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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, April 5th

Photo by Tisch Perry

ARIES:  Your personal New Moon occurs this week on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries. This is a potent time for fresh initiatives regarding your image, health, and desires.  This lunation brings a conjunction between your ruler Mars and the planet Eris – the twin sister of Mars.  A sorting out may occur in the areas of personal gender roles—female vs. male, nurturing vs. assertion, receiving vs. giving—and your own sense of identity.  The New Moon can also see you work through areas of discord and provides the clarity to help you move through any murky areas that have been around since February.  Venus conjuncts Mars this week and further illuminates your desires and provides you with the energy to act on them.

TAURUS:  Pluto is in sextile to Chiron much of the month, lending a supportive hand to promotional, educational, travel, and media projects and to the areas of technology, peer groups, teams, social connections, and your dreams. Venus conjuncts Mars in your twelfth house of privacy, secrets, research, rest, and contemplation and this, coupled with the New Moon in Aries on the 10th, encourages you to enjoy love and affection behind the scenes.  The most powerful use of your energy is through prayer, meditation, and applying the principals of The Law of Attraction.  The large asteroid Ceres ingresses your third house and exert her mothering and agricultural energy over your communications and community involvement. 

GEMINI:  Your impulse to nurture and be nurtured through offering your talents in service of others occurs as the large asteroid Ceres ingresses your second house of self-esteem and value systems through June 22nd.  The New Moon in your eleventh house of dreams and self-actualization occurs on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  Existing social contacts and friendships receive a breath of fresh air, while new contacts appear on the scene.  Mercury is now clear of his shadow and opens the pathways of clarity in regard to career and public life. 

CANCER:  Warmth, nurturing, and the receiving of support are paramount as the asteroid Ceres enters your sign until June 22nd.  Acceptance and unconditional love are important to you now.  This trend is enhanced by the Pluto Chiron sextile, which connects partnership (in all forms) with your ninth house of spirit, belief systems, prayer, and higher mind.  A sense of warmth envelops you which encourages self-expression and helps you attract all that is healing and soothing to your soul.  The New Moon in your tenth house of life mission and career signals fresh starts in your public life even as you seek to solve any discordant situations with parents and/or authority figures.  Mercury is now clear of his fogginess in the areas of media, travel, legalities, and educational activities.

LEO:  As the Sun, Mars, and Venus transit your ninth house of higher mind, travel, spiritual connections, media, publishing, legalities, and adventure the New Moon delivers a super shot of drive in the areas of personal growth and development.  This New Moon occurs in your ninth house of Aries on the 10th, giving you the energy and vision to reach a new level of understanding and interaction with the world.  Mercury is now clear of his shadow, which means you will have more clarity about your personal finance, debt, loans, and your partner’s participation.  The Pluto Chiron sextile supports your daily work environment and financial health.

VIRGO:  You can now trust the information you receive from important others in your world.  Mercury is clear of his shadow phase and moves confidently through your seventh house.  The New Moon occurs in your eighth house of intimacy, shared finance, investments, and life cycle endings in order to resurrect and begin anew.  Consider this a time to clear out cobwebs and fears and make room for new beginnings.  The Pluto Chiron sextile adds additional energetic support in the areas of love, romance, children, creativity, and partnership support.

LIBRA:  Fresh starts are suggested at the New Moon in your seventh house of partnership on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  Mars also conjuncts the planet Eris and provides the impetus to handle problems or discordant relations head on.  Venus and Mars also conjunct this week and seek an energetic merging of love and passion.  Venus is much more assertive as she transits through direct and self-assertive Aries.  The large asteroid Ceres ingresses your tenth house of Cancer this week where she will seek to give and receive nurturing through career and public contact through June 22nd.  Mothering the world at large becomes a natural source of self-expression.  The Pluto Chiron sextile suggests a healing energy within your home, your deepest sense of self, and your daily work and living environment.

SCORPIO:  Even while you are working hard for the money and handling a multitude of tasks, a supportive trend unfolds in the areas of communications, self-expression, creativity, love, and children’s affairs.  You feel connected as Pluto reaches out to Chiron in a supportive sextile.  The New Moon occurs in your sixth house and super charges your daily to-do list while providing plenty of fresh starts and new conditions.  This New Moon in Aries is also energized by a Mars Eris conjunction, suggesting any simmering issues of discord will be brought to the surface in a direct manner.  Mercury is now clear of his foggy travels and you are given the green light to communicate clearly and plan in the areas of love, creativity, and children’s circumstances.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are heading into an inspiring week as the planets ruling over love, lust, and desire conjunct in your fifth house of true love, the creative impulse, and all things of a passionate nature.  Venus and Mars hug on the 7th just prior to the New Moon in Aries in your fifth house on the 10th.  Even as Mars conjuncts Eris, the planet of discord, the New Moon brings a wave of inspiration and encourages a straightforward approach to any simmering tensions or resentments.  Mercury has freed himself from confusion in your fourth house of home, personal security, where you live, and with whom you live. You now have the green light to plan and make decisions in your personal life, knowing you have gathered all of the facts.  The Pluto Chiron sextile provides the opportunity to connect your deep personal needs with the healing energy of home life and wellbeing.

CAPRICORN:  Healing connections are represented by Pluto reaching out to Chiron in your third house of internal dialogue, writing, speaking, commerce, contracts, and education.  A bridge connects your deep need for meaning with the avenue in which to express your evolutionary development.  Mercury helps the process since is now clear of his shadow phase and moving at full strength in your third house, bolstering Chiron’s connection to Pluto.  The New Moon occurs on the 10th in your fourth house of home, family, parents, and personal life.  You have fresh energy to make changes, handle problems, and implement much needed plans as Mars conjuncts the planet of discord Eris on the same day. 

AQUARIUS:  Mercury has moved out of his shadow phase and is moving at full strength in your second house of earnings, personal property, and value systems.  The New Moon occurs on the 10th in your third house of speaking, writing, local environment, education, and communications.  You can now feel free to engage in commercial activity, sign contracts, and speak your mind, knowing that you have all the facts. As Ceres ingresses your sixth house of work, health, and the daily schedule you will seek to both give and receive support and validity from those you encounter on a regular basis.  All forms of agriculture and gardening are enhanced while this earth mother asteroid transit lasts until June 22nd.  Nonprofit activity, volunteerism, spiritual practice, and your dream life are expanded as Pluto reaches out to Chiron in a healing and supportive fashion.

PISCES:  Finally you are able to move forward with a clear perspective, confidence, and a skip in your step now that Mercury has moved out of his shadow phase in your first house of personal identity, image, and self-expression.  Pluto also reaches out from your eleventh house of dreams and comrades to Chiron in your first house of self, providing support and validity to your goals, dreams, and technology projects.  The New Moon occurs in your second house of earned income, talents, personal stuff, and value systems on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  The large asteroid Ceres heads into your fifth house of love and offspring until June 22nd.  You seek to give and receive unconditional love and nurturing support.