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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, September 27th 2013

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Sept. 28th - Venus square Mars
Sept. 29th - Mercury enters Scorpio through December 4th / Saturn square Pallas
Sept. 30th - Uranus trine Pallas
October 1st - Sun square Pluto / Mercury into shadow phase / Mercury trine Neptune
October 2nd - Saturn trine Chiron
October 3rd - Sun oppositions Uranus / Venus square Nessus / Eros opposition Nessus

ARIES:  Challenges, breakthroughs and old terrain is covered in the areas of relationships, life direction, career, your desires, authority figures, and how to handle/integrate the ongoing changes are highlighted this week.  This is personal and directly aimed at strengthening your sense of self – what is workable and what is not.  Stay with the internal dialogues through healing meditation, Gratitude for what IS working while surrendering to your internal growth and healing.  Mercury enters his shadow period on October 1st as he slows down for his retrograde in the 3rd week of October.  Patience and the willingness to gather information while relinquishing the “need” for any final analysis is your loyal friend through the end of November.

TAURUS:  A cycle begins regarding your communications and agreements with important others (partner, business, professional experts, clients) as Mercury enters your 7th house of Scorpio until December 4th.  A fruitful process begins asking for your patience, inner awareness/connection as you gather information and ponder upon your communication skills and style of connecting.  Challenges arise in your personal life and partnership dynamics seeking action and adjustments.  Work, health, spiritual awareness and belief systems are once again undergoing change.

GEMINI:  Reviewing the schedule, health needs, pet care and the daily structures in your life are under a period of review as Mercury begins his slowdown on October 1st.  You are invited to let things gel and coagulate through the end of November before making new commitments or mission statements.  Allow extra time for daily tasks too.  Shared assets, resources, insurance policies, creative endeavors, love relationships, goals, and friendships undergo another level of shifts, challenges and developments in order to learn and grow are in the spotlight this week. 

CANCER:  More awareness and hence clearing possibilities as life direction, career, home, parents, and partnerships are activated.  Challenges to your personal desires and security needs ask for adjustments and actions.  Mercury begins is slowdown on October 1st in your 5th house of children, romance and creative endeavors.  What you think is settled is still up for review and change through the end of November.  Careful with your resources (emotional, esteem, financial and otherwise) as your values are challenged by a child, creative or romantic connection.

LEO:  Personal desire and self-expression is challenged by realities and financial requirements surrounding, home, family and security needs.  Mercury begins his slowdown in your 4th house of family, personal life and parents on October 1st.  A review period begins in agreements, contracts and communications at the core foundational layers of life – allow plenty of time (end of November) before committing to a course of action.  Work, health, schedules, spiritual development, agreements, siblings, local environment and communications undergo a very personal cycle of change, shifts and evolutionary development for you.  Be kind and take your time.

VIRGO:  Mercury ingresses Scorpio on the 29th for a long stay (December 4th) in your 3rd house of communications, travel, education, your local neighborhood, siblings and contractual agreements.  At the start of October Mercury is already slowing down for his retrograde in the 3rd week.  Allow plenty of time to gather information and your thoughts before agreeing to binding alliances or large purchases.  This is a potent time to review and revisit former writing, data and educational projects knowing that November will bring a green light to forge ahead.  Review, revise and revisit.  More focus, change, challenge and awareness is brought to your finances, shared resources, creative endeavors, children’s affairs and love life.  Slow and easy.

LIBRA:  You’re relating and home dynamics are under another level/process of development as breakthroughs disguised as challenges present themselves this week.  Awareness/surprises from important others, pressures/attempts at manipulation on the home front, and a focus on your values and resources in relation to your friendships and goals.  What to do?  Breathe in and release out as you have the inner resources to handle whatever comes up.  It’s the Universe’s way of testing to make sure you learned the lessons.  Holding your own, respecting your boundaries while going within to connect with old imprints that are seeking release. 

SCORPIO:  Mercury enters your sign on the 29th for a long stay until December 4th.  October 1st Mercury begins his slow down (shadow period) as he prepare for his retrograde in the 3rd week of October.  You are invited to slow down the outer connections and pull your energy inward to review, listen, ponder and contemplate.  This is not a time for big purchases, thinking you have all the answers or information, or signing documents.  Patience is your ally as you move into a personal gestation period.  More changes, challenges and breakthroughs in health matters, work arenas, spiritual development, communication, writing and education.  Take your time to respond.  Holding the space of healthy boundaries combined with healing compassion is the way through.

SAGITTARIUS:  This week’s energy is seeking a balance between your goals/desires/alliance and your children, romance and personal creative projects.  Money, self-esteem and your values are part of this equation.  Any challenges that arise you are familiar with.  See this as a testing time of “have you learned the lesson and are you in a state of high self-regard”?  Mercury enters your 12th house of solitude, prayer, meditation and working behind the scenes.  You have plenty of time to ponder and review your next steps and agreements.  Mark December 5th as your official coming out period when clarity and the willingness to share your ideas, plans, and views will be ready to be shared.

CAPRICORN:  Making peace with yourself, your life direction and humanity is supported as adjustments are available.  Awareness continues regarding the (ongoing) balance of personal vs. public life.  This is long term energy for everyone and any pressure felt is a perception and not the truth of it.  Support in the areas of friends, goals and dreams are available.  The way through is compassion, commitment and right relations.  Mercury enters your 11th house until December 4th.  You have plenty of time to create your future by going inward and dialing down the externals.

AQUARIUS:  Awareness regarding your communication style, relationship to your local environment, belief systems, subconscious fears, family patterning and spiritual growth are the areas for development.  And, as Mercury enters your 10th house of life direction and career you have time to ponder and gestate upon your future and “where” you want to be in this thing called life.  Mercury begins his slow down at the beginning of October encouraging you to steer clear of binding agreements until the end of November.  Colleagues and employers from your past may begin to pop up with increasing frequency offering you work and advice.  Uranus makes a supportive trine to Pallas indicating that intelligent career offerings are on tap..stay with what and who you know now.

PISCES:  Aligning with your spiritual beliefs (if they are of love and light) provides emotional support as Saturn reaches out in trine to Chiron in your sign.  This can also indicate development in your publishing, teaching or travel areas.  Awareness between shared resources vs. personal resources are a focus now.  As is a challenge (stretching…) in the areas of intimacy, debt, partner’s money, corporate resources, insurance, sex and goals, groups, technology and personal dreams.  Mercury heads into your 9th house until December 4th and begins to slow down in preparation for his retrograde later in October.  Feel free and supported to delay any major decisions in the areas of law, travel, education, marketing and media.  The more you are patient the stronger the insights.