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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday, May 24th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Friday, May 24th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:  The Moon in emotionally deep Scorpio goes VOID at 9:56 a.m. until she ingresses Sagittarius at 5:50 p.m. EDT.  Mid-evening a beautiful conjunction occurs between Mercury and Venus in communicative Gemini.  Words of love, socializing, pleasant journeys and positive emotions are on tap for the kick off of the US Memorial Weekend Holiday.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs just after midnight on Saturday US EDT at 4 degrees bringing culminations, awareness, and need to balance our mental thoughts with our spiritual yearnings.  This is doubly enhanced by the square to Neptune.  What "feels" like clear thinking, decisions, discussions or agreements may not bear weight under the light of day.  Take your time, wait things out, check to see that people's feet are matching their lips and commit to not commit. :)  On the other hand, this is a fine time for forays into music, art and cinematic pleasures. 

A chapter ending or culmination is at hand the harkens back about 1.5 years ago. Perhaps some are  finishing up educational endeavors, writing projects, buying/selling or embarking upon a trip that has been planned for eons.