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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17th & the Weekend ~

My office ~ by Jean

Pre-Recorded or via Phone

Friday, the Moon continues her transit through Leo today - playful, demonstrative and emotionally fixed (please don't thrust decisions upon me). We're heading into the 3rd Uranus Pluto square (exact on Monday) quickly followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. If you feel like life is speeding you along an unfamiliar track of land stay in the moment, go with the flow and see what situations develop. A wait and see approach throughout this week can work to your benefit - Lunar Eclipses can be very emotionally "reactive."

Especially important on SATURDAY when Mercury moves into a square with Neptune - things are not quite what they appear to be and our cognitive process may be a little soggy and left of center. Yet, Venus is sextiling Uranus seeking the new, different, innovate and inspired. Friends and group dynamics can be especially fulfilling just don't take everyone at their word (Mercury/Neptune). The Moon shifts into discriminating and analytical Virgo early in the a.m. for the remainder of the weekend.

On SUNDAY the asteroid of love and passion, Eros ingresses earthy Taurus where he will transit until June 28th. Eros in Taurus is an orientation towards physical pleasure. Pure and natural, undiluted personal and sensual gratification. Taurus can also be possessive of those pleasures in an extremely dogmatic way....."mine!"