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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wednesday, July 3rd and the 4th of July....2013

Photo by Carrie Cantrell Browning ~

Wednesday, July 3rd: The Moon in Taurus goes VOID at 11:52 a.m. for the remainder of the day which means she is not making aspects to the major planets and we tend to go into a less demanding emotional space - some time out. Not good for expecting firm decisions or commitments from yourself or others. But, Mars is sextiling Eris suggesting supportive energy in handling disputes/disagreements as our ego and desires are in a problem solving zone.

Saturn moves into square with rejuvenating Ceres (currently transiting the executive oriented Leo) suggesting problems/issues/fears regarding the desire to control the female energy of nurturing, planting/harvesting and the issue of are we worthy in getting the nurturing we need. (Note that Saturn is in the sexual sign of Scorpio while the Mother planet Ceres transits the sign of leadership and executives....).

On THURSDAY, Independence Day for us in the US we have the quintessential independent alignment of the Sun square Uranus. The Sun in Cancer seeks nurturing and support while Uranus seeks autonomy and freedom. This energetic combination can lead to risk taking, a feeling of "breaking free" from parental and family conditioning as well as the need to jump out of personal ruts and habits. Neptune moves into square with Eros - our passions and desires may be out of alignment as we seek escape through self-medication and the arts. Please have a safe holiday folks.