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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, August 2nd 2013

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ARIES:  Honoring what is creatively sacred to you is important as Uranus trines the asteroid Vesta.  Trusting your gut instinct and that profound voice within despite any outward appearances is your mission.  The New Moon on the 16th in your house of creativity paves the way for opportunity to align more deeply with heart rooted inspiration and love.  Your personal life is gaining in strength, support and foundation building in feeling safe in this world to express and influence both your life direction and career ambitions.  Be ethical, wise and aware of the fragility of ego – both yours and others who are in a position to help you.

TAURUS:  Passion is the fuel over the next month as Eros the god of love, enters your 3rd house of communications, writing, internal dialogues, locale and education.  When we are feeling passionate about our life and self-expression opportunity follows.  Mercury now clears his shadow phase bolstering your ability to enter agreements knowing that you have all the relevant information.  The New Moon on the 6th promises fresh and supportive energy in your personal and spiritual life, home and family, and in your confidence levels.  Trust what you feel.

GEMINI:  An auspicious New Moon occurs on the 6th in your 3rd house of communications.  Mercury is also now past his retrograde shadow phase in your house of earnings.  Positive developments can be expected in your commercial activities, writing, speaking, earnings and travel.  Trust that what is on offer is real, genuine and solid.  Financial success is quite possible this week as Jupiter’s expansive influence makes contact with heavy hitter Pluto.  Ethics and right relationships are squarely in the frame. 

CANCER:  Enlightened self-interest is a term that comes to mind.  Reaching out for more – more experience, contact, growth and knowledge is your mandate.  You are meant to grow in many ways this year and this month Eros, the god of love enters your sign for a 4 week stay.  Passion is the name of the game and being mindful of the others in your world  is imperative as is mindfulness regarding other people’s egos and vulnerabilities.  If you can navigate this interpersonal dynamic success of some sort is surely granted.  The New Moon on the 6th brings opportunity in the way of earnings, the sharing of your personal talents and hence, self-esteem.

LEO:  Celebration of self is indicated as your personal New Moon occurs on the 6th bridging ingenuity to your higher mind and wisdom.  Wisdom flows in applying your knowledge to daily living otherwise it is simply mental gymnastics without substance.  Uranus is also trining the asteroid Vesta traveling through Leo urging you to trust your instincts and inspired intuition.  Mercury enters your sign on the 8th bringing more connections and conscious communication as your mind opens to new possibilities.  Influence and success may be in evidence as the Jupiter Pluto opposition comes into alignment.  Should any disputes arise you are encouraged to connect with a conciliatory approach, maintain your good name and take the necessary steps to right a wrong.

VIRGO:  Setting goals that reflect your personal and real desires are strongly supported.  These desires may or may not be career oriented but they do need to come straight from your heart.  From there, strategic alliances are formed that are mutually beneficial to each party’s dreams.  Influence is expanding as Jupiter connects with Pallas supercharging your ability to influence and lead.  Ironically, the more you surrender to and contemplate upon your life path the more fluid the journey.  The New Moon in your 12th house suggests that an old cycle ends as you release and connect with the new instincts and insights whispering in your ear.  Contemplation and prayer is also supported as Mercury joins the Sun in your 12th house.

LIBRA:  Going public in a more personalized way is beckoning asking for your own unique personhood to step forth and declare yourself.  The Mercury shadow period dissipates on the 4th in your public 10th house after a period of inward contemplation and fear mongering.  Eros the asteroid of passion and love is a strong influencer of connecting with that which you love and turning a blind ear towards any potential detractors (they are always there in the shadows).  The New Moon in your 11th house of Leo occurs on the 6th attracting others of like mind into your sandbox suggesting that two can build a better sandcastle than one. 

SCORPIO:  Public visibility is key as the New Moon in your 10th house occurs on the 6th.  A Uranus Vesta trine is also supporting your daily work habits and obligations in furthering your professional and life goals.  Your administration abilities are on task as they support your vision and ambitions.  Jupiter conjuncts Pallas in your 9th house of spirit, philosophy, publishing, media, legalities, travel and educational endeavors expanding your thirst for and dissemination of knowledge.  You may be hitting a success peak as the Jupiter Pluto opposition occurs this week.  If not, a re-think may be in order information gathering, contract negotiations or travel plans.

SAGITTARIUS:  Becoming aware of your own motivations and psychology is the 8th house terrain where Jupiter currently transits.  Eros also enters your 8th house of integration where the God of Love will transit for the next 4 weeks.  Passion for truth, honesty with self and psychic growing pains can result in deeper levels of maturation and psychic clearing.  When Jupiter conjuncts Pallas expanding your ability to stand outside of yourself and reassess the New Moon (on the 6th) in your 9th house also encourages you on to the next level of spiritual growth and understanding.  Financial culminations and success are possible now as is going deeper in relationship and intimacy.

CAPRICORN:  In the process of creating a new self, many changes, shifts, and transformations have happened – some to your liking and others not so much.  But, you are entering a period of increased understanding between yourself and important others.  As Mercury moves beyond his retrograde degree you are entering into a strong period of enhanced communication and understanding.  Jupiter conjuncts the reasoning powers of Pallas and opposes Pluto in your sign signifying a time of enhanced learning and gaining of wisdom in your relationship and partnership dynamics.  Real bonds can be forged now even if a hefty compromise needs to be reached.  The New Moon in your 8th house of merging resources allows plenty of room for your unique brand of creativity while maintaining a sense of freedom.

AQUARIUS:  Your need for honest equal partnership is important now.  The New Moon on the 6th occurs in your 7th house while holding a supportive trine to Uranus.  Agreements, discussions, and positive feedback from your committed partnerships and business alliances is positive and growth oriented.  Work is due for expansion too as Jupiter connects with powerful Pluto suggesting that a successful opportunity may be on offer.  Allow fear and suspicion to fade as this appears to be a genuine option opening up.  With Mercury now past his shadow point you can trust communications and discussions regarding work, projects, health and schedules.

PISCES:  Meaningful responsibilities and the desire to express your level of competence is supported this week at the New Moon in your 6th house of skills, work projects, schedules and obligations.  Being useful to others is important now as the New Moon connects with Uranus the planet of originality and inventiveness.  Opportunities arrive and urge you to show “them” what you got.   Trust that it is what’s needed and will be of value.  This pulls your burgeoning creativity into the realm of form and function as Jupiter connects with organizational Pallas and Eros, the God of Love enters your 5th house creating more passion in your self-expression and heart connections with others.