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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jupiter into Cancer

Jupiter, photo by NASA

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Jupiter ingresses the sign of Cancer on June 25th where he will reside until July 2014.  In Cancer, the US sun sign we might expect an expansion in women’s issues, real estate, the restaurant industry, and childbirth.  Home and hearth is important and a feeling of “family,” safety and nurturing.  Jupiter represents the desire for knowledge, education, belief systems, religion, exaggeration, expansion and opportunity.  Mercury and the Sun are transiting through Cancer bringing conscious awareness and information gathering.  What do we want?  What “feels” comforting to us?  Mercury turns retrograde just one day after Jupiter enters Cancer supporting a time for gathering information on the instinctual and feeling levels.  Mercury retrograde supports us in taking our time to gather information and to get in touch with our instinctual sentient self before externalizing binding agreements, plans and purchases.

Black Moon Lilith has also entered the sign of Cancer for the remainder of the year supporting awareness regarding our female archetypes and shadow areas.  Some dark and powerful feelings/instincts regarding the desire to control the female energy can be prevalent from both genders surrounding feelings/views of motherhood, female sexuality and power. 

I feel (hopefully) this may be a strengthening against Saturn/Scorpio energy regarding the conservative quarters of our government seeking to control women’s health and reproductive rights.  More anti-abortion bills have been written this year than in any recent years in history.  We have a faction seeking to control access to birth control pills and Planned Parenthood facilities that provide women’s health services such as cervical and breast exams (not just abortions folks).  With Jupiter in the sign of “motherhood” hopefully we will see the strengthening of “laws” that support when and how we “choose” to interact in the areas of family and when we choose to become mothers. 

ARIES:  Jupiter ingressing your 4th house of home and family suggests a time to seek inner peace and security.  Jupiter will help you to improve your family relationships, living situations and personal security.  The coming year can be a fertile time to clean up domestic issues through something new coming to light.  Generosity at home opens the pathway for family to be generous with you as well.  Concentrating on your personal life can make your foundations strong allowing you to go forth in your career and public life.  Your relationships with your parents may strengthen and can be a source of support and benefit.  This transit can help you to increase your sense of personal security and inner confidence.  You are able to handle some truths about yourself and integrate this knowledge into your life in a positive manner. 

TAURUS:  Jupiter’s transit through your 3rd house over the coming year seeks to strengthen your contacts with others.  Expansion of perception is the experience now as your view of your personal everyday surroundings is meant to increase in a positive way.  Advanced training in an area of study that interests you can be in the offing.  More travel on a regular basis can bring a sense of growth as can a new automobile and communication equipment.  Relationships with relatives – brothers, sisters, cousins etc., can be very good and supportive now too.  If you have been suffering from depression or limiting patterns of thought you may find that Jupiter’s influence helps you to break out of and above your internal landscape.  Communications with others are better than usual as your attitude strengthens and supports you, you will attract more positive influences into your life.

GEMINI:  Actualizing through material acquisition and financial abundance can be the meaning of Jupiter through your 2nd house of values, earnings and self-esteem.  The need to handle your resources and to find “meaning” within this task is at hand.  Spiritual values may increase with the planet of growth and expansion as you connect with more resources that validate and increase your view of the world around you.  An increase in earnings and acknowledgement for your talents can also manifest. 

CANCER:  You are entering a new cycle of growth urging you to discover who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.  You will feel increasingly more self-assured and confident as Jupiter transits through your sign.  Any discouragements or perceived failures should fade stage right as you connect with more opportunities for personal growth.  For some, this can bring an inflated sense of self-importance in a world where narcissism is fed and nurtured (reality tv shows) and a sense of increased entitlement presides.  People and resources will increase as you raise your personal vibration and reach out for more experiences and opportunities.  The spiritual dimensions of life may deepen and expand helping you create a “center” and foundation that supports and sustains you. 

LEO:  You have the capacity to learn a great deal about the spiritual dimensions of life.  Meditation, yoga, dreams, and reflective time can benefit your greatly.  Your ego needs may tend to soften over the coming 12 month period as you connect more deeply with life affirming truths regarding the human experience of living on earth.  You can look more compassionately at those around you as well as yourself and forgive more deeply.  Prayer is also a powerful influence as you realize that everything is energy including your thoughts and emotions.  Understanding the manifestation process – “what you focus on expands,” can be a habit that you develop and apply in your daily living.  Non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals and volunteering may become areas of importance and focus for you.  You seek knowledge that will give you support and comfort.

VIRGO:  It is quite possible that a personal dream may be actualized as Jupiter transits your 11th house of hopes, ideals and wishes.  Meeting people of “like mind” and optimism is more pronounced as you seek to reach out to others in mutually beneficial ways.  This is not a time when you should go it alone.  Working with groups and teams is supported as you are meant to grow from being a part of something larger than yourself.  Idealism and altruism is increased with Jupiter’s transit.  Friendships and social contacts are positive as people will help you out and provide information and support in an effort to help you reach your goals.  Technology projects and expansion through social media is also supported.

LIBRA:  Profession, career, social status and reputation are the areas that Jupiter’s transit through your 10th house is seeking to expand and nurture.  For many people this will be a time of increased opportunity in avocation and life direction.  Increased feelings of self-confidence and your abilities are the conduits for success.  You are more visible now in a public way.  It may also be possible that you connect with Jupitarian areas of work including:  teaching, healing, publishing as well as increased interaction with foreign entities.  As always Jupiter can indicate overbearing or arrogant behavior – an inflated sense of self-importance which will be much more evident to others.  You need an increased sense of family and nurturing in your profession and life to have meaning.

SCORPIO:  The 9th house is Jupiter’s natural home and suggests that over the next 12 month period life perspective can expand tremendously.  You may have opportunities for travel, learning and also teaching others in either a formal or informal setting.  Your desire to learn is expanded – spirituality, religious and philosophical subjects are typical interests during this transit.  Publishing and other communication media are also well supported now for writers and educators.  Foreign contacts and companies may become more prevalent in your life.  Outgrowing prejudices and conditioned (inherited) beliefs through expanding your knowledge can be areas of growth and expanded consciousness.  Generally legal situations may improve if there have been difficulties or barriers.

SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter ingresses your 8th house suggesting a time of psychological healing, support from others and financial protection.  Whatever your circumstance you may find that what you need appears in whatever way it needs to.  Pooling your resources with another can be a beneficial experience through which you may feel an increased sense of trust and support.  Bank loans, investments and long term financial planning should work in your favor.  This can also be a time of religious and spiritual regeneration creating influences that help you to heal and release those influences that have created psychological stress and depression.  Identifying old patterns that no longer serve your health and healing is probable.

CAPRICORN:  During Jupiter’s transit of your 7th house you should encounter people who are more willing to help you out in various ways.  You need other people’s assistance and support as they also provide a mirror in which to see yourself more clearly.  Client development is supported as are intimate partnerships.  The 7th house also includes professionals and experts who are hired to assist us in various ways and this is a year to connect in positive ways to others expertise and experience.  Jupiter in the 7th can also suggest closer relationships with those of foreign birth or with someone who’s background and life experience is “foreign” to your frame of reference.  Any intimate relationship at this time can expand your views and your understanding of the world simply by dealing with him or her.

AQUARIUS:  The 6th house of duty, responsibility and service is the area of Jupiter’s expansive quality over the next 12 month period.  Work can be very fulfilling and enjoyable to you now, giving you an increased sense of purpose and structure for your life.  You desire a personal and family “feel” to your daily life and schedule as you seek to be of service to others.  This desire in turn, can lead to better employment opportunities and an improved job situation.  You may find others in your work environment to be more upbeat and supportive leading to an increased self-esteem in the services that you offer.  More work may be on offer and although you probably will not be promoted this can lead to plenty of validation from superiors and clients.  Positive developments in health and with pets can occur too!

PISCES:  Creative self-expression is the area of benefit and growth due to Jupiter’s transit of your 5th house.  Finding the courage to be you and to express yourself to others without fear or apology leads to personal growth and creativity.  Your relationship with others can improve tremendously.  Children’s affairs and your relationship with them is another area of expansion as the parenting energy of Cancer expands.  Providing what they need in their personal development is easier now.  Producing more creative work is supported which may lead to more money than usual.  Love relationships should expand and teach you more about yourself and your world.  You want to show more of yourself over the next 12 months resulting in increased personal growth and self-esteem.