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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday, August 26th 2013 - Venus in transition

Otter Creek in Upstate NY ~ photo by Jean

Monday, August 26th: The Moon continues her transit through Taurus where we seek comfort, familiarity and predictability. Yet, Venus oppositions Uranus indicating another level of shifts and discomfort may be present in relationships and with our financial affairs. Venus squared Pluto this weekend bringing power issues, rage, and the need for some deep internal changes within our values and romantic affairs. Now, we are restless and tired of feeling pinned down, put upon or controlled. Now we are asked to be discerning regarding our real needs for change versus knee jerk responses. Hold off on binding decisions or agreements as the Sun moves into opposition with Neptune infiltrating the day with feelings of uneasiness, depression or confusion. This combination can also be helpful for creative awareness and breakthroughs. Walk lightly...