs up anger or controversy.  Controversy can be a creative engagement helping you clear out and commit to meaningful ambitions and life goals.  Your committed partnerships are strengthening as Eros the God of Love and Passion enters your 7th house (thru Oct. 7th).  At this time erotic love requires committed partnership in order to fulfill its potential.  Pallas enters your 7th house as well bringing an intellectual creativity to all of your personal one-on-one’s.  Career advancement is intertwined with others through mid-November.

PISCES:  Vesta’s entrance into your 7th house of committed partnership introduces a time when you may seek sacred connection and sexual expression through another.  Your sex drive strives for deeper meaning and spiritual connection through mid-November.  This energy can also take the form of the mirroring process (seeing more of oneself) through the lens of others.  Pallas the Goddess of Wisdom also enter your 7th house this week bringing her intellectual powers and ambitions to and through your work and relationships with others.  Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th bringing pleasure and value to your educational, media and travel endeavors.  Mars creates tension on the 9th when he squares Saturn suggesting a time of potential conflict between work/daily schedules and education, legal and media endeavors.