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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two week period beginning Friday, July 12th 2013

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ARIES:  Mars enters Cancer on the 13th where he will transit until August 27th in your 4th house of home, security, family, parents and real estate.  Some of you may be moving over this time period.  Others are busy in the home working, renovating or engaged in some sort of physical activity.  Be aware that tempers can flare as this assertive energy affects the more sensitive areas of the family past and parenting.  Continue to plan and scheme as Mercury stations direct on the 20th at 13 degrees of Cancer while Mars enter a Grand Trine configuration with Saturn and Neptune.  It’s easy to make advances and to feel supported emotional and financially.  Save your new adventures until August 5th.  The Full Moon on the 22nd in Aquarius your 11th house of goals/friends/associates brings culminations, awareness, chapter endings and responsibility/limitations (as it squares Saturn in your 8th).

TAURUS:  Heavy money expenditures should ease as Mars exits your 2nd house of values, earning and expenditures.  He enters your 3rd house of communications on the 13th where he will stay in Cancer until August 27th.  All forms of communication, travel, sibling situations, writing, teaching, and speaking is strongly highlighted with the caveat that Mercury is retrograde until the 20th but still gaining speed through August 4th.  You are energized and have a lot to say.  Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo on the 22nd sweetening your creativity pot and heart fueled interactions as she transit your 5th house until August 16th.    The Full Moon, also on the 22nd, brings closure, awareness, chapter endings and limitations/responsibility to the area of career, life direction, superiors, a parent and public reputation.  This lunation squares Saturn in your 7th house of partners and relationships.

GEMINI:  Mars exits your sign and enters your 2nd house of Cancer on the 13th – a time when expenditures may rise but so will income.  What you value is important now too as you desire items that help feather the nest of hearth and home.  The Grand Trine is in effect mid-month supporting your work efforts, compassionate career/life goals and talent/abilities/self-esteem.  Venus enters your 4th house of home and personal life on the 22nd where she will soften and warm your personal and family life through August 16th.  The Full Moon in Aquarius, also on the 22nd, brings closure, culminations, awareness and the need for balance between the big picture and the fine print details.  This lunation squares up to Saturn in your 6th house suggesting extra responsibilities or limitations are felt in the daily operations of publishing, travel, teaching and media.

CANCER:  Both Mars and the asteroid Pallas enter your sign during this forecast period.  Mars energizes and sometimes “over” asserts one’s desires and personal goals – through August 27.  Pallas, on the other hand, keeps up appearances and remains detached as she states her case in order to bring about the changes she deems necessary – she will be lending her intellectual prowess though mid-September.  As the Grand Trine in water connects mid-month a feeling of wellbeing and destiny flows into your consciousness.  Mercury begins to right himself on the 20th beginning the clearing up and out process of any lingering personal confusions.  The Full Moon occurs on the 22nd in your 8th house of sharing and long term finances squaring up to limiting and responsible Saturn in your 5th house of fun, children and romance.  Money issues need to be tended to before a personal desire can be fulfilled.

LEO:  Mars entrance into your 12th house on the 13th and lasting through August 27th encourages you to turn the volume down, lessen your physical output and let things “be.”  You need more rest, downtime and floating time especially at the Full Moon in your opposite of Aquarius on the 22nd bringing a level of awareness, culmination, validation and chapter ending (in order to begin anew) in important relating dynamics with others.  What requires more balance between your needs and another’s? A level of awakening occurs as the Sun enters your sign highlighting the start of a new solar year.  Your need for a measure of solitude and privacy continues but Mercury’s direct station on the 20th begins to bring a level of accuracy to your dealings behind the scenes and to those having health issues.  Continue to exercise patience trusting in allowing things to unfold at their own rate. 

VIRGO:  Venus enters your sign on the 22nd highlighting a period through August 16th when it simply feels “easier” to attract good things/people and circumstances into your life.  Mars enters Cancer your 11th house of personal goals, dreams, friendships and team activities.  You need an extra dose of autonomy within your social pack and as Mercury begins to straighten himself on the 20th those clouds of confusion begin to slowly clear.  The Full Moon on the 22nd falls in your 6th house of work and responsibilities.  Some closure, awareness and chapter endings our found in your day to day work life and chores.  Perhaps a health situation is handled, addressed and/or accurately diagnosed.  Saturn suggests the Full Moon carries a serious message or agreement.

LIBRA:  Planetary energy gathers at the apex of your chart, the 10th house as Mars joins the developments lending a degree of drive and ambition to your career and life direction.  This can also suggest a time to be extra aware of your assertive energy with a parent and/or authority figure.  The Grand Trine in water is now in operation providing flow and support in the areas of earnings, self-esteem, career, reputation and the daily schedule and obligations.  The Full Moon occurs on the 22nd in your 5th house of love, creativity and children.  The Aquarian Full Moon also squares up to Saturn in your 2nd house of earnings and self-esteem.  With awareness and culminations comes increased resource investment and responsibility.

SCORPIO:  Mars exits your 8th house of finance, debt, pay-outs and what you owe others – whew!  Now the planet of energy, ego, and desire shifts into the expanding 9th house of beliefs, higher mind, travel, education, publishing, media, legalities and ceremony where he will transit until August 27th.  Mercury is “just” beginning to straighten out in this very area encouraging a level of patience as you gather information and allow the right opportunity to “align.”  The Grand Trine in water mid-month assures that your innate creativity and desire to get it out to a larger audience is in alignment with the higher good.  The Full Moon occurs on the 22nd in your 4th house of home, parents, living situations and personal life.   Culminations, chapter endings and increased awareness between your personal and public life are in the frame.  The Full Moon squares up to Saturn in your sign suggesting a level of limitation or responsibility.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars joins Jupiter in your 8th house of financial protection, psychological healing, resources and people “showing” up to help you out.  Although Jupiter suggests financial health over the long term Mars may indicate increasing expenditures, tax bills, or a large payment that becomes due.  Mars will be transiting this area until August 27th.  Mercury turns stationary direct (also in your 8th house) on the 2oth but does not reach his full operational speed until August 4th.  The Full Moon on the 22nd brings closure, culminations and awareness in the areas of travel, writing, speaking and education as it falls in Aquarius your 3rd house.

CAPRICORN:  Your 7th house currently houses a retrograde Mercury and Jupiter the planet of knowledge and expansion.  On the 13th the planet of ego, assertion and drive joins them as Mars ingresses Cancer until August 27th.  The Grand Water Trine is exact mid-month providing flow, idealism, kismet and dreams in your connections, relationships, travel plans and educational pursuits.  Mercury begins to right himself on the 20th bringing more clarity and understanding in your communications and agreements.  The Full Moon occurring in your 2nd house of earning, talents, stuff that you own and self-esteem brings a culmination, chapter end, awareness around your earnings vs. others resources.  Some may be finishing up a “way” of making money.  This lunation squares Saturn in your 11th house of future plans, friendships and technology. 

AQUARIUS:  Your personal Full Moon occurs on the 22nd at 0 degrees of Aquarius bringing a personal culmination, awareness, physical or health situation to a close/awareness, and your needs vs. a partner’s needs.  This lunation squares up to Saturn in your 10th house of parents, authority figures, career and life direction.  Mars leaves fellow air sign Gemini and heads into your 8th house of sex, debt, loans, partner’s money, intimacy and trust issues.  This may bring some large expenditure your way as Mars will transit your 8th house until August 27th.  The Sun ingresses your 7th house of partnership on the 22nd suggesting a 4 week period of taking other people’s needs, opinions and desires into account.  When the Sun is the furthest away from you sun sign as he is now it can also be a time of decreased energy and vitality – rest up!

PISCES:  After rumbling around your 4th house of home, family, real estate, and personal life, Mars now ingresses into Cancer your 5th house of love, pleasure, taking a chance (usually on yourself), kids and romance until August 27th.  Jupiter reaches out from your 5th house to Neptune in your 1st house of identity, sense of self and any doubts about your personal value, to Saturn in your 9th house of belief systems, spirituality, travel, education and anything which broadens your mind.  This is called a Grand Trine occurring in the Fire Houses of Spirit and Soul Development – enjoy the feeling of connection and support mid-month – trust it too.  Venus heads into your 7th house of others on the 22nd sweetening the relating pot and the Full Moon also on the 22nd, occurs in your 12th house of spirit, seclusion, secrets and volunteerism.  Culminations, chapter endings, validations and conclusions around illness or hospitals is suggested.