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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week Beginning April 12th 2013

Photo by Linda Karin Hicks

ARIES:  The energy that has asked for you to review your spiritual application now heads into your sign when Mercury ingresses into Aries on the 13th until May 1st.  He brings insight, intuition, and perhaps a secret or two.  Your conscious mind is integrating what you learned during the long Mercury retrograde period, and you can now act on and speak your truth.  Pluto turns retrograde on the 12th until mid-September.  A review of career aspirations, life direction, and vocational passions is required for your evolutionary growth.  What has become outworn, dogmatic, and rigid in these areas of public life?  The Uranus Pluto square in May encourages you to connect more deeply with your need for freedom and the right to be you.  When the Sun conjuncts Mars on the 17th you are off and running.  Venus enters your 2nd house of earnings, self-esteem, and systems of value and will help the flow of abundance as she transits through May 9th.

TAURUS:  Venus enters your sign this week and brings an increased ability to manifest your desires.  Tend to your dreams and focus your emotional energy on all that is beautiful, abundant, and pleasing.  She blesses you with grace and the increased ability to attract your desires through May 9th.  The transformational agent Pluto turns retrograde on the 12th until mid-September in your 9th house of belief systems and spirituality. He urges you to release outdated ideas about the world and your role within it.  Anything that reeks of limitation and dogma is an area for release.  Uranus asks you to connect with your spiritual power and as he connects with Pluto in square aspect next month another shift and release takes place. As Mercury ingresses into your 12th house of spiritual connection and contemplative practice, ask the Universe for what you want!  Trust that it can be so and focus on your passions, which are the fuel for the manifestation process.

GEMINI:  Mercury shifts out of your publically oriented career house and ingresses into your 11th house of boisterous friends, active communications with business associates, technology, social networking, and dream weaving until May 1st.  Pluto turns retrograde until mid-September and encourages an exploration of psychological health, hands-on interaction with corporate money, insurance, benefits and commissions, investments, and other people’s stuff.  This transformative energy also paves the way to look deeply at what motivates you in your life.  As the Uranus Pluto square prepares to engage in May, old psychological conditioning bumps up against a desire for a more fulfilling, inventive, and freedom-oriented future.  Venus heads into your 12th house of the subconscious mind, dreams, and contemplation and encourages you to connect with your values and passions as you tend to the development of your dreams through gratitude prayers and visualization.

CANCER:  Pluto retrogrades in your 7th house on the 12th until mid-September. This allows the space to review more fully the areas for transformation in how you participate in relationships.  What limiting ideas do you still connect with when thinking of the ideal relationship?  How do these reflect dogmatic societal or family imprints?  Uranus asks for your emancipation in life mission and direction.  The Uranus Pluto square clears away social conditioning of what relationships should be.  Mercury shifts into your 10th house of the public on the 15th and transits until May 9th.  What you have to say and how you say it is much more visible now.  This is a ripe time for forging agreements with people of influence.  Venus enters the area of friendships, the tribe, groups you participate in, and personal dreams.  Charming introductions and exchanges are on the way as she transits your 11th house through May 9th.

LEO:  The Sun conjuncts Mars in the 9th house of higher mind, adventure, legalities, travel, promotions, and education.  Something is taking shape and you are inspired to act on long-held desires. You have both the confidence and support to make headway.  Mercury finally shifts out of the watery realms of your 8th house and brings his contractual and communication skills to your planning.  Long distance travel may be on the agenda.  Pluto turns retrograde in your 6th house of schedule, chores, tasks, health, co-workers, and the way you contact your world on a daily basis.  The Inner Drill Sergeant is growing old as you come to understand that the harsh manner in which you sometimes approach your workload is neither civilized nor healthy.  The Uranus Pluto square brings another conflict between your need for increased freedom and the old dogma that dictates your intense daily experience.  A mantra for you now is “time expands comfortably to meet my needs.”

VIRGO:  Levels of communication deepen as Mercury ingresses into your 8th house of intimacy, trust, honesty, and sharing until May 1st.  Understanding deepens about your agreements with others – emotional, financial and otherwise.  This is a good time for financial planning, reviewing the budget, and commercial contracts.  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September in your 5th house of children, love, creativity, and passion.  The Uranus Pluto square offers a chance to release limiting beliefs regarding your ability to love and be loved.  Uranus continues to awaken and stir up the psychological imprints of the past and signals a breakthrough or two in May.  Venus enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 15th where she will transit your 9th house of public relations, education, spiritual beliefs, legalities, travel, and the media. You are well received in all areas.

LIBRA:  Mercury joins the powwow in your 7th house of others as he ingresses into Aries on the 13th.  Your thoughts and communications shift from the daily schedule to the important others in your world. This is a ripe time for contracts, agreements, and a deeper understanding between partners through May 1st.  Venus enters your 8th house of trust, sex, intimacy, and shared resources on the 15th where she will transit Taurus until May 9th.  Relationships and finances sweeten as she contributes her grace and affections to important others.  Investments, your partner’s resources, and shared assets are positively influenced now.  Pluto turns retrograde in your 4th house of personal life, who you are, home, family, and parents.  The outward engagement slows as you assimilate more deeply the effects of family and the past.  The Uranus Pluto square brings emancipation from the past in order to more authentically participate within partnership.

SCORPIO:  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September in your 3rd house of communications. You are well positioned to more deeply understand what you have learned and to resolve any conflicts in communications.  Pluto’s job is to bring transformation and the ending of situations in order to build on stronger foundations.  The Uranus Pluto square is preparing for another engagement in May.  Uranus seeks to awaken and emancipate the areas of work, how you approach your day-to-day schedule, and working conditions.  Uranus in direct motion this May encourages a dissolving of negativity and limiting beliefs regarding how you can set up your day and your life.  Venus ingresses into your 7th house of partnership (joining Pallas, the asteroid of business and creative intelligence) on the 15th and transits until May 9th. Support and affection are on the way.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mercury finally transitions out of the watery and emotional depths of Pisces and ingresses into fellow fire sign Aries on the 13th.. He will engage your creative spirit, younger people, and siblings, and help you clarify your romantic life.  The Sun Mars conjunction, also in your 5th house, lights a fire under your desire nature and adds fuel to your passions. Eros, the asteroid of love and passion, continues his transit through your 5th house of love and creativity.  Pluto turns retrograde this week and encourages a dissolving of any limiting ideas about self-esteem and earning capacity.  The Uranus Pluto square seeks to provide you with more energy and passion to be the light and creative being that you already are.

CAPRICORN:  Pluto turns retrograde in your sign on the 12th until mid-September and offers the opportunity to connect more deeply with your changing needs, identity, and life purpose.  The Uranus Pluto square next month helps you release outworn identity roles and limiting self-beliefs.  This is intended to free up more space in your life mission and authentic career developments.  Venus enters your 5th house of love, children, and creativity while she transits through May 9th.  Mercury finally releases his watery Pisces cloak and ingresses into your 4th house of home, personal life, and housing situations where he joins energetic Mars, the conscious minded Sun, the awakener Uranus, and Eros, the god of love and passion.  You are in a seminal time for creating change and making important decisions that can influence your plans and family life for some time to come.  The Sun Mars conjunction on the 17th suggests a day of physical exertion rather than angry angst.

AQUARIUS:  The reworking, confusion, self-questioning, and creative surge surrounding your talents and abilities shifts as Mercury exits your 2nd house and enters your 3rd house.  Writing, speaking, teaching, contracts, commercial activities, buying/selling, and computer and car purchases have the green light. Your mental clarity and confidence to trust the facts are in high gear.  You may be on the move, both literally and metaphorically, with Mars, the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Eros, the god of love, transiting the 3rd house of local environment, trips, sibling relationships, and neighbors.  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September and encourages you to go deeper with your spiritual journey and understanding of the past.  An awareness of limiting beliefs and inherited emotional imprints (yes, we inherit much of our belief systems from our family of origin) serves you well as we head into the next Uranus Pluto square next month.  Your ruling planet continues to challenge and awaken your communication process and educational foundations as he bumps up against family conditioning and fear-based thinking.  Venus enters your 4th house of home and personal life on the 15th and brings loving and pleasant experiences in your domicile and with family.

PISCES:  Mercury moves out of your 1st house where you have spent a long time in a period of self-questioning, reviewing personal goals, and planning.  He ingresses into your 2nd house of value, self-worth, and earnings on the 13th and transits until May 1st.  Communications regarding your talents and earnings become more direct and inspired.  You may be juggling a few tasks and feeling strong and capable about your multi-tasking abilities.  You are in a solid period of increasing your earnings and creating more wealth.  Venus heads into your 3rd house of communications and enhances your speaking and writing ability.  Neighbors, the local environment, and sibling relationships are extra pleasurable through May 9th.  Pluto heads into retrograde until mid-September. He encourages you to review your goals, dreams, and social connections and brings awareness of where change needs to happen.