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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday, August 16th, 2013 and beyond...

The Masks We Wear ~ photo by Scott Anna

Friday, August 16th: Venus transits into her home sign of Libra until September 12th. Our affections move from the practical and discerning into the desire for harmony, right relations and beauty. Remember, she is moving into the Uranus (opposition to Pluto on the 26th) Pluto (square to Pluto on the 24th) square energy. Our personal value systems, romantic energy and financial resources can be areas of increased awareness and the need for change/adjustments.

Jupiter moves into trine with the N.Node over the next several days while conjuncting Eros the God of Love and Passion. Expansion in our emotional experiences combined with issues of morals and ethics as well as allowing more knowledge and wisdom to flow in. On the 17th Uranus moves into square with Eros seeking emancipation and action regarding freedom needs within romantic liaisons (both for self and supporting the other to be comfortable embracing their authentic self-expression).

We have another powerful Full Moon in Aquarius on the 20th conjuncting the centaur planet Nessus. Developments and awareness of how we want to participate in the collective/group/friendship realms while increasing perceptions of historical abuse and misuse of power. This can have a transforming affect as we commit more deeply to a dynamic of equality and fairness.