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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, June 7th 2013

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ARIES:  As Neptune turns retrograde in the area of experience relating to spirit, the subconscious, and dreaming, allow yourself free time to connect with your desires and talents.  The Saturn Neptune trine suggests that tending to your internal desires can help them manifest externally.  Loans, research, psychology, prayer, volunteerism, and hidden support are areas of focus and development.  The New Moon on the 8th creates a fresh platform for sibling relationships, buying and selling, writing, speaking, educational activities, and travel.  Any fears that come up at the New Moon are there for your awareness, which in turn can be a path to healing.  Keep yourself grounded while upping your levels of compassionate self-care.

TAURUS:  The Saturn Neptune trine encourages you to take steps to make a dream or two a reality.  Friends, alliances, and important relationships offer you a safe place in which to trust yourself more.  The New Moon initiates opportunities to add income and use your talents in a more effective and visible way.  Fears and uncertainties may arise at this lunation and bring up old self-esteem issues—bah humbug!  These come up to help you master those ancient self-doubts about your abilities.  Venus transits your 3rd house of travel, communications, and education.  There is a lot of love to be found in your everyday dealings with others.

GEMINI:  A work reverie can be expected this week as a retrograding Neptune and Saturn connect and offer you the opportunity (again) to build those castles in the sky.  But these are not illusive daydreams—they are real possibilities for you!  Your personal New Moon falls on the 8th and heralds a time for personal initiation, increased self-confidence, and important actions that steer your future course.  Any fear and confusion around your public and vocational areas point to areas that need your self-love and attention.  Mercury begins his shadow phase this week which brings a slow down and review period.  Opportunities from your past can resurface regarding money, earnings, and work opportunities.

CANCER:  The energy is picking up and supporting your emotional orientation and sense of identity.  A Grand Trine occurs in the water signs, enhancing your identity, creativity, and systems of belief.  Opportunities may arise in the areas of dating, children, media, promotions, travel, and creative projects.  The New Moon opens portals of subconscious activity, including your spiritual life, dreaming, and innate creative abilities.  Any fears and doubts that creep in at this lunation are meant to show you chinks in your faith and where more healing and self-mastery is needed.

LEO:  New Moons are especially important for your life cycles as your solar energy receives a shot of emotional fuel.  The New Moon on the 8th indicates fresh initiatives in dreams, friendships, goals, technology projects, and group associations.  Any old limiting fears that surface are here for you to heal and master. The Saturn Neptune trine supports your inner world of well being, personal security, and financial development.  Trust that a real estate, financial, or investment goal is within reach.

VIRGO:  Mercury enters his shadow phase this week (beginning his slow down for the retrograde later this month) and brings a measured quality to your interactions with others and future-oriented projects.  Trust the process, as something or someone valuable is due to return from your past towards the end of the month and into July.  The New Moon in Gemini on the 8th shines on your public life, career, parental relationships, status, and reputation.  Sensitivities may arise in personal and business relationships (competitors, clients, professionals), stirring up old judgments within your mind and psyche. These surface for a reason—namely, for you to focus on awareness, healing, and mastering your perceived flaws and foibles.  Notice I say “perceived.”

LIBRA:  Lively adventures are encouraged at the New Moon in your 9th house of travel, learning, media, promotions, and educational endeavors. Fellow air sign Gemini is suggesting opportunity is at hand.  Sensitivities are also apparent at this lunation regarding your health, co-workers, or pets.  A healing and mastery is at hand to quell old fears and doubts regarding your value and worth.. All the while Venus is activating a level of charm and appreciation for your talents in your 10th house of career and public reputation.  The Saturn Neptune trine is intent on building bridges between your creativity and your earning potential – take a step and trust your dreams.

SCORPIO:  Since October Saturn has plodded through your sign, building your strength and helping you set stronger personal boundaries.  He reaches out to Neptune this week and provides an opportunity to solidify a creative or romantic dream.  Think high ideals, commitment, and sustainability and you are on the right track.  The New Moon in Gemini on the 8th opens up pathways to investments, inheritance, insurance, commissions, going deeper with a partner, and support from others.  Jupiter has been moving through this very area helping you along in psychological healing and psychic recuperation.  While Mars stills occupies this sector the responsibilities surrounding debt and payments continue, but divine help is on the way.

SAGITTARIUS:  This is the last month that Jupiter will occupy your house of partnership, clients, hired professionals, competitors, and relationships.  The New Moon in Gemini on the 8th brings a level of culmination and “ta-da” moments.  Clear pathways are opening wider in your relationships to the others in your world.  A connection to Chiron suggests that old influences of a limiting sort that have been hanging around are ripe for head-on awareness, compassion, and healing.  The Saturn Neptune trine bridges the subconscious mind (desires, limiting beliefs, innate creativity) with pleasure, compassion, beauty, and comfort in your personal life.  Making the ideal real is the energetic combination. What do you dream of creating in your home, personal life, or with family that has until now felt elusive?  Take a step and trust the universe.

CAPRICORN:  The older Cappies get, the more open they are to magical experiences.  Often the serious and responsible life situations open up in later years to wisdom and a certain relationship with levity.  Saturn reaches out to dream weaver Neptune from your 11th to 3rd houses, offering an opportunity to manifest a dream or two—or three or four.  These dreams involve some element of the future, a personal goal, communications, travel, education, a sibling situation, or your local environment.  Take a step and believe.  Yes, more work and tasks are on your plate at the New Moon in your 6th house on the 8th.  Something sensitive is rubbed at this lunation regarding a limiting belief or a communication style from self or others that is less than supportive.  Awareness is the key to transform or release the old patterns of limitation.

AQUARIUS:  Jupiter finishes up a year-long transit of your 5th house.  Some of you may have become parents this year, begun a relationship, delved more deeply into your creative impulses, and made more time for fun.  The New Moon on the 8th is the final kick to these areas, creating another level of connection with all things heart centered.  Some sensitivity is found here which may have to do with beliefs around self-esteem and value.  Whatever turns up is old stuff.  Keep a compassionate aura around yourself and those you care for as you connect with “old scripts” about your worth and value – they need clearing, awareness, and healing.  Saturn’s trine to Neptune suggests an opportunity within your life direction, career, reputation, and self-worth.  A dream can be acted on now and converted into a work-oriented reality.  The only thing in your way is you!

PISCES:  Validation for who you are is on the way!  Your sensitivities, insights, instincts, and creativity are receiving a viable platform via the Venus connection to Saturn and Neptune.  Value regarding your heart-centered creativity merges with real-time manifestation in your 9th house of faith and connects with your sensitivity and compassion for this human journey.  Media, publishing, promotions, education, travel, affairs of the heart, creativity, love, and a sense of personal affirmation are at hand.  The New Moon on the 8th in your 4th house of Gemini offers an opportunity to move your sense of personal security up a notch.  Rest assured that old wounds are floating to the surface not to be your lot in life, but for you to acknowledge and release them.  The Saturn Neptune trine continues to build bridges, soften overly rigid beliefs, and give you the faith to believe in your personal creations.