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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Italian Alps by John Fayle ~

Wednesday, May 1st: The Moon shifts into the group minded collective as she ingresses Aquarius at 10:08 a.m. EDT where we seek to connect with the unique, innovative and feel an increased desire to cultivate friendships and connections. Mars moves into opposition with Saturn early in the a.m. bringing some level of intensity (desire/will) into a stalemate/blockage with authority/bureaucracy (Saturn). A time to go slow without pressuring or seeking to push through your goals - the harder you push the stronger the resistance. Ideally, it's a time to re-think our manner and style of getting what we want.

The Sun moves in trine with Pluto suggesting that the use of conscious will (not brute force), and enlightened leadership extended in the spirit of problem solving is the way through. Purpose married with organizational ability wins the day. Mercury also ingresses Taurus today (until the 15th) adding to the grounded, pondering and practical awareness of the day. Finances, comfort, sensuality, art, beauty and fixity is now the manner and focus of intellect and exchanges