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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, September 13th 2013

Photo by Mark Harvey ~

ARIES:  The challenge to mature in some way, aspect and orientation as Venus, Saturn and the N. Node unite encourages some realizations to filter through that will strengthen your foundation in finance, savings, relationships, intimacy, corporate money, others psychology, inheritances, commissions, loans and birth.  Moving ahead with dignity and grace while progressing toward a calm and realistic acceptance of what or who you need to commit to, is the growth, the soul expansion and the lesson.  Insightful words and communications come from others this week – you need to hear them out, ponder and process.  The Full Moon on the 19th in spiritual Pisces brings awareness in the subconscious areas of dreams and manifestations.  ~Healing fear of commitment?

TAURUS:  Commitment in relating to be your personal best while incorporating your precious values is the message your ruler Venus brings as she conjuncts Saturn and the aspect of soul growth, the North Node.  Perhaps this takes the form of committing to relationship or professional partnership.  Maturation and realism is part of this equation and maybe even a little fear.  That’s ok as when we embark upon the new and what is truly important to us we experience some trepidation – go with it.  The Full Moon in Pisces suggests that a dream, goal and the realization of what you really, really want to experience in life is upon you.

GEMINI:  Realizations and breakthrough flood in as Mercury connects with the Uranus Pluto square and helps to propel you through to the next level of self-actualization and psychological awareness.  Venus and Saturn connect with the North Node of soul growth inviting you to commit more deeply to your purpose, values, services and physical health.  Cultivating practical schedules and work practices feed your visions and goals.  The Full Moon in soulful Pisces on the 19th strengthens your life direction, reputation and career connections.

CANCER:  Mercury connects with Uranus and Pluto (as Venus did last month) challenging our freedom needs, old conditioning “scripts” and intellectual process regarding our personal needs, career ambitions and relationship desires.  Breakthroughs of thought are ensured as is awareness regarding where others are truly coming from.  The Venus Saturn and North Node conjunction invites you to commit more deeply to your passions, desires, children and romance.  A period of recovery is in strong evidence allowing you to heal from certain realities and experiences while incorporating a level of wisdom and hence, compassion to your love relationships.  This may also speak to a “commitment” to a hobby that can become a full blown business affair.

LEO:  Home, family life, housing and your sense of self stabilizes in a maturing and reality oriented way.  You have learned a lot and are ready to incorporate that hard fought maturity into the next level of doing your life in a way that is grounded, practical as well as nurturing.  Congratulations are in order for the Venus, Saturn, N. Node conjunction in the area of life that invites you to create that energetic “home” for self that supports you in thriving.  The Full Moon in creative Pisces on the 19th opens up the portals of psychological awareness, acceptance and growth.

VIRGO:  Your lessons in communication and effectiveness grow deeper at the Venus, Saturn, N. Node conjunction in your 3rd house of deep, detailed, patient verbal exchanges.  Learning to “talk through” that which formerly silenced you is no longer an option as you are pushed and supported to speak your truth.  Mercury is also on board as the areas of values, self-esteem, intimate connections and taking responsibility for verbal connections with others is integrated more deeply.  The Pisces Full Moon on the 19th in your 7th house of important partnership requires that you hold yourself to an honorable code of clear and truthful discussion.

LIBRA:  Slow but methodical growth continues to unify in your resources as Venus, Saturn and the N. Node conjunct in your 2nd house of resources.  Resources include your talents, self-esteem and beliefs of abundance.  Commitment to your personal best along with an element of facing up to any fears about not being good enough are the entrance fee.  Mercury’s entrance into your sign encourages you to speak your truth plainly as he opposes Uranus in your partnership house and squares Pluto in your 4th house of home and family.  The Full Moon in spiritual Pisces occurs on the 19th bringing every day affairs, responsibilities and work to an illuminating culmination.

SCORPIO:  Inner creations create our outward creation.  In this instance, the creation is you.  Your bearing, clothing, hairstyle and communication style create a message for the external world.  The Venus, Saturn, North Node conjunction is a uniting of the internal with the external package.  Commitment and a personal sense of maturity is more than likely part of your emotional environment now.  Pluto’s station into direct motion this month backs up the message even further regarding all the ways that you communicate to others “who you are.”  Very nice indeed.  The Full Moon in Pisces further accentuates your need to express and connect with your passions and desires in the most authentic way possible.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your need to get away, dial down from superficial exchange, release old roles and ambitions has been implicate in your deep and highly private soul growth.  Tending to the past and getting real about the family of origin and generational influences (often having to do with fear and limitation) has and continues to be necessary for your spiritual development and personal nurturing.  The Venus, Saturn, North Node connection this week further deepens your commitment to your values, goals, self-esteem and abundance realities.  Concentrating on your internal landscape will inevitably create your external realities – tend to these well.  The Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th highlights your soul, home and personal life.

CAPRICORN:  Your social network, crowd, tribe, teammates, business contacts and friendships are the area of focus as Venus, Saturn and the North Node connect in your 11th house of connections and dreams.  A deeper commitment to some or all of the above is probable this week as your value system, need for wise connection and dedication to a goal or group increases.  Pluto is also preparing for his direct station next week building another level growth and purpose into your life regarding your image, physicality and sense of self.  The Full Moon on the 19th in your 3rd house of creative Pisces brings a culmination and awareness regarding agreements, discussions, contracts and communication projects.

AQUARIUS:  Relationship status, community role, career, life direction, and your reputation are a few descriptors of the areas positively affected by the Saturn, Venus, North Node connection in your 10th house this week.  A level of commitment to your work, status, avocation results in you being taken more “seriously” – whatever that means for you.  Your spirituality and belief systems play a role in how you conduct yourself now.  The Full Moon on the 19th falls in the area of life that affects your income, self-esteem, stuff that you own/buy/sell and your talents.  Culminations and awareness are due now.

PISCES:  Expansive, philosophical, spiritual energies combine with grounded and committed Saturn in your 9th house of spirit, knowledge gathering, publishing, travel and education.  Venus conjuncts Saturn and the North Node suggesting a time of realism and manifestation.  Connecting with your highest integrity and value system (what is important to you?) are the avenues to growth and maturation.  The Full Moon in your sign on the 19th brings personal matters, image and physical health to a culmination of awareness and level of closure.