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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, August 9th 2013

Photo by Scott Anna ~

ARIES:  An interesting alignment unfolds this week between Uranus (in your 1st house) and an asteroid called Pallas in your 4th house.  Pallas represents your capacity for creativity, wisdom and clear thinking as well as how to use your intelligence to seek truth and gain power.  Some tension is evident in within your sense of self and your living/family/housing/parental situation.  Squares are useful as they often point up the need for change and adjustments.  To further support this situation is a beautiful Chiron trine to Pallas.  Chiron in Pisces (your 12th house) speaks to your ability to change your life through creative imagery and the “emptying” out of the negative and wounding.  Regardless of what the perceived conflict/tension trust that process of going within, holding the highest possible outcome in your mind’s eye and creating a powerful vision of that life experience can shift the energy in your outward experiences.  Chiron says that your understanding needs to be one of letting go, believing in your spiritual force and creating your life from within regardless of what is going on around you.

TAURUS:  Saturn the Teacher is transiting your 7th house and aligns in a trine aspect with the God of Love, Eros (3rd house of communication) suggesting a time of support in your communications with important others.  For some, this may evoke a verbal or contractual commitment.  For others, it may indicate verbal support for a creative, travel or educational endeavor.  Yet others, may hear words of love from another in a way that is undeniable in feeling and in their commitment to you.  Eros in Cancer longs to be wanted and craves the significant others attention and deep need for attachment – you can expect some semblance of affinity and verbal support this week bolstering your sense of well-being.

GEMINI:  Mercury’s recent entry into your 3rd house of expression, travel and study bodes well (until the 23rd) for discussion, local community involvement, writing and commercial activity.  What appears limiting or blocked on the 11th regarding work schedules, employees or travel finds viable solutions on the 14th.  Money, financial transactions, loans, debt, savings and support from important others is strongly accented as Pluto opposes passionate Eros.  A financial or intimacy coup may be evident as breakthroughs in your financial (insurance/inheritance/alimony) or personal bonding open the door for success, triumph and sexual pleasure. 

CANCER:  A powerful week develops as Saturn trines Eros on the 9th signaling stability and focus in your creative, romantic and children sector.  Personal passion is tempered and measured leading to a level of maturity and responsibility.  Pallas, the asteroid of creative wisdom, connects in trine aspect to Chiron the healer, interlacing your intelligence with vision in your educational, travel or promotional endeavors.  On the 14th Pluto in your 7th house of others opposes Eros in your 1st house intimating positive developments within committed relationships and business partnerships.  A time of powerful feelings and desires.

LEO:  Mercury travels through your sign until the 23rd delivering a positive time for discussions, connections and sharing your personal views.  On the 11th       a sense of blockage or limitation may happen in connection with home and family but by the 14th new avenues for travel, adventure and spiritual understanding arrives.  Much continues to happen behind the scenes in the way of research, rest, private musings and spiritual development.  Something comes into stronger focus and awareness regarding transformation, secrets, hidden “desires”, daily work schedule, health (yours or another) or employee situations as Pluto opposes Eros.

VIRGO:  You are in a two week period where keeping your thoughts and plans out of public view is beneficial as Mercury transits your 12th house of secrets, rest, solitude and spirituality.  You will be ready to share more after the 23rd.  Venus continues to magnetize positive influences in your personal life, image, and attractiveness (also – the ability to “attract” positive situations and people) as she transits your 1st house until August 16th.  You have a fertile opportunity to see below the surface of other people's camouflage, confusions, and creativity as Neptune moves into opposition with Orcus, an energy or TNO, that represents perception - a feminine energy that has the ability to see below the surface of things in a way that does not emotionally drain you. 

LIBRA:  Interpersonal relationships are important this week as Uranus (the change agent in your 7th house) makes a square to Pallas (the asteroid of wisdom transiting your 10th house) advocating the need to address challenges in your public/career life and your relationships/clients/professional partnerships.  Chiron in your 6th house of everyday affairs and responsibilities moves into a supportive trine aspect with Pallas indicating that the way through relationships issues is through the use of your compassion, wisdom and creative imagery – “see situations in the most ideal way possible through the mind’s eye” as you envision the change inwardly.  As a society we are not taught to work with our energy internally to create the change and flow that we seek to experience externally. 

SCORPIO:  Practical and grounded Saturn moves into a trine with Eros the passionate God of Love on the 9th suggesting that the discovery of concepts, people or vistas igniting you with wonder and intrigue are rooted in feasibility.  Taking conscious steps towards actualizing an ideal, educational or travel desire can become “manifest.”  More integration may be occurring for you as you integrate a philosophical, religious or spiritual ideal into your personal belief system and self-expression.  Pluto opposes Eros on the 14th heightening awareness between your conscious thought and your connection with the larger world through travel, writing, publishing, legalities and personal avenues of communication.  Passion!

SAGITTARIUS:  Your emotional development, spiritual attunement and discovery of the unknown within continues to be a cycle of growth and development.  Eros is urging you to take a risk, a leap of faith, and to connect and release outworn habits and beliefs.  Feel the depths of your soul and hope for transformation in return.  Experiencing the erotic on a deeper level may bring a sense of longing as Pluto opposes Eros on the 14th and invites you deeper into the waters of intimacy and sex.  Mercury transits through your 9th house of spirit, knowledge, and travel as trips of both the literal and mental kind can expand your perceptions.

CAPRICORN:  Saturn’s trine to Eros on the 9th portends a time for personal goals to be met with stability, commitment and endurance in your personal relationships.  A friend or client may ignite feelings of passion and desire too.  When Pluto opposes Eros on the 14th levels of awareness and desire can rise to a heightened pitch that can be hard to ignore or suppress.  Mercury’s forward movement through your intimacy zone ensures that necessary discussions can and will happen with intimate partners.  Financial planning is supported as is paying down debt and collaborating with others.

AQUARIUS:  Uranus transiting your 3rd house of contracts, local travel, education and communication meets up with asteroid of wisdom Pallas, in your 6th house of daily work, employees and health suggesting a time of surprise or upset in the areas of work, health, travel and communications.  Something will need to be worked through as calmly as possible.  As Chiron trines this asteroid of clear thinking expect positive insights/developments in the area of personal finance and earnings.  Mercury continues his transit through your 7th house ensuring that clear communication can and will happen.  On the 14th when he connects with your ruler positive agreements and understanding from important others can set you off in a positive direction.

PISCES:  These may be passionate days with Eros the god of love and desire transiting through your 5th house of true love, romance, dating, creativity and children’s development.  Saturn’s trine from your 9th house suggests that entertainment, playfulness and risk taking are well received in your publishing, travel and educational pursuits.  On the 14th when Pluto opposes Eros personal dreams and creativity are due for some real expansion and pleasurable experience.  Chiron’s connection with the wise asteroid Pallas invites you to employ creative imagery in the manifestation of your heart’s desire.