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Monday, June 10, 2013

On the heels of the 3rd Uranus Pluto square we introduce Mr. Edward Snowden

Incidentally, he grew up in Elizabeth City, NC 30 miles away from my home ~

This is not particularly my forte nor area of expertise - studying global events in an astrological context but the transits and energy patterns are too compelling.  In the US Sibley chart Uranus is transiting the 4th house of home (land), who one "really" is and privacy.  Uranus in Aries speaks to the individual and is a particularly autonomous sign.  Pluto is transiting the US 1st house of identity and how one present's oneself to the outside world (power and control).

Mercury has today entered his shadow phase and will be retrograding on the 26th in the sign of Cancer - the US sun sign.  Mercury rules information, data and communication.  Mercury is currently conjuncting the US Sun.

Ok, on Thursday when the story broke Neptune the planet of lies, deception, highest ideals and altruism (for the good of the whole) was stationary retrograde in the sign that Mercury rules - the 3rd house of communication, email, texting and telephones - our daily contacts.  Mars was moving into conjunction with Pallas the warrior and fighter of truth.  Pallas is the persuasive force for Mars and Jupiter - she gives them a brain and has the intellectual influence to debate and persuade (legal systems).

The Sun had just ingressed the 7th house of others, the public, open enemies, and was conjuncting the asteroid Chaos.

On Saturday the New Moon occurred in the US 7th house squaring Chiron (the wounded healer) in the 3rd house of communication and made an exact trine to Juno (fairness) in the 11th house of the collective and technology.

As Mercury slows down and turns retrograde we can predictably expect plenty of misinformation surrounding this jaw dropping event.  He will not move out of his shadow until July 20th when he again exactly conjuncts the US Sun in the 8th house of shared resources, seeking to understand the motivations of others, issues of trust, budgets and inherited situations (Obama has expanded what Bush started).

We have a Full Moon at 2 degrees of Capricorn in the 1st house of "appearances" in the US chart on the 23rd.  An element of culmination and awareness but the facts are not yet in with Mercury in retrograde.

On a personal note I was stunned when Snowden came forward and pleasantly surprised to see what appears to be an act of altruisim in what is increasingly a surreal and insane global landscape.  In my early years I worked for an R&D company that specialized in high speed encryption products - software and hardware.  Within a year of my arrival I was absorbed into a spin out, for profit company that worked closely with the NSA (they had funded the research) and interfaced with them on a semi-regular basis.  These were products to secure large amounts of data over the internet - 10 bit key lengths (for you techies) developed for clients such as hospitals, oil companies and of course, the government.

Interesting times....