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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week Beginning July, 5th 2013

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ARIES:  The New Moon in Cancer on the 8th occurs in your 4th house of the personal unconscious, personal life, home life and physical domicile.  As Luna conjuncts with retrograde Mercury you are encouraged to begin a fresh start with a relative, plan or discussion from the past.  Saturn also turns direct on this day (after a retrograde period lasting since mid-February) in the area of financial planning, investments, inheritances, sharing, trust and intimacy.  What has been on hold or where you have been waffling in the areas of commitment begins to clear.  Finances, corporate money, and a partner’s resources grows more dependable in the weeks to come.  The Mars trine to Nessus on the 10th maintains that your desires are honorable and on target with future planning and group dynamics.

TAURUS:  Saturn’s direct station on the 8th after a period of review and slumber since mid-February in your 7th house of allegiances, partnership and coupling, reinforces commitments from important others.  Where there has been apathy or lack the next several weeks suggest a energizing of relating dynamics.  The New Moon in Cancer, also on the 8th, falls in your 3rd house of communications.  The lunation conjuncts retrograde Mercury advocating a reprisal of past writing, speaking, education and travel projects.  The way forward may be through thoughts and ideas that have been and continue to be, in a state of gestation and review.  Targeting August 4th as your launch period dissolves any perceived time pressures you may experience.

GEMINI:  With both Jupiter firmly ensconced and the New Moon in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings and talents fresh starts are encouraged regarding former contacts, talents and planning.  The New Moon conjuncts a retrograde Mercury supporting the revitalization of what you thought were opportunities and situations gone by.  Saturn is also active on the 8th as he turns stationary direct in your 6th house suggesting a foundational time of emotional commitment and structure in your work, daily schedule, and areas of health and labor.  The asteroid Psyche is also in direct motion in your 6th house providing an added layer of spiritual dedication in the work that you do and the resulting reverance from a job well done.

CANCER:  Your personal New Moon (we all get one per year) occurs on the 8th in your 1st house of identity, self-expression, physicality and personal desires.  As this New Moon also conjuncts a retrograde Mercury we can safely assume that plans, contacts and deliberations from the past are part and parcel of the fresh energy being brought to bear regarding your sense of self, destiny and personal magnetism .  We trust that Saturn’s station, also on the 8th, into direct motion after a retrograde that began in mid-February is important as he moves forward in your 5th house of romance, authentic self-expression and children’s affairs.  Another level of learning and emotional commitment regarding your “right to be me” unfolds as Saturn slowly lumbers forward. 

LEO:  The asteroid Vesta is now transiting your sign through September 9th highlighting the sacred and purposeful in your life and bringing a deeper spiritual commitment to your personal journey.  The New Moon in Cancer occurs in your 12th house of spirituality and the subconscious mind on the 8th further deepening your awareness of the truth of who you are – a spiritual entity with a soulful pledge to align your conscious mind with your internal truths.  As Venus continues her transit through your sign you embrace and value the mystical, magical and manifestation process.  Know that your intentions and emotional focus create your external reality.  Saturn moves direct in your 4th house of all things personal promoting further commitment to your internal development, home, family and security.

VIRGO:  More concentration of energy occurs in the communication and social sectors of your chart.  The New Moon in Cancer, on the 8th, falls in your 11th house of self-actualization (being all that you can be), dreams you hold, friendships, social connections/media, and technology.  The New Moon conjuncts a retrograde Mercury suggesting that ideals, thoughts, and contacts from the past are part of the fresh developments over the next two weeks.  Saturn also turns stationary direct on the 8th bridging the area of communications, writing, speaking, travel and education to the new moon energy. The Sun makes a trine aspect to the North Node, also transiting your 3rd house.  Future developments (think August 4th and beyond) are tied to concepts, discussions, contacts, and projects that were initiated in the past. 

LIBRA:  The New Moon occurs in your public 10th house on the 8th.  Fresh starts are indicated as the New Moon in Cancer conjuncts retrograde Mercury supporting a time of connecting and building upon ideas, concepts, contacts and ideas formed in the past.  An opportunity you may have thought dead and forgotten may reappear.  Saturn turns stationary direct on the 8th after a retrograde dating back to mid-February bringing more developments and structure in your financial earnings and skillsets.  You have been learning money management lessons and handling your resources with a sharper discriminating eye will bring benefits. 

SCORPIO:  Saturn turns stationary direct in your sign (4 degrees of Scorpio) on the 8th renewing your dedication and learning on boundary development.  What is important to you and what is not?  What are you available for and what are you not available for?  Emotional commitment to self is the avenue of growth – this is not a selfish undertaking but rather strengthening your relationship within self.  From there all other relating follows.  Psyche the asteroid representing the entrance into self, the soul and mental discipline began moving direct in your sign where she will help strengthen your sense of identity through October 4th.  The New Moon occurs on the 8th in your 9th house of Cancer, the higher mind, while conjuncting a retrograde Mercury.  Recapturing those plans, adventures and ideals are supported as the energy building within you has staying power.

SAGITTARIUS:  The New Moon in Cancer falls in your 8th house of psychology, old worn out imprints, financial planning/investment, resources shared with others, corporate money, debt, commissions, sex, intimacy, inheritances and all of those deeper issues in life that can hold us emotionally hostage.  On the 8th the New Moon conjuncts a still retrograde Mercury suggesting that money owed, plans, discussions, and former solutions may reappear.  On the 8th Saturn turns stationary direct in your 12th house of creativity, spiritual reverence, secrets, research and contemplation.  The clearing process you have been encouraged to connect with in your family history is now seeking a firm commitment in the areas of spiritual evolvement and psychological health.  The soulful asteroid Psyche is also now moving direct in your 12th house and stays with you through October 4th fusing more energy into your spiritual development and awakening. 

CAPRICORN:  Along with Saturn’s direct station in your 11th house on the 8th we also have a New Moon in your house of partnership.  These two cycles bode well for your connections with others.  The New Moon in Cancer connects with retrograde Mercury supporting a time to review discussions and agreements within important relationships.  More emotional commitment and structure is suggested in your team and friendship dynamics as your efforts since mid-February begin to be recognized and to take hold.  The Sun also connects with the North Node bridging your relationships to your future.

AQUARIUS:  Mars make a harmonious trine to Nessus suggesting a time of healing and integration in creativity, childrens development, love life, and your sense of personal identity and effectiveness.  Honorable intentions as well as personal adjustments in your approach enhances the validity of your personal value and worth.  A New Moon occurs in the area of work, labor, and responsibilities on the 8th and connects with retrograde Mercury.  A contact or work opportunity from the past may be part of the fresh energy occurring in your daily schedule.  Saturn turns stationary direct in your 10th house of career and reputation putting additional emphasis on your work life and the emotional commitment you bring to your services.

PISCES:  Your fellow water signs are helping you to build a stronger foundation that integrates your personal identity with your spiritual beliefs and creative ability.  The New Moon occurs in your 5th house of creation – that which is born from your personal artistic vision and imagination.  On the same day Saturn turns stationary direct in your 9th house of belief systems, knowledge gathering, publishing, media and travel signaling a time for tangible developments and commitment leading to sustainable results in the near future.