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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday, May 30th and beyond...

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Thursday, May 30th: The Centaur planet Nessus stations retrograde today at 28 degrees of Aquarius. This energy represents the shadow side of relationships including betrayal, abuse, and issues regarding forgiveness and accountability. The Sun makes a trine aspect to Nessus helping us to take a look at those issues without being pulled down into the emotionally reactive. The Moon is in detached Aquarius and enters the creative and spiritual energies of Pisces this evening.

On FRIDAY Mercury and Mars are on the move into new territory. Mercury ingresses Cancer early in the a.m. where he will transit until August 8th (due to his retrograde in June). Communications take on a more emotional and protective tone as we leave the intellectual waters of Gemini and connect with our emotional feelings and instincts. Mars exits earthy Taurus and heads into Gemini signaling a style change in how we exert our desires. Knowledge and information is power. Activities involving travel, education, sales, and communications take on a more proactive energy as Mars transits through Gemini until July 13th.

Flexibility is key on SATURDAY when the Sun forms a sextile to Uranus urging us on to partake of group endeavors and to adapt to new circumstances and situations.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monday, May 27th - Happy Memorial Day and the planets are conspiring to deliver a level of cheer...

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Please note:  The week following the monthly videos I take a break from writing the weekly column as I work through the weekend to prepare and film them.   
Work/Life Balance :)
Monday, May 27th: Happy Memorial Day to those in the US. The Moon is traveling through practical and grounded Capricorn. Mercury moves into conjunction with Jupiter supporting a feeling of mental expansion and increased faith. Activities involving education, long term planning, travel, commerce - buying/selling, inspired discussions and communications are both informative and rewarding.

On TUESDAY Venus follows suit and connects with Jupiter in Gemini, the planet representing growth, opportunity, knowledge and philosophy. Happy influences, feelings and financial opportunities can manifest today bringing a sense of well being, value and support. Love blossoms too... The Moon goes VOID at 2:41 p.m. until 5:49 p.m. EDT when she ingresses Aquarius. Aquarius orients towards the group and is comfortable with a level of detachment coupled with friendly interest.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday, May 24th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Friday, May 24th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:  The Moon in emotionally deep Scorpio goes VOID at 9:56 a.m. until she ingresses Sagittarius at 5:50 p.m. EDT.  Mid-evening a beautiful conjunction occurs between Mercury and Venus in communicative Gemini.  Words of love, socializing, pleasant journeys and positive emotions are on tap for the kick off of the US Memorial Weekend Holiday.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs just after midnight on Saturday US EDT at 4 degrees bringing culminations, awareness, and need to balance our mental thoughts with our spiritual yearnings.  This is doubly enhanced by the square to Neptune.  What "feels" like clear thinking, decisions, discussions or agreements may not bear weight under the light of day.  Take your time, wait things out, check to see that people's feet are matching their lips and commit to not commit. :)  On the other hand, this is a fine time for forays into music, art and cinematic pleasures. 

A chapter ending or culmination is at hand the harkens back about 1.5 years ago. Perhaps some are  finishing up educational endeavors, writing projects, buying/selling or embarking upon a trip that has been planned for eons.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monday, May 20th 2013

Washington Monument ~ Photo by Jean

Monday, May 20th: The 3rd Uranus Pluto square is exact at 6 p.m. EDT but this energy demands a respectful birth on either side of it's configuration. We are at the mid-point suggesting that a level of awareness is taking hold regarding what is working, what is not working, where the areas for change and release are focused and where we need a little more autonomy, bravery and room to move. As we head into the square this Fall more answers and problem solving should be unfolding as we deal with our internal conflicts. We are learning new life skills as we realize that out our tool box requires some upgrades and additions.

Venus moves into square with Chiron today adding to any "frozen" feelings we may be dealing with - we may not be open to help or advice nor feeling nurtured or safe enough to extend that to others. The Sun makes his annual ingress into Gemini where the focus shifts from practical and comforting to inquisitive and superficial.

In the late evening Mercury moves into sextile with Uranus supporting our mental intelligence and the ability to detach somewhat in order to respond and make plans. The Moon moves from analytical Virgo into relationship aware Libra a little after 1 p.m. EDT.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17th & the Weekend ~

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Friday, the Moon continues her transit through Leo today - playful, demonstrative and emotionally fixed (please don't thrust decisions upon me). We're heading into the 3rd Uranus Pluto square (exact on Monday) quickly followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. If you feel like life is speeding you along an unfamiliar track of land stay in the moment, go with the flow and see what situations develop. A wait and see approach throughout this week can work to your benefit - Lunar Eclipses can be very emotionally "reactive."

Especially important on SATURDAY when Mercury moves into a square with Neptune - things are not quite what they appear to be and our cognitive process may be a little soggy and left of center. Yet, Venus is sextiling Uranus seeking the new, different, innovate and inspired. Friends and group dynamics can be especially fulfilling just don't take everyone at their word (Mercury/Neptune). The Moon shifts into discriminating and analytical Virgo early in the a.m. for the remainder of the weekend.

On SUNDAY the asteroid of love and passion, Eros ingresses earthy Taurus where he will transit until June 28th. Eros in Taurus is an orientation towards physical pleasure. Pure and natural, undiluted personal and sensual gratification. Taurus can also be possessive of those pleasures in an extremely dogmatic way....."mine!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, May 17th 2013

Edgar Cayce Hospital, VA Beach ~ Photo by Jean

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ARIES:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Aries is the energetic host to the transforming energy of Uranus, the awakener and emancipator.  Another level of change, breaking free, and taking ownership of your individuality is rubbing up against career and life choices.  Changing conditions may force a personal revision, especially if you have been holding on to the status quo.  However, when we align with real inner needs we tend to meet fewer surprises and challenges out there.  The asteroid Vesta encourages you to remain true to your ideals and to believe that personal freedom can be an increasing reality for you.  With Pluto in retrograde until September consider that the force is with you.”

TAURUS:   Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  The mystical, magical, and spiritual world of the 12th house (your subconscious mind and evolutionary history) seeks revelation and awakening.  Proactively working with this energy may encompass devotion to one’s spiritual practice, keeping a dream journal, and inviting (invoking) your spirit guides into your daily world.  Pluto is retrograde in your 9th house of belief systems—where they originated and whether your experience is one of negativity or shoulds.  Perhaps you are a committed atheist who is experiencing nightly visitations and precognitive dreams and in the midst of philosophical dilemmas.  Confidence is with you as Mars continues his transit of your sign.  Eros, the God of Love, enters your sign until the end of June.  Your charm quotient rises and personal passions deepen.

GEMINI:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Revolution is at home in your 11th house of the collective, groups, and humankind.  Pluto is retrograde in your 8th house of psychology and shared resources and his slumber provides space in which to create and connect with another level of self-actualization.  What do you want?  What excites you?  Do you believe you deserve and can have it?  Mercury is closely connected with the square, supporting more awareness, discussions, agreements, and potential breakthroughs.

CANCER:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  These two planets are non-personal in nature and often defy understanding amid the change they bring.  Know that more freedom and authenticity are available in life direction and career even if the results are not quite in.  Changing conditions are forcing you to adapt, and while Pluto retrogrades in the area of partnership and relating dynamics, demonstrate your commitment to be available for vocational opportunities by clearing a little more room in whatever way you can.  Vesta’s transit of your sign urges you to honor and remain committed to your core values.

LEO:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Uranus is always interested in getting free from something. Transiting your 9th house getting free from the beliefs and expectations of the people around you is a continuing theme. This includes folks who reached you at an early age to imprint their doctrine.  Travel or educational pursuits may put a few more miles between you and the perpetrators.  Pluto may present his side of the story as the need to have things done a certain way or else.  Or perhaps a tyrant is the Plutonian force who cracks the whip and demands servitude from you on a daily basis.  The square suggests that you can eke out a little breathing room through literal flight or mental departures that overthrow old belief systems of what a good boy and good girl must do to be approved of.

VIRGO:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Finding emotional stability may not feel within reach but the powers that be resolve to awaken old psychological templates that have been lying dormant for some time.  More change is available, and seeing the change as freedom will be good for your sense of security (even if the pension or insurance plan is not panning out).  Opportunities for new experiences within relationships and in sexual expression are possible.  With Pluto in retrograde, the old dogma of childhood is not as persistent.  Innovative business agreements, contracts, and financial arrangements (also alimony, inheritances, and tax breaks) may come to fruition now.

LIBRA:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square. Saturn has been aiding and abetting Pluto’s stance from the trenches of your 4th house to positive benefit.  Now that Pluto is retrograde until September those niggling family issues are in the background, allowing a clearer sense of freedom and movement in your relationships and relating style.  You can put to bed some family dogma once and for all by taking the attitude of “peace be with you,  I release you now.”  Clear the space and make use of the mental and emotional energy.  Vesta, the asteroid of sacred focus, suggests that you stay with what is comfortable and secure in your career, life mission, and with parental figures.

SCORPIO:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  The need for flexibility in daily living (work, responsibilities, co-workers, pets, and health) again makes contact with the Plutonian energy of power and establishment in education, writing, your internal dialogue, and all sorts of communication.  Are there old scripts running through your head born from influential others in your life?  Where can you seize a little more room in your day-to-day living and work while allowing another layer of limiting beliefs to dissolve once and for all?  Eros, the God of Love, enters your 7th house this week (until June 28th) where he will pursue the quest for pleasure and personal gratification in your relationships.

SAGITTARIUS:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  This is another chance to break through limiting beliefs regarding self-worth and how to earn a living.  The non-personal Uranus simply wants you to embrace more of your creative impulse—nothing personal, it’s simply time for a little more freedom here.  There is also a gathering of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in your 7th house of others. They are ready to support you in these emancipation efforts.  Believing that you can be more, have more, and love your life more is the rudimentary requirement.

CAPRICORN:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Between June 2012 and March 2015 the Uranus pull for freedom in your 4th house of self continues to be challenged by the Plutonian power dictating how you “should” be, present yourself, and participate with others.  Another contact point unfolds this week that could bring changes to free up in your life at the most personal levels.  Change is not always comfortable and can even feel chaotic, but therein lies the opportunity.  Whether circumstances are conspiring to push you off a self-imposed path or you are actively seeking personal emancipation, expect a breakthrough of some sort. 

AQUARIUS:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  The 12th house is a mysterious area of life experience as it speaks to secrets, addictions, that which went on before our arrival (incarnation), solitude, spiritual activity, and dreams.  The 12th house is also the area of natural talent and that which is meant to be shared with society.  Pluto’s transit suggests a long-term transformative quality regarding your talents inherited through the generational pipeline and also talents that may not be fully owned as of yet.  Your ruling planet Uranus represents the voice of God, genius, and innovative energy running through your daily thoughts, perceptions, and communications.  Old fears may surface now but you are encouraged to bring the shadows up into the light. You are in a rare position to transcend them once and for all.

PISCES:  Another power surge is upon you with the third installation of the Uranus Pluto square.  Perhaps your personal desires, dreams, and goals are in a state of flux or an association or group dynamic is undergoing a time of enforced change or dissolution.  Focusing on opportunities and breakthroughs in your personal sense of marketability and talents may be at hand.  The asteroid Vesta is transiting through your 5th house of commitment to personal creativity and the right to express yourself.  She opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, challenging you to remain committed to your personal best.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 9th and the Solar Eclipse on Thursday...

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse ~ visible over Australia and the Pacific Ocean

Wednesday, May 8th: The Moon ingressed Taurus at 6:10 a.m. EDT shifting the emotional energy to one of practicality, comfort with the familiar, sensuality through good food and tactile pleasures. Mars sextiled Chiron early this a.m. supporting a helpful, educational, healing and supportive approach to our tasks and desires.

On THURSDAY the NEW MOON SOLAR Eclipse (Ring of Fire Eclipse - visible over Australia and the Pacific Ocean) is the first in it's pattern of Taurus (for some time) and occurs at 8:29 p.m. EDT. Solar Eclipses set things in motion and bring situations to bear that are game changers and manifestation tools! What do you seek to experience in the realms of finance and personal skill sets? This Eclipse conjuncts the asteroid Pallas, a creative and intelligent energy that helps you to arrange things the way you would like. She is also a persuasive influence should you need to convince someone of something. Mercury is part of the mix as well suggesting that discussion, contracts and planning are supported.

Venus makes her ingress into Gemini where she will transit until June 2nd. Under Gemini's influence we value intelligence, curiosity and the art of conversation. We may also be of "two" minds in the areas of love and money. Mercury opposes the North Node suggesting conscious awareness of developing trends regarding earnings vs. investments, self-esteem vs. sexuality, tangible ownership vs. psychological resources.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, May 10th 2013

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ARIES:  The Eclipse begins another level of development and awareness concerning your value in the marketplace, talents, self-esteem, and earnings.  Psyche, the asteroid of the soul, mind, and the self, is lighting the way for long-term investment possibilities, monies owed, commission structures, inheritances, and insurance policies. Focus on long-term growth even as the Universe jump starts day-to-day income and resource levels.  Both Venus and Mercury transit into your 3rd house of contractual agreements, speaking, writing, commercial activity, and persuasion until the end of the month, raising your intellectual execution and persuasive abilities.

TAURUS:  While the remainder of the year continues to focus on your relating style, partnerships, and working in tandem with other people’s limitations and attitudes, the Eclipse favors a shot of personal development.  Regeneration is suggested in the areas of personal identity and individual growth.  A level of understanding flows through your experiences with others which strengthen your personal resolve and confidence levels.  More will be shown as both Venus and Mercury transit your 2nd house of personal value, worth, and earnings. 

GEMINI:  Both Mercury and the asteroid Psyche are non-emotional energies that connect with the Eclipse in the most sensitive and spiritual area of your chart.  Detached awareness flows through your understanding of addiction issues, the desire to be of service through volunteerism, nonprofit participation, caring for those in need, and the onset of increasing wisdom.  Contemplative activities are strongly encouraged. Make the space to be with the quiet knowing.  Both Venus and Mercury shift into your sign and enhance the ability to attract what you need, speak your truth, and be the author of your life – from the inside out.

CANCER:  You require alliances and networking.  Your next stage of development cannot happen in a vacuum and the Eclipse energy braids together a level of intellectual detachment coupled with a real need to experience life through participation with others.  While the area of continued growth IS centered upon your unique and special qualities, you now need a healthy set of others through which to gauge your confidence levels. Venus and Mercury ingress into your 12th house of rest, solitude, introspection, and spiritual nourishment.  Balancing your need for quiet rejuvenation and social connections is a worthy goal.

LEO:  Can we safely assume, Leo, that some of the changes and opportunities coming your way in public life, career, and life mission have been honed and tended to within your personal world of desire?  Eclipses are harbingers of outward change and typically follow a period of inward gestation.  Your home and personal life continue to be areas of deep soul growth but professional triumphs can leave a happy imprint on your home life as well.  Venus and Mercury skip gaily into your 11th house of connections, networking, and participating in the group mind.  What you say and how you say it will sway a few associates and win over a few more.

VIRGO:  Frequent flyer miles may be in your future as the Eclipse sets off developments in your search for meaning and adventure.  While the nuts and bolts of effective communication continue to be the area of growth this year, outward events encourage a pilgrimage of some sort. Mercury’s participation suggests that circumstances will broaden your mind, deepen your knowledge, and expand your scope of influence.  Venus and Mercury shift into your 10th house of public acknowledgement, life purpose, and career.  You are on display and using your charm and wits to desired effect.

LIBRA:  You are setting terms and handling the emotive power around shared finances, property, intimacy, and personal transformation.  At one level a time-out has been required, allowing the time to consider your current life situation, what needs to stay, and what needs to go,  Psychological realism is necessary as is a cool appraisal of your very real needs vs. what other entities would like from you.  While the growth continues to be focused on personal earning potential, situations arise that require your participation as well as honest appraisal for the long haul regarding finances, investments, taxes, and shared resources.  Venus and Mercury exit your internal crawl space and beckon you to broader vistas, travels, and connection with a broader audience.

SCORPIO:  In accordance with your personal mission this year to shine and develop a stronger sense of inner strength and fortitude, you are now asked to aid and support important others in your world compliments of the Solar Eclipse in your 7th house.  For some this may bring opportunities in professional relationships, personal relationships, or both!  The message is that now is not the time to go it alone and relationships are a proving ground for further developing your sense of self in partnership to another.  Venus and Mercury move into the deeper terrain of the 8th house of sharing and developing stronger bonds of trust.

SAGITTARIUS:  Duties, responsibilities, and daily routines grow more encompassing as the Eclipse shines bright in your 6th house of hard work, employees, and working environment.  This area typically seeks its pound of flesh in the way of sacrifice, and one must do what is asked (think demands of aging parents, children, pets, or employees).  Although the soul growth (North Node in your 12th house) still encourages you to work with the essence, rather than the form, of life, situations arise that require you to handle details, services, and daily tasks.  Mercury and Venus join Jupiter in your 7th house of partners and affirm that the support and the expertise you require is available. 

CAPRICORN:  You need to feel special and to be given a healthy avenue for allowing your heart to shine.  Hence the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in your 5th house of self-expression, play, sport, romance, and fun.  Mercury is closely attached to the event and suggests that children or younger generations are part of the mix.  Psyche beams down from your social and team-oriented 11th house, advising that only soulful and honest participation will truly fit the bill.  Venus and Mercury enter your 6th house of duty, work, and service and add an element of pleasure and grace to your daily activities and chores.

AQUARIUS:  Tending to your home, personal life, and inner self is the mandate at the Eclipse in your 4th house of all things private.  Home projects, buying or selling real estate, Mom and Dad, family dynamics, and those you live with are due for a fresh start and new beginnings.  Although the area of continued growth this year continues to focus on your reputation, status, career, and life mission, now is the time to shore up your foundations and build on a stronger footing in your personal life.  Venus and Mercury shift into fellow air sign Gemini infusing your days with pleasure and youthful energy via children, leisure, play, romance, and sport.

PISCES:  Traveling, learning, and talking are activities central to the Eclipse in your 3rd house.  Perhaps an educational course looms on the horizon, a change in your local neighborhood occurs, or a sibling’s life situation comes front and center.  Although the area of growth this year focuses on the big picture, long journeys, and developing belief systems (North Node transit of 9th house), now is the time for concise and high-functioning communications, exchanges, and mental application.  Venus and Mercury ingress into your 4th house and open portals meant to bring charm, grace, humor, and stronger communications with those in your personal world.