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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, June 14th 2013

Photo courtesy of Judy Anderson

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ARIES:  This is a special week in the area of communications, agreements, contracts, and educational pursuits as the potential for unusually satisfying developments are at hand.  Mars sextiles Uranus, signaling positive movement in your goals and discussions.  On the 19th a Sun Jupiter conjunction presents further opportunities in writing, publishing, commercial activity, and academic projects.  This is a once-a-year configuration and it places an important opportunity squarely in your path.  The 20th highlights a Mercury Venus conjunction and portends personal satisfaction at the core of your being and in your personal life.  Chiron retrogrades in your house of spirit and the subconscious mind until mid-November, supporting the ability to connect more deeply with your innate intuition and instincts.  The moxie to heal and become more whole is your birthright.

TAURUS:  Venus is on the move. She first makes a highly supportive connection with the teacher and healer Chiron and then with the communication planet Mercury.  This brings supportive developments in your goals, friendships, and team efforts and may involve teaching and energy work.  Agreements, writing deals, and speaking and educational activities are divinely bolstered, validating your beliefs.  Opportunities to increase finances and affirm your talents shine brightly on the 19th when the Sun makes a special conjunction to Jupiter.  Chiron turns retrograde until mid-November and allows you to be more available within your important friendships and with team members.  Challenges with technology and social networking slow as you process and integrate another level of learning.

GEMINI:  Understanding and opportunity are due to you before Jupiter exits your sign and are made possible by the Sun Jupiter conjunction.  Your consciousness expands to incorporate the past year’s intensification of personal faith and self expression.  A rare opportunity is on tap on the 19th when the Sun Jupiter conjunction delivers opportunity, personal validation, and perhaps the actualization of a dream.  Mercury picks up on this when he conjuncts Venus in the slice of life ruling money, commerce, and the application of your talents and abilities.  A shot of good fortune is on the way.  Chiron turns retrograde until mid-November in your career house, allowing you the space to perfect a work in progress regarding healing, teaching, alternative medicine or mentoring.

CANCER:  Synchronicity is an event tied to a feeling, thought, or instinct.  Many feel it proves there is a higher connection within our Universe and that energy attracts energy like a magnet.  The Sun Jupiter connection occurs on the 19th in your 12 house of spirit, subconscious mind, dreams, talents, and abilities.  Expect an element of magic this week that ties together your instincts with external developments.  This is a highly positive day designed to prove that you are much more than simply a body walking the earth.  The following day brings more positive manifestations when Mercury conjuncts Venus in your sign and delivers agreements, words of love, and affection.  Trust this.  Chiron turns stationary retrograde until mid-November and brings the breathing space to hone and develop your media, educational, teaching, publishing, and travel plans. The time for fresh action commences this fall.

LEO:  A special dream or connection arrives on your doorstep with the Sun Jupiter conjunction on the 19th.  The expanding influence occurs in the area of dreams, goals, friendships, and those who support you.  This week an adventurous opportunity may be on tap which connects you with positive influences and people.  Travel, publishing, media, education, or legal developments may be in the frame.  Chiron turns stationary retrograde in the area of psychological healing, trust, shared resources, alimony, inheritances, and long-term financial management.  Time is on your side since you have until mid-November to untangle and incorporate the changes and sensitive situations that have arisen over the past several months. 

VIRGO:  Career developments peak this week with the Sun Jupiter conjunction in your 10th house of public life, relationship status, and life mission.  Positive developments can be expected and at least one opportunity is set to see your star rise in a public way.  Mercury follows up your good fortune with a conjunction to affirming Venus in the area of hopes, dreams, and wishes.  Your social circle also supports you.  Chiron turns stationary retrograde this week in your house of partnership, allowing the changes, coaching, mentoring, clientele, and competitor energy to abate while you go deeper to incorporate your life experiences and healing energies.

LIBRA:  Venus trines Chiron on the 14th and connects your reputation and conscientious work habits, suggesting a time of recognition in your career and public life.  Chiron seeks a deepening of your skills and incorporates the teacher, healer, and championing of others. Chiron retrogrades in your 6th house of service, employees, health, and pets, allowing for more integration and assimilation in your daily schedule and responsibilities.  High minded goals, aspirations, and spiritual events unfold with important others and clientele.  This energy builds to a positive crescendo at the Sun Jupiter conjunction on the 19th.  An opportunity for getting your message out to a broader audience is possible, as are opportunities for travel, education, and publishing. 

SCORPIO:  Before Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves out of your 8th house of financial investment and intimacy he is contacted by the energizing Sun and brings opportunities involving others’ resources — financial, emotional, and intellectual.  Accept the gift horse without too much discernment as it appears to be the real deal.  Messages from afar in publishing, media, or travel are sweet and supportive this week.  Words spoken towards the end of this forecast period will bolster your belief system and adventurous spirit.  Chiron turns retrograde this week in the heart-centered 5th house, allowing for reflection through mid-November on what fortifies, heals, and supports your creative life. 

SAGITTARIUS:  The Sun makes his annual conjunction to your ruler Jupiter – bearer of gifts, knowledge, good will, and expansion.  Before Jupiter heads out of your 7th house of others and into the deeper realms of psychology, trust, healing, and sharing, he brings opportunities and support in the most beneficial way possible.  Teaming up with another in the spirit of growth is hugely supported this week.  Work life will provide affectionate correspondence and experiences this week as well.  Your day-to-day environment is supportive and for some, romantic.  Chiron turns retrograde in your 4th house of personal life, home, family, and real estate.  The sometimes sensitive lessons you’ve experienced over the past several months in your personal life ease up as you commit to a more compassionate and healthier lifestyle on behalf of self and those you love.

CAPRICORN:  Work, health, to-do lists, co-workers, and situations with pets are positively highlighted at the Sun Jupiter conjunction in your 6th house of daily schedule and mind-body connection.  Opportunity for advancement at work is possible. This is not a promotion but rather acknowledgement for a job well done.  Appreciation comes through your partnerships on the 20th as Mercury conjuncts loving and financially savvy Venus in your 7th house of partnership.  The Chiron retrograde indicates a time for integration in your teaching, coaching, mentoring, educational skills, and communications.  This can include wounding or hurtful situations with siblings and within your local environment.  The confusion and pain abate, allowing time for recuperation and mental processing.

AQUARIUS:  Any limiting (even hurtful) experiences you’ve suffered regarding your talents, resources, and money begin to soften as the centaur planet Chiron turns retrograde in your 2nd house.  Through mid-November you have time to connect with your value system and, more importantly, how to go about feeling more valued in the marketplace.  Mars reaches out to Uranus this week, striking a high note of confidence and action in your creative endeavors, love life, and relationships.  The Sun Jupiter connection helps you broaden your horizons through love, romance, children, and the pleasures of life.  Grab on with both hands and appreciate life to its fullest.  Work and the daily routine offer up sweet compliments and appreciation as Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 20th to make you feel supported in the services you offer and with the folks at work.

PISCES:  Chiron is retrograde this week in your sun sign and brings a softening influence. This centaur planet is intent on committing to a path of healing and knowledge building. But because planets are most powerful when in station, a personal circumstance may feel more pronounced.  Trust that through mid-November you will have the opportunity to work through (in a more private way) the lessons surrounding your healing journey.  The Sun Jupiter conjunction brings healing and support to the core of your being as they connect in your 4th house of home, security, and personal life on the 19th.  The following day words of love and support can be found as Mercury connects with affectionate Venus in your 5th house of self-expression, love, children, and pleasure.