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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, June 6th 2013

Morning Fog ~ Photo by Scott Anna
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Thursday, June 6th: Gracious surrender? Perhaps a concept to ponder on today as we are still in Moon VOID until late tonight EDT while Neptune is stationing retrograde. Pushing forward objectives, desires and "our" way may not be useful today as Mars is squaring up to Neptune adding to the "be with what is" energy. Mars is shadow boxing with Neptune. Mars = ego and desire while Neptune = surrender and unconditional love. Hmmm. Pushing forth agendas can result in frustration which can lead to the desire to "escape" our disappointment. Did I mention that the Sun is also conjunct the asteroid Chaos?

It may be helpful to simply accept what is on your plate while connecting with a higher level of "it is what it is." The New Moon in Gemini occurs Saturday morning and will bring a level of forward movement. Take it slow today and tomorrow knowing that others are experiencing their own frustrations and thwarting of desires. Hold your personal values close as Venus is bringing a measure of groundedness and heart energy as we head into Friday.

Neptune transits often point to soggy weather too...we are expecting the arrival of Tropical Storm Andrea tomorrow here on the Outer Banks of NC. She's heading up the East Coast. Stay safe, dry and peaceful.