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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Italian Alps by John Fayle ~

Wednesday, May 1st: The Moon shifts into the group minded collective as she ingresses Aquarius at 10:08 a.m. EDT where we seek to connect with the unique, innovative and feel an increased desire to cultivate friendships and connections. Mars moves into opposition with Saturn early in the a.m. bringing some level of intensity (desire/will) into a stalemate/blockage with authority/bureaucracy (Saturn). A time to go slow without pressuring or seeking to push through your goals - the harder you push the stronger the resistance. Ideally, it's a time to re-think our manner and style of getting what we want.

The Sun moves in trine with Pluto suggesting that the use of conscious will (not brute force), and enlightened leadership extended in the spirit of problem solving is the way through. Purpose married with organizational ability wins the day. Mercury also ingresses Taurus today (until the 15th) adding to the grounded, pondering and practical awareness of the day. Finances, comfort, sensuality, art, beauty and fixity is now the manner and focus of intellect and exchanges

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday, April 29th 2013

Jockey's Ridge, NC - by Jean

Monday, April 29th: The Moon ingresses Capricorn at 8:22 a.m. EDT focusing our emotional energy around work, commitment, responsibility and tangible goals. She makes harmonious and supportive connections to Neptune, Mars and then Saturn suggesting a time of tangible effort and equilibrium.

On Tuesday Mercury moves into semi-square to Chiron making our communications and learning ability more challenging. Perceptions can be "off" as our ability to read others intentions may be fused with sensitivity and cautiousness.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wednesday, April 24th and Thursday's Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, April 24th: The Moon goes VOID in intellectual Libra at 8:13 a.m. ALL DAY until the morning of the Lunar Eclipse on Thursday. Stay with what is in motion and enjoy as Venus moves into trine with Pluto supporting a strong day for financial and romantic developments - very grounded and deep. Just before 6 p.m. EDT the Sun moves into sextile with Neptune combining the practical withe the sublime. Inspiration, compassion, and connection with your deeper dimensions is enhanced.

THURSDAY is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Scorpio exact just before 4 p.m. EDT. Conditions relating back to November of 2012 are culminating bringing awareness, chapter endings, solutions and finalization in the areas of money, sex, emotional responsibility and commitments (as this conjuncts the planet of commitment Saturn). This Eclipse also reaches out to Ceres, the nurturing asteroid in Cancer (a double whammy) which may connect housing, parents and/or family into this lunation.

It also opposes Mars suggesting assertion, drive and perhaps some "angst" as situations develop. But Neptune is connected as well fusing solutions with compassion and creative solutions. (This is a GRAND TRINE in water with the Moon, Ceres and Neptune). Venus is sextile the healer and teacher Chiron also adding a compassionate and practical avenue to the day.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday, April 22nd 2013

Monday, April 22nd: Today is "Earth Day" appropriately enough during this month of earth sign Taurus. We have a number of Moon VOIDS again this week. The Moon in Earth Sign Virgo goes VOID early in the a.m., ALL DAY until tomorrow (Tuesday) when she enters Libra at 3:26 a.m. EDT. Handle what is on your plate today. Tuesday is a better day to seek decisions, initiate new circumstances and focus on "right" relations and fairness.

Venus moves into opposition with Saturn today bringing a level of focus, commitment and hard work to our money and relationships. Practicality colors the day.

On TUESDAY Mercury moves into sextile with Jupiter in the evening hours supporting contracts, education, "fun exchanges" and mutually beneficial agreements.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday, April 19th 2013

Photo by Scott Anna

Friday, April 19th: The Moon continues her transit through fire sign Leo until Saturday evening but heads into a LONG Moon VOID period that begins this evening at 5:07 p.m. and lasts until Saturday evening at 9:10 p.m. EDT. Perhaps we've all earned a well deserved emotional break from all of the Aries (Mars) action this week? At 6:04 p.m. EDT the Sun says sianara and heads into the grounded earthly pastures of Taurus. Joining Venus, our conscious awareness and actions become slower, plodding and pondering. We enjoy the familiar and are slower to change directions in this earthy fixed sign.

On SATURDAY Mars follows suit and heads into Taurus as well just before 8 a.m. EDT. A palpable shift takes place as we catch our breath and "process" all that has transpired over the past few weeks. Gardening, good food, sensual comforts and practicality becomes our preferred way forward. Mercury is not quite ready to slow down the intellectual engagement as he moves into conjunction with Uranus early in the a.m. ...those of us in the Western Hemisphere may find it difficult to sleep in as our brain keeps "ticking away."

Innovation is Uranus's domain (and the higher octave of Mercury ) - the God mind, collective and inspiration is married with the detailed and informational gathering process. It can be easy to learn now, gulp processes down in one bite and make quick decisions. Conversely, it may feel like a scattered brain time resplendent with information overload coupled with an inability to focus. Be careful in traffic k?  ~ Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week Beginning April 19th 2013

Photo by Stacy Hinkle

ARIES:  This is a forecast period that focuses on your values, earnings, long-term financial picture, and the sharing of resources with another.  The Sun and Mars head into your 2nd house of self-esteem and abundance.  Whenever I find financial issues with clients, there is some unfinished business regarding self-worth and value. This is a time to focus on prosperity and abundance. Do you align with that energy?  If not, please take a look at where the perceived limitations are lurking.  This is a time when increased earnings and value for your money should be evident.  The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse takes place on the 25th.  Full Moons seek to turn the light on and make us aware of feelings and circumstances.  Eclipses are power charged and ramp up that energy tenfold, moving things along, out of our life, and into conscious awareness.  This Eclipse occurs in your 8th house of taxes, loans, investments, shared property, psychology, corporate money, sex, intimacy, and sharing.  A finale, culmination, and understanding are coming in these areas.  This lunation is connected to November of last year and brings validation to developments that were undertaken then. 

TAURUS:  Your Solar New Year is upon you as both the Sun and Mars join Venus in your sign.  Developments unfold rapidly now as you harness the awareness, ability to attract, and hutzpah to reach out for what is important to you.  Awareness strengthens as Venus opposes Saturn on the 22nd urging a commitment and reality check in your relating and partnership area.  The 24th can be a financially powerful day as Venus moves into trine with Pluto and brings educational, publishing, travel and media opportunities to the fore.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th at 5 degrees of Scorpio in your 7th house of partnership, clients, professionals you hire, and competitors.  A culmination or highlight occurs within any important connections.  This Eclipse is connected to the November timeframe of last year and brings a level of validation. As this powerful lunation reaches out to the mothering energy of Ceres in Cancer you will feel the love and support you’ve been seeking.

GEMINI:  The month leading up to your birthday is always a time for additional rest, reflection, and creating some space in your schedule.  With both the Sun and Mars entering your 12th house of Taurus this week my message is doubly emphasized.  Working behind the scenes can be especially rewarding, as you can be master of your time and energy.  The 21st can be a day of breakthroughs as Mercury squares Pluto and highlights necessary resources (emotional, financial, or otherwise) and personal dreams.  The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th in your 6th house of work, health, pets, the care of others, and your day-to-day schedule.  Lunar Eclipses are about awareness and this eclipse is tied to a health, work, or employee situation that was initiated in the November 2012 timeframe.  Culminations, aha moments, chapter endings, and health situations are highlighted now.  The Eclipse also reaches out in a supportive fashion to Ceres, which is currently transiting your 2nd house of values, money and self-esteem.  Support, acknowledgment of your talents, and healing may be part of your experience now.

CANCER:  We are heading into Eclipse season which always carries strong energy for the sign in which the Moon is ruled.  A situation that was begun in the Fall of 2012 comes to some sort of fruition, chapter ending, and awareness.  Lunar Eclipses are always about awareness and information of an emotional nature coming into the full light of day.  This occurs on the 25th in your 5th house of creativity, children, romance, and leisure pursuits in Scorpio at 5 degrees.  This Lunation reaches out in a very positive manner to Ceres, the Mother Goddess, currently traveling through your sign.  The message is that whatever the circumstance support is there for you even if it manifests an internal sense of self-care, compassion, and what you need to do to take good care of self—useful!  The Sun and Mars head to the social 11th house of Taurus suggests a time for initiatives with others (the more physical and energetic, the better), attending networking events, schmoozing, and scheduling more time with like-minded folks.

LEO:  Career, ambition, public persona, and life direction are strongly highlighted as the Sun enters your 10th house as does Mars (until May 31st) this week when both ingress Taurus.  You will be very engaged with your career or avocation over the next several weeks and Venus is ensuring that you do it with charm and panache.  We are entering Eclipse season and have a Full Moon Lunar Partial Eclipse occurring on the 25th in your 4th house of home, family, soul, residence, parents, and security.  This Lunation is connected the Solar Eclipse that happened in November of last year.  Expect some awareness, culmination, chapter endings, clearing out, and decisive decisions to unfold in your personal and family life.  Ceres, the asteroid that represents giving and receiving nurturing, reaches out in a positive and supportive manner from your 12th house of the past, secrets, family legacies, spirituality, and healing.

VIRGO:  Communications are in the frame as we head into this forecast week.  The Sun and Mars (until May 31st) ingress into your 9th house of media, travel, speaking, publishing, education, legalities, and spirituality.  You need expansion in whatever form resonates for you.  Taking in more of the world is imperative as your values, mind, and ego are traveling in tandem.  We are also officially in Eclipse season, the ultimate game changer and manifestation time.  On the 25th you have a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in your 3rd house of Scorpio at 5 degrees.  What did you begin or initiate in the November timeframe?  This Eclipse brings a level of culmination, chapter ending, awareness, and aha moments.  The Eclipse reaches out in a supportive fashion to Ceres, the Earth Mother Goddess, which speaks to support, nurturing, and earthly comfort from your 11th house of groups, personal dreams, and technology.

LIBRA:  Finances, long-term investments, debts, death, taxes, sex, trust, and intimacy (yes all of the biggies) are emphasized with your ruling planet Venus transiting your 8th house of Taurus.  The Sun and Mars join her this week doubling down the transformational vibe of psychic connections, cycle endings, and taking stock of your self.  Venus opposes Saturn and then trines Pluto this week. This sparks awareness of your earnings and resource management and provides support around home, family, and real estate.  We are now in Eclipse season, which heightens the awareness as this lunation occurs in your 2nd house of Scorpio on the 25th.  Earnings, talents, and self-esteem are due some very real acknowledgements from both self and others and are tied to any initiatives that may have been started in November 2012.  This Eclipse reaches out supportively to the Mothering Goddess Ceres which is currently transiting your 10th house of reputation, authority figures, parents, career, and public life. Some form of support is heading your way.

SCORPIO:  A personal situation is coming to a peak now as the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipses occurs at 5 degrees of Scorpio on the 25th.  Awareness of your needs and wants vs. others’ needs and wants is highlighted.  Culminations, chapter endings, and validation occur as your sense of self, identity, and physical health are highlighted.  This lunation is tied to energies that were operating around the November time frame of 2012 – what did you embark upon and initiate?  Some form of answer is coming your way.  Both the Sun and Mars (until May 31st) join Venus across the hall in your house of partnerships, further highlighting the “me vs. others” theme and how others’ needs, feelings, and desires must be taken into consideration.  I would suggest that you build in some space during this Eclipse to sort out your emotions.  Ceres is blending nicely with the Lunation from your 9th house of belief systems, publishing, education, and travel, suggesting support and the feeling of being nurtured on some level. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Health, daily schedule, work environment, co-workers, pets, and your to-do list speeds up as both the Sun and Mars (until May 31st) enter your 6th house.  This is the kind of transit where you wake up and board the “full steam ahead” train that pulls into your station of bedtime at the end of the day.  Wow – time is traveling fast, right? Now, let’s beef up this energy even further by adding in a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in your 12th house of rest, research, contemplation, meditation, spiritual awareness, sacrifice, volunteerism, and the care of others.  With Full Moons comes awareness; with Full Moon Eclipses comes awareness on steroids. Keep your schedule light if at all possible.  This Eclipse is tied to situations and initiatives that were undertaken in November of last year.  Validation, culminations, awareness, and chapter endings are the messages Lunar Eclipses bring.  They tend to be more internal and emotional in nature as we process the cycles in our lives. 

CAPRICORN:  We head into another Eclipse period with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in your 11th house of dreams, self-actualization, groups, team leadership, friends, and technology projects at 5 degrees of Scorpio.  This Lunation is tied to the New Moon Solar Eclipse that transpired in this same house last November.  Fresh initiatives, goals, and desires are now coming up for review, validation, chapter endings, and awareness.  Full Moons are about balancing and in this case the focus is on your personal creativity and desires vs. the group mind.  Ceres, the large asteroid that symbolizes support and nurturing, is making a positive connection from your 7th house of partnership, best friends, committed relationships, and clients.  The Sun and Mars (until May 31st) join Venus in your 5th house of children, leisure pursuits, creativity, and fun.  The focus is on ego assertion, charm, and being aware of your desires while having the confidence and drive to go after them.  Those of you with offspring will find this a very active time.

AQUARIUS:  Career and home are the areas of focus.  The Sun and Mars (until May 31st) ingress your 4th house of home, family, personal life, personal security, parents, and residence, ramping up the activity levels in and around your domicile and with family members.  Some intensity can be felt when Mars transits this area and can manifest as anger and edginess if left unattended.  By that I mean the 4th house is “who we are when no one is looking” and you may be feeling assertive and lording it over the roost.  On the other hand, you may be busy working from your home, in which case Venus can lend her hand at beautification and redecorating efforts.  We are in Eclipse Season and a culmination is coming in your 10th house of career, public persona, life direction, and authority figures.  What was initiated last November is tied to this Eclipse in Scorpio at 5 degrees.  An awareness is heightened regarding the balance of your personal and public life but is receiving a supportive hand by the large Earth Mother asteroid Ceres, suggesting that support is available in your daily environment and from co-workers.

PISCES:  A culmination, finale, or validation may be coming your way at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 9th house of publishing, media, marketing, travel, education, legalities, and spiritual connections.  This Eclipse in Scorpio at 5 degrees is tied to fresh developments and initiatives that began in the November time frame of last year.  Expect some sort of closure, answers, or chapter endings in these areas.  Ceres, the large asteroid representing feeling nurtured and supported, is reaching out in a foundational way from your 5th house of creativity, passion, and romance to this Lunation and brings an extra positive element of emotional wellbeing.  The Sun and Mars ingress into your 3rd house of speaking, writing, teaching, communication equipment, and commercial activity, bringing the need to balance your daily activities and internal dialogue with your more public communications. 

Wednesday, April 17th 2013

Photo by Enzo, Tulum Mexico

Wednesday, April 17th: We haven't had a Sun conjunct Mars in the sign in which Mars rules, Aries in a few years. This aspect becomes exact at 8:20 p.m. EDT suggesting an especially potent time for courage, assertion, acting on one's instincts and impulses, and yes...aggression too. So, depending on how your efforts have been going you want to be aware of how you are asserting yourself over the next couple of days. The Moon is still transiting through emotionally protective Cancer.

On THURSDAY the Moon goes VOID for a couple of hours from 8:32 - 11:15 a.m. EDT when she then ingresses dramatic, warm hearted and executive oriented Leo at 11:15 a.m. The early morning may hold some challenges as Luna squares up to both the Sun and Mars encouraging a time for emotional and ego awareness. We end the day with a creative, romantic and selfless in love aspect as Venus moves into sextile with Neptune at 11:16 p.m. EDT

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15th 2013

Photo by Barbara Stalvey

Monday, April 15th: Appropriately enough (today is tax day for the US) Venus, the planet ruling love, money and what we value heads into one of it's ruled signs Taurus through May 9th. While transiting Taurus the energy of affection takes on a grounded, possessive and sensual tone. We want comfort, stability and that which feeds our senses. The Moon continues her transit through changeable and verbal Gemini but goes VOID at 3:42 p.m. until 10:50 p.m. EDT when she ingresses her home sign of Cancer. In Cancer the Moon seeks comfort through the familiar, home, family and food.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday, April 12th 2013

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Friday, April 12th: The Moon continues her transit through patient, sensual and grounded Taurus. We prefer known entities now and physical comfort until SATURDAY morning when she ingresses Gemini at 10:13 a.m. EDT when the weekend takes on a more curious and communicative tone.

Pluto turns retrograde today at 11 degrees of Capricorn until mid-September where he will edge his way back to 8 degrees. We are now encouraged to go deeper with the Plutonian lessons of death, rebirth, integration and change. We continue to clear and allow transition to occur within our internal energetic patterning knowing that this process clears the way for stronger cycles come Fall.

On SATURDAY Mercury finally leaves the watery realms of Pisces where our thinking and sense of time lacked boundaries but encouraged the intuitive and sensory connections. He ingresses Aries where he will express himself more directly, inspirationally, impatiently and self-confidently. He brings the intellectual connective tissues to the energies that Venus, Mars and the Sun are leaving behind and feels confident in his planning, commercial activities and entrepreneurial projects.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week Beginning April 12th 2013

Photo by Linda Karin Hicks

ARIES:  The energy that has asked for you to review your spiritual application now heads into your sign when Mercury ingresses into Aries on the 13th until May 1st.  He brings insight, intuition, and perhaps a secret or two.  Your conscious mind is integrating what you learned during the long Mercury retrograde period, and you can now act on and speak your truth.  Pluto turns retrograde on the 12th until mid-September.  A review of career aspirations, life direction, and vocational passions is required for your evolutionary growth.  What has become outworn, dogmatic, and rigid in these areas of public life?  The Uranus Pluto square in May encourages you to connect more deeply with your need for freedom and the right to be you.  When the Sun conjuncts Mars on the 17th you are off and running.  Venus enters your 2nd house of earnings, self-esteem, and systems of value and will help the flow of abundance as she transits through May 9th.

TAURUS:  Venus enters your sign this week and brings an increased ability to manifest your desires.  Tend to your dreams and focus your emotional energy on all that is beautiful, abundant, and pleasing.  She blesses you with grace and the increased ability to attract your desires through May 9th.  The transformational agent Pluto turns retrograde on the 12th until mid-September in your 9th house of belief systems and spirituality. He urges you to release outdated ideas about the world and your role within it.  Anything that reeks of limitation and dogma is an area for release.  Uranus asks you to connect with your spiritual power and as he connects with Pluto in square aspect next month another shift and release takes place. As Mercury ingresses into your 12th house of spiritual connection and contemplative practice, ask the Universe for what you want!  Trust that it can be so and focus on your passions, which are the fuel for the manifestation process.

GEMINI:  Mercury shifts out of your publically oriented career house and ingresses into your 11th house of boisterous friends, active communications with business associates, technology, social networking, and dream weaving until May 1st.  Pluto turns retrograde until mid-September and encourages an exploration of psychological health, hands-on interaction with corporate money, insurance, benefits and commissions, investments, and other people’s stuff.  This transformative energy also paves the way to look deeply at what motivates you in your life.  As the Uranus Pluto square prepares to engage in May, old psychological conditioning bumps up against a desire for a more fulfilling, inventive, and freedom-oriented future.  Venus heads into your 12th house of the subconscious mind, dreams, and contemplation and encourages you to connect with your values and passions as you tend to the development of your dreams through gratitude prayers and visualization.

CANCER:  Pluto retrogrades in your 7th house on the 12th until mid-September. This allows the space to review more fully the areas for transformation in how you participate in relationships.  What limiting ideas do you still connect with when thinking of the ideal relationship?  How do these reflect dogmatic societal or family imprints?  Uranus asks for your emancipation in life mission and direction.  The Uranus Pluto square clears away social conditioning of what relationships should be.  Mercury shifts into your 10th house of the public on the 15th and transits until May 9th.  What you have to say and how you say it is much more visible now.  This is a ripe time for forging agreements with people of influence.  Venus enters the area of friendships, the tribe, groups you participate in, and personal dreams.  Charming introductions and exchanges are on the way as she transits your 11th house through May 9th.

LEO:  The Sun conjuncts Mars in the 9th house of higher mind, adventure, legalities, travel, promotions, and education.  Something is taking shape and you are inspired to act on long-held desires. You have both the confidence and support to make headway.  Mercury finally shifts out of the watery realms of your 8th house and brings his contractual and communication skills to your planning.  Long distance travel may be on the agenda.  Pluto turns retrograde in your 6th house of schedule, chores, tasks, health, co-workers, and the way you contact your world on a daily basis.  The Inner Drill Sergeant is growing old as you come to understand that the harsh manner in which you sometimes approach your workload is neither civilized nor healthy.  The Uranus Pluto square brings another conflict between your need for increased freedom and the old dogma that dictates your intense daily experience.  A mantra for you now is “time expands comfortably to meet my needs.”

VIRGO:  Levels of communication deepen as Mercury ingresses into your 8th house of intimacy, trust, honesty, and sharing until May 1st.  Understanding deepens about your agreements with others – emotional, financial and otherwise.  This is a good time for financial planning, reviewing the budget, and commercial contracts.  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September in your 5th house of children, love, creativity, and passion.  The Uranus Pluto square offers a chance to release limiting beliefs regarding your ability to love and be loved.  Uranus continues to awaken and stir up the psychological imprints of the past and signals a breakthrough or two in May.  Venus enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 15th where she will transit your 9th house of public relations, education, spiritual beliefs, legalities, travel, and the media. You are well received in all areas.

LIBRA:  Mercury joins the powwow in your 7th house of others as he ingresses into Aries on the 13th.  Your thoughts and communications shift from the daily schedule to the important others in your world. This is a ripe time for contracts, agreements, and a deeper understanding between partners through May 1st.  Venus enters your 8th house of trust, sex, intimacy, and shared resources on the 15th where she will transit Taurus until May 9th.  Relationships and finances sweeten as she contributes her grace and affections to important others.  Investments, your partner’s resources, and shared assets are positively influenced now.  Pluto turns retrograde in your 4th house of personal life, who you are, home, family, and parents.  The outward engagement slows as you assimilate more deeply the effects of family and the past.  The Uranus Pluto square brings emancipation from the past in order to more authentically participate within partnership.

SCORPIO:  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September in your 3rd house of communications. You are well positioned to more deeply understand what you have learned and to resolve any conflicts in communications.  Pluto’s job is to bring transformation and the ending of situations in order to build on stronger foundations.  The Uranus Pluto square is preparing for another engagement in May.  Uranus seeks to awaken and emancipate the areas of work, how you approach your day-to-day schedule, and working conditions.  Uranus in direct motion this May encourages a dissolving of negativity and limiting beliefs regarding how you can set up your day and your life.  Venus ingresses into your 7th house of partnership (joining Pallas, the asteroid of business and creative intelligence) on the 15th and transits until May 9th. Support and affection are on the way.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mercury finally transitions out of the watery and emotional depths of Pisces and ingresses into fellow fire sign Aries on the 13th.. He will engage your creative spirit, younger people, and siblings, and help you clarify your romantic life.  The Sun Mars conjunction, also in your 5th house, lights a fire under your desire nature and adds fuel to your passions. Eros, the asteroid of love and passion, continues his transit through your 5th house of love and creativity.  Pluto turns retrograde this week and encourages a dissolving of any limiting ideas about self-esteem and earning capacity.  The Uranus Pluto square seeks to provide you with more energy and passion to be the light and creative being that you already are.

CAPRICORN:  Pluto turns retrograde in your sign on the 12th until mid-September and offers the opportunity to connect more deeply with your changing needs, identity, and life purpose.  The Uranus Pluto square next month helps you release outworn identity roles and limiting self-beliefs.  This is intended to free up more space in your life mission and authentic career developments.  Venus enters your 5th house of love, children, and creativity while she transits through May 9th.  Mercury finally releases his watery Pisces cloak and ingresses into your 4th house of home, personal life, and housing situations where he joins energetic Mars, the conscious minded Sun, the awakener Uranus, and Eros, the god of love and passion.  You are in a seminal time for creating change and making important decisions that can influence your plans and family life for some time to come.  The Sun Mars conjunction on the 17th suggests a day of physical exertion rather than angry angst.

AQUARIUS:  The reworking, confusion, self-questioning, and creative surge surrounding your talents and abilities shifts as Mercury exits your 2nd house and enters your 3rd house.  Writing, speaking, teaching, contracts, commercial activities, buying/selling, and computer and car purchases have the green light. Your mental clarity and confidence to trust the facts are in high gear.  You may be on the move, both literally and metaphorically, with Mars, the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Eros, the god of love, transiting the 3rd house of local environment, trips, sibling relationships, and neighbors.  Pluto turns retrograde this week until mid-September and encourages you to go deeper with your spiritual journey and understanding of the past.  An awareness of limiting beliefs and inherited emotional imprints (yes, we inherit much of our belief systems from our family of origin) serves you well as we head into the next Uranus Pluto square next month.  Your ruling planet continues to challenge and awaken your communication process and educational foundations as he bumps up against family conditioning and fear-based thinking.  Venus enters your 4th house of home and personal life on the 15th and brings loving and pleasant experiences in your domicile and with family.

PISCES:  Mercury moves out of your 1st house where you have spent a long time in a period of self-questioning, reviewing personal goals, and planning.  He ingresses into your 2nd house of value, self-worth, and earnings on the 13th and transits until May 1st.  Communications regarding your talents and earnings become more direct and inspired.  You may be juggling a few tasks and feeling strong and capable about your multi-tasking abilities.  You are in a solid period of increasing your earnings and creating more wealth.  Venus heads into your 3rd house of communications and enhances your speaking and writing ability.  Neighbors, the local environment, and sibling relationships are extra pleasurable through May 9th.  Pluto heads into retrograde until mid-September. He encourages you to review your goals, dreams, and social connections and brings awareness of where change needs to happen.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, April 8th 2013

Tasmania, Linda Karin Hicks

Monday, April 8th: The Moon continues her transit through sensitive Pisces but is in VOID of course until 3:30 p.m. EDT when Luna ingresses assertive and inspired Aries (setting us up for the New Moon on Wednesday). An appropriate time for VOIDS as we are encouraged to stay with the status quo until the New Moon energy kicks in "strongly" early in the a.m. on Wednesday.

Neptune moves into a sextile aspect to the asteroid Pallas. Pallas is the quintessential business person - strategy and re-organizational planning are her modus operandi. When Neptune moves into a supportive aspect with her from Pisces to Taurus we can merge the creatively inspired with our practical financial and resource planning.

On TUESDAY Venus conjuncts the goddess Eris supporting any necessary "truth" seeking within our relating and financial patterning. Part of this may speak to the "roles" we feel socially destined or "imposed" upon to play. Getting clear about our affectionate nature, femininity and/or sexual preferences?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, April 5th

Photo by Tisch Perry

ARIES:  Your personal New Moon occurs this week on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries. This is a potent time for fresh initiatives regarding your image, health, and desires.  This lunation brings a conjunction between your ruler Mars and the planet Eris – the twin sister of Mars.  A sorting out may occur in the areas of personal gender roles—female vs. male, nurturing vs. assertion, receiving vs. giving—and your own sense of identity.  The New Moon can also see you work through areas of discord and provides the clarity to help you move through any murky areas that have been around since February.  Venus conjuncts Mars this week and further illuminates your desires and provides you with the energy to act on them.

TAURUS:  Pluto is in sextile to Chiron much of the month, lending a supportive hand to promotional, educational, travel, and media projects and to the areas of technology, peer groups, teams, social connections, and your dreams. Venus conjuncts Mars in your twelfth house of privacy, secrets, research, rest, and contemplation and this, coupled with the New Moon in Aries on the 10th, encourages you to enjoy love and affection behind the scenes.  The most powerful use of your energy is through prayer, meditation, and applying the principals of The Law of Attraction.  The large asteroid Ceres ingresses your third house and exert her mothering and agricultural energy over your communications and community involvement. 

GEMINI:  Your impulse to nurture and be nurtured through offering your talents in service of others occurs as the large asteroid Ceres ingresses your second house of self-esteem and value systems through June 22nd.  The New Moon in your eleventh house of dreams and self-actualization occurs on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  Existing social contacts and friendships receive a breath of fresh air, while new contacts appear on the scene.  Mercury is now clear of his shadow and opens the pathways of clarity in regard to career and public life. 

CANCER:  Warmth, nurturing, and the receiving of support are paramount as the asteroid Ceres enters your sign until June 22nd.  Acceptance and unconditional love are important to you now.  This trend is enhanced by the Pluto Chiron sextile, which connects partnership (in all forms) with your ninth house of spirit, belief systems, prayer, and higher mind.  A sense of warmth envelops you which encourages self-expression and helps you attract all that is healing and soothing to your soul.  The New Moon in your tenth house of life mission and career signals fresh starts in your public life even as you seek to solve any discordant situations with parents and/or authority figures.  Mercury is now clear of his fogginess in the areas of media, travel, legalities, and educational activities.

LEO:  As the Sun, Mars, and Venus transit your ninth house of higher mind, travel, spiritual connections, media, publishing, legalities, and adventure the New Moon delivers a super shot of drive in the areas of personal growth and development.  This New Moon occurs in your ninth house of Aries on the 10th, giving you the energy and vision to reach a new level of understanding and interaction with the world.  Mercury is now clear of his shadow, which means you will have more clarity about your personal finance, debt, loans, and your partner’s participation.  The Pluto Chiron sextile supports your daily work environment and financial health.

VIRGO:  You can now trust the information you receive from important others in your world.  Mercury is clear of his shadow phase and moves confidently through your seventh house.  The New Moon occurs in your eighth house of intimacy, shared finance, investments, and life cycle endings in order to resurrect and begin anew.  Consider this a time to clear out cobwebs and fears and make room for new beginnings.  The Pluto Chiron sextile adds additional energetic support in the areas of love, romance, children, creativity, and partnership support.

LIBRA:  Fresh starts are suggested at the New Moon in your seventh house of partnership on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  Mars also conjuncts the planet Eris and provides the impetus to handle problems or discordant relations head on.  Venus and Mars also conjunct this week and seek an energetic merging of love and passion.  Venus is much more assertive as she transits through direct and self-assertive Aries.  The large asteroid Ceres ingresses your tenth house of Cancer this week where she will seek to give and receive nurturing through career and public contact through June 22nd.  Mothering the world at large becomes a natural source of self-expression.  The Pluto Chiron sextile suggests a healing energy within your home, your deepest sense of self, and your daily work and living environment.

SCORPIO:  Even while you are working hard for the money and handling a multitude of tasks, a supportive trend unfolds in the areas of communications, self-expression, creativity, love, and children’s affairs.  You feel connected as Pluto reaches out to Chiron in a supportive sextile.  The New Moon occurs in your sixth house and super charges your daily to-do list while providing plenty of fresh starts and new conditions.  This New Moon in Aries is also energized by a Mars Eris conjunction, suggesting any simmering issues of discord will be brought to the surface in a direct manner.  Mercury is now clear of his foggy travels and you are given the green light to communicate clearly and plan in the areas of love, creativity, and children’s circumstances.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are heading into an inspiring week as the planets ruling over love, lust, and desire conjunct in your fifth house of true love, the creative impulse, and all things of a passionate nature.  Venus and Mars hug on the 7th just prior to the New Moon in Aries in your fifth house on the 10th.  Even as Mars conjuncts Eris, the planet of discord, the New Moon brings a wave of inspiration and encourages a straightforward approach to any simmering tensions or resentments.  Mercury has freed himself from confusion in your fourth house of home, personal security, where you live, and with whom you live. You now have the green light to plan and make decisions in your personal life, knowing you have gathered all of the facts.  The Pluto Chiron sextile provides the opportunity to connect your deep personal needs with the healing energy of home life and wellbeing.

CAPRICORN:  Healing connections are represented by Pluto reaching out to Chiron in your third house of internal dialogue, writing, speaking, commerce, contracts, and education.  A bridge connects your deep need for meaning with the avenue in which to express your evolutionary development.  Mercury helps the process since is now clear of his shadow phase and moving at full strength in your third house, bolstering Chiron’s connection to Pluto.  The New Moon occurs on the 10th in your fourth house of home, family, parents, and personal life.  You have fresh energy to make changes, handle problems, and implement much needed plans as Mars conjuncts the planet of discord Eris on the same day. 

AQUARIUS:  Mercury has moved out of his shadow phase and is moving at full strength in your second house of earnings, personal property, and value systems.  The New Moon occurs on the 10th in your third house of speaking, writing, local environment, education, and communications.  You can now feel free to engage in commercial activity, sign contracts, and speak your mind, knowing that you have all the facts. As Ceres ingresses your sixth house of work, health, and the daily schedule you will seek to both give and receive support and validity from those you encounter on a regular basis.  All forms of agriculture and gardening are enhanced while this earth mother asteroid transit lasts until June 22nd.  Nonprofit activity, volunteerism, spiritual practice, and your dream life are expanded as Pluto reaches out to Chiron in a healing and supportive fashion.

PISCES:  Finally you are able to move forward with a clear perspective, confidence, and a skip in your step now that Mercury has moved out of his shadow phase in your first house of personal identity, image, and self-expression.  Pluto also reaches out from your eleventh house of dreams and comrades to Chiron in your first house of self, providing support and validity to your goals, dreams, and technology projects.  The New Moon occurs in your second house of earned income, talents, personal stuff, and value systems on the 10th at 20 degrees of Aries.  The large asteroid Ceres heads into your fifth house of love and offspring until June 22nd.  You seek to give and receive unconditional love and nurturing support.