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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week Beginning March 8th, 2013

Photo by Stacey Hinkle
(Inherent talents/abilities and areas of growth)

Mercury is still retrograde until the 17th, so please try to enjoy the extra space in your life.  I have learned to enjoy these slow downs and to allow more time for reflection and just being.  We have a great deal of energy moving through Pisces, the sign of inspiration, dreams, and intuition.  See this slower time as a balancing effect of information overload and the need to constantly respond to texts, email, phone calls, and social networking.  I’ve worked with many managers and business owners who value creating time away from the office and the need for constant communication. They know that problem solving, planning, and setting intentions for what they wish to create in their lives can only be done within a quiet atmosphere. 

ARIES:  The New Moon in Pisces occurs in your twelfth house of spirit, inherent creativity, the past, and all things contemplative. Synchronicity is emphasized as well.  Appreciation can be experienced in privacy, dreaming, resting, and the space of just being.  On the 11th, the day of the New Moon, your ruler Mars reaches out to Juno, the asteroid representing marriage, contracts, and making something practical out of your ideals.  Mars ingresses your first house of identity, will, desire, and physical energy the following day (where it remains until April 20th) and fuels your will and actions. Awareness of your motivations and intentions is important now.

TAURUS:  Your personal dreams (what you really want) are fueled by the congruence of energy moving through your eleventh house of Pisces.  Dream a little dream (without the need for action at the moment) and tend to your visions internally.  The New Moon in Pisces on the 11th trines the North Node of growth and future developments – acting “as if” and “faking it till you make it” are realistic approaches now.  Mars adds fuel to your internal focus as he ingresses your twelfth house (the natural ruler of Pisces) until April 20th.  Research, working behind the scenes, meditation, and setting intentions by focusing on your thoughts and emotions will fuel your personal aspirations.  This is a time of gestation—the time for new birth appears in April.

GEMINI:  Saturn trines Pluto at the beginning of this forecast period and encourages a flow between your daily work schedule and health to the areas of loans, insurance, and support from others.  A slowdown is occurring with Saturn’s retrograde period (lasting until July), suggesting the opportunity to make your tasks and to-do lists more functional.  The New Moon occurs in the packed sign of Pisces, your tenth house of reputation and life mission, on the 11th at 21 degrees.  This lunation reaches out to your sixth house (where Saturn is transiting) and contacts the growth-oriented North Node.  Mercury is still in retrograde but fresh ideas and opportunities are gestating in the area of your career. Plans still need time to take root, so wait until after the 17th to take action if possible.  Mars ingresses your eleventh house of hopes, dreams, and the group mind.  You need plenty of autonomy and freedom while the planet of assertion transits this area until April 20th.

CANCER:  Pisces is a fellow water sign that blends well with your energy and the areas of spiritual connection, legal situations, higher education, long-distance travel, media, publishing, celebrations, and marketing.  I mention this because we have a rare planetary focus in these areas of your life.  The New Moon on the 11th also falls in Pisces, signaling fresh developments in your ninth house of communications and getting your message out to a wider audience.  Plan promotional campaigns now but don’t act until after Mercury turns direct on the 17th.  A Saturn Pluto sextile bridges your fifth house of love and children with your seventh house of partnership, suggesting stability and flow with the important others in your world.

LEO:  The Sun trines the North Node on the 9th from your eighth house of transformation and shared resources to your fourth house of security and home.  You have more awareness regarding developments in real estate, finance, family, and your sense of wellbeing.  The New Moon in the eighth house of Pisces on the 11th brings developments regarding intimacy, trust, and the long-term financial picture. Mercury is retrograde in the eighth house and you are undergoing a level of deepening awareness regarding your intimate needs.  The time to act and outwardly plan comes after the 17th.  For the remainder of the year Juno, the asteroid representing compatibility with others, ingresses your seventh house of important others.  Expect ongoing clarity about your needs within relationships.

VIRGO:  This rare planetary party occurring in your seventh house of others, clients, and partnership receives a burst of energy at the New Moon in Pisces on the 11th in your seventh house.  Fresh energy and focus will unfold this month. Your mandate is to continue to focus on the health and dynamics of your relationships.  Mercury continues his retrograde until the 17th in this area of relating and creates the space to ponder how your partnerships can be more nourishing and satisfying.  Mars moves out of this area and moves into the deep-feeling eighth house, where it will remain until April 20th.  The eighth house encourages endings in order to begin anew, a process often required for the next step in your personal journey. Be mindful of your resources and avoid running up unnecessary debt.  Mars in the eighth house can also indicate increased sexual drive and desire.

LIBRA:  The density of energy filling your sixth house is delivering a gift of arranging your daily flow in a manner that works more efficiently and comfortably for you.  Venus is ensuring a smoother passage as Mercury continues his retrograde, allowing for plenty of re-do’s on the to-do’s!  You have been a busy bee but Mercury’s slowdown allows you to catch up and catch your breath.  The New Moon on the 11th in this very sixth house of health, the care of pets, and the daily schedule supports fresh developments and solutions.  Mars shifts out of the hustle bustle and ingresses your seventh house of others.  A partner’s needs and opinions must be incorporated into the decision process through April 20th.  Juno, the asteroid representing what we need to feel satisfied in love and romance, ingresses your fifth house of true love for the remainder of the year. 

SCORPIO:  Saturn, now retrograde in your first house until July, offers support through self-expression, communications, education, and information flow as he moves into sextile with Pluto this week.  Take your time with these projects while Mercury retrogrades in the areas ruling creative self-expression, children, and love.  A rare concentration of energy in your fifth house encourages you to connect with your inner child, take a risk or two, and trust your creative urges. The time for outward action comes after April 6th.  The New Moon in your fifth house on the 11th trines the North Node and promises growth and personal satisfaction.  Co-ruler Mars shifts into your sixth house of work and tasks on the 12th until April 20th. Handle the details.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your personal life is ablaze in your fourth house of Pisces. With Mercury retrograding until the 17th the chance for re-do’s and revisions is strongly encouraged.  Family, parents, home life, where you live, how you live, and your sense of personal security are due for fresh inspiration at the New Moon on the 11th at 21 degrees of Pisces.  This New Moon makes a supportive trine to the North Node in your twelfth house of the past, research, rest, and recuperation.  Saturn is sextile to Pluto this week and supports personal creativity in your talents, abilities, and the way you earn your living.  Mars enters fellow fire sign Aries on the 12th as he ingresses your fifth house of love, risk, competition, and creativity until April 20th.

CAPRICORN:  Your personal goals, identity, and desires blend well with the areas of group mind, technology, and personal dreams (what you really want) as your ruler Saturn, the manifester of the physical, makes a sextile to Pluto, the powerful transformer.  Your third house of mind is host to a rare gathering of planetary energy, suggesting more access to learning and deeper levels of thought and communication.  The New Moon on the 11th in Pisces (your third house) encourages fresh activity in your local environment and your day-to-day connections.  But Mercury is still retrograde in this very area and will not be ready to move on these fresh influences until after April 6th.  Now is the time for gestation, but planning and action are given the green light in April.  Mars energizes your home environment and personal life as he ingresses your fourth house of home, family, parents, domestic work, and housing.

AQUARIUS:  Your second house of Pisces is highly activated and puts your focus on earnings and self-worth that converts into feeling like a valuable player in the market economy   The New Moon on the 11th is at 21 degrees of Pisces (your second house), signaling developments in the honing of your talents. It sends a positive signal to the North Node in your tenth house of life mission and career. Mercury is still retrograde in this very area of value and worth, but will turn direct on the 17th. Further ease and flow will appear after the first week of April.  Meanwhile, tend to your ideas and skills while honoring the ability to be patient.  However if a former opportunity appears, please do explore the potential.  Juno, the asteroid representing making something practical out of your ideals, ingresses your sign this week and will be with you for the rest of the year.  She also helps you get clear on what you need from committed relationships in order to feel valued and loved.

PISCES:  The buildup of planetary energy continues to sweep through your sign.  Evolving awareness is the resulting gift. You are supported in taking your time and allowing this sensation to flow and validate your dreams and desires.  Your personal New Moon occurs on the 11th at 21 degrees of Pisces while making a supportive trine aspect to the North Node of growth and development in fellow water sign Scorpio (your ninth house).  The higher mind is activated and encourages connections with your spiritual and religious beliefs while integrating your personal sense of identity.  With Mercury still in retrograde in your sign until the 17th remember that any pressure you feel is just a feeling. In reality you have plenty of time and no pressure.  As we head into April your sense of direction becomes even clearer.